♥...Chicken Sausages, Toasted bun & Scrambled Tomato Egg...♥

Good morning everyone!:hi: How U all doing today? Phew another week started uh...

Thank you so much for all your concerns about my gastric. Right now, I'm under medication...therefore has to avoid spicy/oily food temporarily. sengihnampakgigi

Many did ask me on how I made the topping for Eggless Chocolate Cake II (check entry b4 this). I didn't do much actually, just spread lots of choc ganache as usual covering the cake. Then made those lines from out-in using a fork. That's it. ihikhik

Okey, moving on with my post-title...made simple dinner few nights back. Just toasted some hotdog buns, boiled chicken sausages and made some Scrambled Tomato Egg...served with leftover salads, chilli sauce and mayonnaise. kenyit

Scrambled Tomato Egg recipe is originally adapted from my Hubby's Tomato Egg Omelette...hehe!senyumkenyit

I just scrambled them this time. Sprinkled little blackpepper and squeezed some mayonnaise. Yummm! lapar

Scrambled Tomato Egg

Ingredients :~
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tbsp low fat milk
  • 2 tbsp full chopped tomato ( U may add more)
  • 1 tbsp chopped green chillis
  • 1.5 tbsp chopped onion
  • salt to taste
  • little blackpepper
  • mayonnaise
Cooking Method :~
  1. Whisk egg together with all the ingredients above.
  2. Heat some oil in a pan.
  3. Pour the egg mixture and continuously stir under low flame.
  4. Dish out the egg, sprinkle some blackpepper and pipe some mayonnaise. Done.

scrambledtomatoegg2sausagetoasted hotdog bunset


  1. gud morning love..cm suka hot dog & sos tu...hmmm yum yum

  2. moning love ! it look yummeh!

  3. Yesss...ni bfast akak esok..scramble eggs ...baru siang tadi akak mkn hotdogs hihihih..mcm janji pulak

  4. Hai Friend, you can make a very simple dish look appetising. Good presentation. What would you be if you are working? A designer/decorator? Nice Songs.

  5. waaaaa,,,,,,,
    sedapnya Scrambled Tomato Egg tu, kak Love..
    masuk list saya, sy ingin coba buat jg lah :D

  6. cantiknya gambar food love!! makin lapar bila tengok gambar food yg mengancam2 ni!!

  7. Ahh here too monday blues :(....scrambled egg is my fav and this looks so perfect....

  8. wow loved ur mild scrambled eggs...lovely lovely eye catching presentation...medication????hope u r doing well...tc

  9. the platter is simply awesome..the omelette so delicious addition of tomato thats superb. sometimes i always do the same way but add 1 tomato for 3 eggs.nice pic too

  10. Hi Dear,
    Thanks for sharing your tip (topping decoration) with us. So simple yet so beautiful...
    Tempting platter once again from you :-) Take care

    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. wow.........this is a gud idea.... have always a good collection of recipe..

  12. Simple and yummy but the hot dog is not for me....how ur health now? Take care ya....

  13. Nice pictures!! liked the scrambled egg.

  14. Nice to see but too bad...tak dpt mkn huhu.... anyway Love good job!

  15. Am inviting myself to ur place dear, wat a tempting spread..

  16. simple yet delicious, love2cook...hope u r feeling better now!

  17. Hi sis Love,
    kak ada gastrik? sama la kita, that's why saya tak tahan pedas2..hehe..
    For a while, kena avoid dulu makan pedas2 or yg nasam, like orange.. makan ubat ya.
    scrambled tomato eggs. Gud idea!nanti nak try :)

  18. yummy yummy, this is healthy and delicious.

  19. wah love....the scrambled eggs & hotdogs look so yummy indeed!!! This is our kinda food!!!!! sweet !

  20. Nice recipe and gr8 shots....

  21. What a lovely platter for brunch! Scrambled eggs look perfectly made and the sausages look too pretty to eat.
    Hey, thanks for letting us know about the topping. I loved that chocolate cake!

  22. Awesome click..looks so delicious...

  23. Good morning......I would love to have this for breakfast. Good use of leftovers food!

  24. mi piace questo piatto! complimenti!!

  25. Love scrambled egg and I could have it at any time of the day :-) Awesome clicks

  26. j'espère que tout ira bien pour votre estomac
    j'adore ce menu gourmand et leger
    bonne soirée

  27. Scrambled eggs and hotdogs i couldn't ask for anything. Perfect and looks yummy!!!

  28. I have had these kinds of meals and they are great and handy!


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