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♥...Eid Mubarak wishes and Devil's Food Chocolate Cake...♥

Hari Raya is just near the corner and I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim blogging friends, readers, visitors, followers and silent readers, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri....Eid Mubarak!

Wish you all are having a great time preparing for the big day! To those leaving for hometowns, 'balik kampung' ...have a safe journey back to your loved ones.

Something for you all,

photo by: My Hubby ;)

Now moving to a deeeeeeeeeeelicious cake I made last week. Regret for not making this cake much earlier.

Bookmarked it from Kak Ayu's blog. I doubled the ingredients for the cake and followed the same quantity of ingredients for the cream cheese and chocolate ganache.

Check out the recipe! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Ingredients:- ( This is the original recipe, I doubled the cake part in blue )

For cake;
1 cup all purpose flour ( 2 cups ) 1/4 cup dutch processed cocoa powder ( 1/2 cup ) 3/4 tsp bicarbonate soda ( 1 1/2 tsp) 1/4 tsp salt (1/2…

♥...Anchovies & Quail Eggs Sambal...♥

Another simplest dish from me. This is actually the first time I'm combining anchovies and quail eggs in a sambal, and it happened to be our dinner last night. I've posted my Prawn & Quail Egg Sambal before.

And the result...okey, I shouldn't be praising my own cooking. Asked my son ( my food critic after my Hubby ) said it's so tasty and delicious, that he kept asking for 2nd and 3rd helpings. That means, I passed the test...haha!


Ingredients :~
1 cup cleaned anchovies15 pcs boiled and peeled quail eggs1/4 cup dried chilli paste ( cili boh ) ~ I used super hot dried chillis5 shallots ~ chopped 3 cloves garlic ~ chopped1/2 inch ginger ~ chopped1/4 tsp tamarind pastewater salt to tastesugar to tastecooking oil
Method :~

Fry anchovies till crispy and keep aside.Reduce oil and stir fry chopped garlic, shallots and ginger until fragrant. Add chilli paste and stir for 5 - 10 minutes.  Add about 1/2 cup water and tamarind paste…

♥...Dry Chicken Rendang...♥

Sorry friends, I'm going out in not gonna write much today. Straight to the recipe...


Ingredients :~

1 whole chicken ~ cleaned and cut into medium size
3/4 tbsp turmeric powder

Blend together
1 inch fresh turmeric
1/2 inch ginger
1 inch galangal
1 onion
6 shallots
4 cloves garlic
2 pcs candlenut (buah keras)
4 stalks lemongrass
10 pcs bird's eye chilli

1 pc screwpine leaf ( pandan  ) ~ knotted
3/4 cup thick coconut milk
1/2 cup water
2 slices tamarind pulps
1 large turmeric leaf ~ shredded
2-3 tbsp coconut paste (kerisik)
cooking oil

Method :~
Mix chicken pieces with turmeric powder and salt. Deep fry in oil until 3/4 cooked. Set aside on a paper towel.Stir fry blended paste and screwpine leaf until fragrant. Cook with lid covered for about 15 minutes over low flame. The longer the better. Stir once awhile. Add coconut milk, water, tamarind pulp, salt and sugar. Let to boil for few tim…

♥...Whipped Cream Cake...♥

I'm in the midst of clearing my bookmarked list again. This cake has been shared by famous cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum in her Rose's Heavenly Cakes book.
Recipe also available in her blog, Real Baking With Rose Levy Beranbaum. Check out her books on Amazon! I've included the video of Rose making the cake at the end of this post.
This particular cake has no butter but whipped cream and it tastes like a butter cake :) The preparation is very simple, less hassle. Baking time is about 25-35 minutes. Use bundt pan for best result. Rose has advised to cool the cake completely but we had it warm coz none of us could wait to gobble the cake!

Here's the recipe, copied directly from Rose's blog. She has given a proper, detailed recipe and I don't wish to screw it up by editing. So, here you go!

WHIPPED CREAM CAKE by Rose Levy Beranbaum
Serves: 8 to 10

Batter Ingredients
Cake Flour or bleached all-purpose flour, sifted (2 1/4 cups cake flour or 2 cups all purpose--mea…

♥...Puding Tauhu ( Tofu Pudding )...♥

Don't get carried away with the title, this pudding has nothing to do with tofu or beancurd. :)

I guess the similarity of Tofu Fa or Tau Foo Fah's texture and smoothness made Kak Nor to title her dessert as such. This pudding is truly milky, guess why...b'coz it has mixture of coconut milk, evaporated and condensed milk. Serve the pudding chilled with fruits cocktail / lychees / any fruits! I forgot the whole world when scooping it!

Thank you Kak for a simple yet DELICIOUS dessert...yummmm! Here's the translated recipe for easy reference by all...

PUDING TAUHU ( Tofu Pudding )by Kak Nor, SecubitGaram :)

Ingredients :~
1/2 packet agar-agar strips (18gm) ~ soaked and drained1.5 litre water1 cup thick coconut milk1 small can condensed milk ( I had 230ml)1 can evaporated milk4 tbsps sugar ( I added 6 tbsps)2 screwpine leaves ~ knotted Method :~
In a separate bowl, combine coconut milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk. Leave aside.In a bigger saucepan, bring to boil water an…

♥...Fish Sambal with Coconut Paste (Sambal Ikan Berkerisik)...♥

Seeing you all again on a bright Monday!

Fish sambal could be anyone's favourite, but have you tried adding coconut paste, kerisik in your fish sambal? If yes, you must have enjoyed it. If no, then do try adding it. :)

To make kerisik or coconut paste, you need 1 whole grated coconut. Toast in a small wok over low flame until it turns lighter brown. The aroma is to die for!

Leave to cool then blend until fine in a grinder. For best result, ground using mortar and pestle. This paste can be kept in fridge for some time. Can be added in chicken / mutton rendang and curry.

I've even added just the toasted coconut in my Banana Coconut FrittersHERE before!

Now here's the basic simple recipe of my Fish Sambal with Coconut Paste (Kerisik). You may exclude the coconut paste if you don't wish to add.


Ingredients :~
6 fish blocks / steaks ( I used threadfins) ~ rub with 2 tsp turmeric powder and some salt5 pcs shallots

♥...Go Blues...Go Bees...♥

I know I've been missing from blog quite awhile. Most of you are aware that I'll be like a chipsmore when Hubby is in town...hehe!

First and foremost, let me wish my dear Muslim friends and readers a blessed Eid Mubarak. Happy Fasting :)

No food post for today...but on Chelsea FC vs Malaysia! I know it's kinda late update, seriously I had no time to spare but still wanna record the special day in my blog...hehe!

Glad to share some pics shot by my Hubby during Chelsea FC's recent Asia Tour to Malaysia. (He bought a new lens just for the show!!!) Chelsea FC faced Malaysian team on 21st July 2011 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Hubby, being a hardcore fan of Chelsea FC bought the grandstand front row ticket soon after ticket sales announced, that was 2 months before the game. I know he was truly happy to see his most favourite stars live in action! He always amazed by saying every player's names. Not only Chelsea players but other clubs too...haha :)

He too never…