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♥...Ayam Seri Harum / Fragrant Chicken...♥

Synonym to the title, this chicken dish is truly a fragrant and aromatic one. Thanks a ton to Kak Nor of Secubitgaram for this wonderful made my day kak! Was scratching my head on what to cook today as it's been raining since morning. I felt like having something really spicy curry mee! Slurrpppppppp...unfortunately not!
Having every ingredient as required in the recipe, I finalized on this chicken for today's menu. As for the kaffir lime leaf, I used only one piece, coz my tummy usually don't feel good if I have any food with the leaf...not sure why though.
I added bird's eye chillis to make the gravy more spicier.
Kak Nor, this recipe is sure a keeper for me! I loved do my kids! We had it with plain rice and raita. Really it's so delicious..2 thumbs up!!!
Okey, let's check out the yummy recipe.

by KakNor, Secubitgaram

Ingredients :~
3 / 4chicken~ cut free form1 / 2tsp salt1 / 2tsp turmeric powder2…

♥...Easy Chocolate Milk Pudding...♥

Of late, I've been receiving lots of comments complimenting my easy to-do recipes. Many readers of mine thanked me for posting easy peasy dishes, which helped them alot in cooking despite their busiest schedule. Some even asked how do I come up with easy recipes. Some say I helped to boost their interest in cooking.
OWH WOW!!! Really, am so happy to hear these...
My heartfelt thank you for all your encouragements. Yes, I prefer preparing easiest yet delicious dishes for my family. I'd always think of a dish that can be prepared in less time...mind does the job all the time, hehe! I write recipes keeping in mind to serve all level of people. If it helps the newbies who just started cooking, there's no better joy than that. Simply becoz I was a newbie too...
Remember, I do constant trials...with passes and many failures!

When I'm about to bookmark a recipe, I first drool at the dishes presentated, then analyse the ingredients and time consumed in preparing the dish. Not …

♥...Prawn & Quail Egg Sambal and Nasi Lemak...♥

Son requested Nasi Lemak for lunch...guess he's aware that Mummy never made it quite some time. Used to have Nasi Lemak atleast twice a month with anchovies sambal / chicken sambal / prawn sambal at home.

Today, it's prawn & quail egg sambal. Here's the recipe...

Ingredients :~
1 kg large prawns ~ clean and shelled15 pcs quail eggs ~ boiled and shelled 3 shallots **4 cloves garlic **1 medium sized onion **2 inches ginger **2 stalks lemongrass **1 cm shrimp paste (belacan) **2 tbsp cleaned anchovies ~ soaked in water for 5 minutes **10 - 15 pcs dried chilli ~ soaked in hot boiling water for 5 minutes **5 pcs bird's eye chilli (optional) **salt1/2 tsp tamarind paste water ~ about 1 cup cooking oilMethod :~ Blend all ingredients marked ** until it forms a paste. Add little water if needed.Add 1 tsp salt to prawn, mix and keep aside for 10 minutes. Fry prawns in oil until half cooked and drain on paper towel.Stir fry blended past…

♥...Mayonnaise Saucy Chicken...♥

Experiments with frequent trial and errors make good cooks. I'm thriving to be one, so thus the endless learning in cooking field.

This time, I experimented chicken and mayonnaise. Hahahaha, sorry for posting another chicken dish so soon! None can deny my love towards chicken! :)

An idea struck me when I was preparing Hot & Spicy Mayonnaise Prawn Fry recently. The combination of sauces and mayonnaise with fried chicken, did it's magic actually. Prepared specially for the kids, non-spicy

Received good comment and compliments from my son, who is currently my food tester (Hubby away in Canada). Personally, I too liked the creamy chicken. Something different than the usual spiced fried chickens I make. I'm sure this is not the end, as I'll be coming out with another experiment real soon!

For now, sharing with you the first one... simple but a satisfaction for sure, I hope the same with you too! (with crossed fingers) ;)



♥...Quick Tofu Fa with Lychees...♥

Reposting my Quick Tofu Fa, which I've shared with you HERE before. Often sold in pasar malam (night markets), this is one dessert liked by almost everyone. As you know, it's made from soybean. Check WIKI for more info on this mouthwatering dessert...

I used smooth tofu rather than making it as per actual procedure.'s called the lazy version of mine...but a quick one though! Of course it don't taste as the authentic tofu fa, but it's good enough for me when I crave for it...

This time round, I steamed the smooth tofu, let it cool first and added chilled can lychee syrup and fruits.

Don't forget to drain excessive water from the tofu before adding the sugar syrup. You may sub with any other fruits that you prefer...

Steam Smooth Tofu for 10-15 minutes. Drain excessive water emerged from the tofu. Leave the tofu to cool. Scoop few slices gently and fill into individual serving bowl. Add chilled lychee fruits and sugar syrup. …

♥...HappY Father's DaY from Rishie & Ashika...♥


Hello uncles, aunties and friends... near and far ones!!!  How are you??? Been sometime since we last met! Hope all of you are doing good with beloved family.

Many has asked Amma about us through comments and emails. That's so sweet of you alls. Thus, we decided to make a comeback with our latest shots. Not many actually...but enough to show you how we look like now. Errr...hoping you are interested! hik hik hik...

And before that, it's Father's Day worldwide...

"So here wishing our dearest Papa a wonderful Father's Day!!!  We are missing you so much Papa...wish you could be here now!  Return soon from Canada...we celebrate, k!"
Our wishes goes to all Fathers out there too. Enjoy the day with your lovely family...

Ok, you may start checking out our pics now...hihi :)

Ok, gotto go!!! Take care & till we meet again, kisses to all of you! Adioz from Rishie and Ashika ♥♥...

p/s: Shots are mostly from Amma's handphone :)

♥...Sticky Caramel Chicken Drumsticks (Fried Version)...♥

Original recipe says Sticky Caramel Chicken Wings. Since I used drumsticks, the title has been renamed.

To suit my kids' taste buds, I fried the chicken drumsticks before making the sauce. ( Original recipe: Cook chicken in the sauce, covered with lid, leaving the mixture to boil and thickens).

Posted my Mutiarazura in, this recipe has become a real hit among bloggers and non-bloggers. Finally it hits my kitchen too...

Check out the recipe, with some modification.

STICKY CARAMEL CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS  (Fried Version) adapted from Mutiarazura's Sticky Caramel Chicken Wings

Ingredients :~
      (A) 4 pcs chicken drumsticks1 egg ~ beaten1 tbsp plain flour1 tbsp cornstarchsalt1/2 tsp coarse blackpepper     (B) for the sauce :~ 3 cloves garlic-minced1 tbsp mincedginger1 tbsp fish sauce1 tbsp soy sauce1tbspchilli sauce1 / 4cup (60ml)honeycooking oil 
Method :~ Marinate chicken drumsticks with all ingredients in (A) for 30 minutes.Deep fry chicken drumsticks in oil until cooked. Dr…