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♥...Moist Chocolate Cake...♥

Having tried a few moist chocolate cakes before, the result had always disappointed me. It’ll be toooooooooo moisty ( watery ) in the center even after chilling for hours. Hey, I did not claim the recipe is wrong! I did mistake somewhere for sure! Well, I’ve just started baking U know…( errr, just justifying myself here … ) Thus tempted me to try another recipe, highly recommended by Namitha and Sunitha from Cookingpals . Thanks to Namitha for passing me the conversion link. That really helps. Would say I was terribly excited and satisfied with the outcome. My kids enjoyed the cake very much and Rishie has even ordered me to do it again. Haha, so what else verdict  do U need??? This recipe is sure a keeper. Recipe originally adapted from HERE . I made half of the recipe, direct copy from COOKINGPALS . Thanks again to Namitha for promoting it! Please do visit them, their photograph speaks everything! MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE Ingredients:~ For Cake: Flour- 1 cup Su

♥...Stir-Fried Mix Vege by Hubby...♥

A delicious vegetable dish prepared by my Hubby during his last break. So, it is special... You may add baby corn, asparagus and even broccoli to this dish. Hubby cooked with whatever vege he could get from the store. Yummylicious... STIR-FRIED MIX VEGE by love2cook's Hubby Ingredients :~ 4 garlic cloves ~ chopped 5 shallots ~ chopped 1 cm ginger ~ chopped 1/2 green capsicum ~ sliced 1/2 red capsicum ~ sliced 1/2 yellow capsicum ~ sliced 6 pcs button mushroom ~ halved 5 pcs Chinese black mushroom ~ sliced 1/3 of cauliflower ~sliced 1 pc broccoli ~sliced 1 pc carrot ~ cut lengthwise 3 tbsp oyster sauce 1 tsp turmeric powder salt to taste vegetable oil Methods :~ Heat some oil in wok and stir fry chopped garlic, shallots and ginger till fragrant. Add oyster sauce, turmeric powder and salt. Stir awhile. Enter all veges and give it a quick stir for few seconds. Dish out. Great to have with plain rice or just like that! Turmeric powder gives a distinct f

♥...Spicy Turmeric Chicken...♥

Back again with yet another Chicken dish this time. Hehehe...missed posting Chickens on my site.. Let's get into the recipe.. SPICY TURMERIC CHICKEN ( Ayam Pedas Berkunyit ) by love2cook Ingredients :- 1 whole chicken ~ cleaned and cut into medium-sized pieces, pat dry 10 shallots * 6 garlic cloves * 1.5 inches ginger * 1.5 inches fresh turmeric * 7 pcs red chillies * 7 pcs bird's eye chillies * 4 lemongrass stalks * 2 inches galangal * 250ml thick coconut milk 4 pcs kaffir lime leaves 3 tamarind slices salt to taste cooking oil Method :~ Blend all ingredients marked * until it becomes a paste. In a bowl, add chicken pieces, blend paste, kaffir lime leaves and little salt. Mix well and marinate for about 1 hour. Heat oil in wok, deep fry the marinated chicken pieces until 3/4 cooked. ( Keep aside the excess marinated mixture together with kaffir lime leaves ). Dish out the fried chicken pieces on a paper towel. Reduce oil in wok, leave enough to stir. Pour excess marinated mi

♥...Simple Egg Benedict and my new Ramekins...♥

It was such a hectic time looking for ramekins in my area. Though Tesco, Giant and Jusco are so nearby, I simply don't find any ramekins there. Hmmmm...luckily Jiya@14Sept told me that she saw some ramekin promotion in Tesco leaflet. My Hubby infact, took me to Tesco Shah Alam n Extra for this. Hahaha...but came back empty handed. Since Tesco Klang did not have it too, I cancelled my plan to look for it. Finally, one fine day at Tesco Klang...whilst busy wandering around the bakery utensils section, I found this one n only set of ramekins! OMG, I was terribly happy and I immediately grabbed it. But before entering the trolley, I checked them thoroughly. Thank God, the set which consists of 4 ramekins were in good condition. I even asked a staff there if they have anymore stock left. He, with a smiling face answered that those ramekins finished in one day and that I'm lucky to have the last one atleast! Hehehe... I actually wanted to make puddings in those ramekins. But before t

♥...Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & EID Mubarak from Love2cook...♥

To all my dear Muslim friends in Malaysia, Singapore and around the world...wish U all A Happy Raya and Eid Mubarak! Have a safe and fun celebration. Happiness always... I think I've become more like a chipsmore now...'now U see now U don't!' hahaha...but don't forget I'm still around...watching U all! hihi... Take care good do good...