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Sothi Recipe ( Indian Style Mild Yellow Coconut Curry )

This is one of the most wanted recipes from my fellow readers. Sothi, an Indian style of mild yellow coconut curry...tastes a little similar to the Malay style Masak Lemak, is definitely one of my favourites. I'd enjoy Sothi with plain rice and a spicy dish like mackerel or anchovies sambal. String hoppers ( Putu Mayam in Malay) are another great companion for Sothi. Preparing Sothi is just'll need to combine all the ingredients into a cooking pot and boil it. Easy right? Check it out!!! To my readers... Ms. Sharnisha, Ms. Komala and Ms. Thamarai. Here's the recipe as per your request, apologize for the delay. Hope you ladies don't mind :~) This is a vegan Sothi.

Aromatic Chicken Masala...

Another chicken dish from my draft :)    

9 years of Love, going stronger!...

12 October 2003...the most beautiful day in my life!!!   A day, so close to my heart that I'd cherish forever. It's the day we tied the nuptial knot and led life together then onwards filled with loads of love, trust & understanding.