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My Own CyberHome...♥

Dear friends, readers, visitors, followers and guests... Delighted to announce that Love2cook Malaysia has moved from her to own domain. It's officially, Please update me in your blogroll. psst...The new domain is still under transition, thus you might/ might not face some technical errors. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you for your endless support :) 2nd psst...It's already 2 weeks now since a wire inserted into my crooked finger. Another 4 weeks to go. The wire will be removed around end of Feb only. See ya!

♥...Crispy Butter Chicken / Ayam Mentega Rangup...♥

Best time for me and hubby to try fellow blogger's recipes, easier ones , when my finger is going through a resting pace right now. Don't have to crack my head to create new recipes for time being..haha! This recipe is sure a keeper for me. Knew it's gonna be awesome when I saw it at dear friend, Diana's space and also at few other blogs. A hassle free preparation, and a quick one. Sis Diana, allow me to translate the recipe here for easy reference by all ya. I added green chillies and chilli sauce to the gravy to give more spicier look and taste. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe, my kinda favourite! And, since I used whole chicken part with bones, I tripled the ingredients.   CRISPY BUTTER CHICKEN / AYAM MENTEGA RANGUP Original recipe by : Diana@SkyBlue's Kitchen Includes my additions. Please double the ingredients if using whole chicken :) Ingredients :~ 2 chicken breast steaks ~ sliced ( I used whole chicken, cut into smaller

♥...Potato Samosa (using spring roll sheets)...♥

It's been a week I'm living with a wired finger. Another 5 weeks to go...hurmmmm! Well, I've been totally resting my hand from doing any hard work for now. Thank God, hubby is here to help me out. I wanted to have some samosas with tea and I did it with a helping hubby's of course :) Simpler version of using the ready made spring roll skins (kulit popiah). I forgot to request hubby to snap the steps of rolling the samosas. Shall do it again next time. We used whatever ingredients left to make these yummy samosa filling. POTATO SAMOSAS Filling :~ 3 pcs large potatoes ~ diced 1/4 tsp cumin seeds 1 onions ~ diced 2 cloves garlic ~ diced 1 green chilli ~ diced 1 tsp chilli powder 2 tsp meat curry powder salt 1/2 cube of anchovies stock (kiub pati ikan bilis) ~ optional corriander leaves ~ chopped  water cooking oil Methods :~ Heat oil in wok and fry the cubed potatoes until golden brown. (You may also boil the whole potatoes unti

♥...Studio Light Set ~ A New Year Gift & About My Finger...♥

Hello again! Firstly, introducing my newest gadget in house...a pair of Sprite s180w Studio Lights :) It's a New Year gift from dear Hubby, who knows well what I need for my food photography. Not a professional photographer though, but lacking of sunlight during a photoshoot is really a troublesome. Never been happy at all. I hope to practise more and deliver good photos.   The light set comes with;     2 x S180w lights 2 x 180W flash tubes 2 x 50W modelling bulbs 2 x 1.8m light stands 2 x 50x70cm softbox 1 x carrying bag 1 x wireless trigger/receiver set Thank you so much dear Hubby for a wonderful gift!!! Had to put onhold all my plans to play with the latest toy due to a mishap happened last Sunday. I slipped in the bathroom and hit my left ring finger ( I'm lefthanded ) on the toilet bowl, thus resulting in a fracture . My finger swelled double the size, bent side ways, and unbearable pain!!!  I got my finger scanned and the doc plastered the

♥...Fish in Spicy Coconut Gravy/ Ikan Masak Lemak Cili Padi & My New Year Gift...♥

Hello everyone!!! Seeing you again in the new year :) I'm sure New Year has brought lots of new dreams and resolutions for everyone. As for me, the same thing every year...LOSE WEIGHT, a resolution that has been brought forward for many years now, lol! January is always a month of happiness for us. The New Year...and my Hubby's birthday on 17th. This year, we have triple bonanza!!! My Hubby will be returning home this month. He left to work last year, and we'll be meeting again this! Hoping he could return before his birthday *finger crossed! On other note, Rishie has moved on to Primary Year 2. And, as daily chores started after a long school holidays. So, these are the happenings for now...let's check out the dish. This would mark my first food post for the year. A famous Malay style dish, and it's my favourite! :) A quick version of mine, best served with white rice...and best if it's made spicy, using bird's eye chillies

♥,,,HAPPY 2012 FOLKS!!!...♥

CHERISH 2011! WELCOME 2012! HERE'S WISHING EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU...   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!  MAY YOU HAVE A BLESSED  AND STUPENDOUS YEAR AHEAD!!! Dear friends, an e-card for you all! Fish images are from our marine tank...owned by my dearest Hubby :) See ya'll again next year!!! ^___^