♥...Studio Light Set ~ A New Year Gift & About My Finger...♥

Hello again!

Firstly, introducing my newest gadget in house...a pair of Sprite s180w Studio Lights :)

It's a New Year gift from dear Hubby, who knows well what I need for my food photography. Not a professional photographer though, but lacking of sunlight during a photoshoot is really a troublesome. Never been happy at all. I hope to practise more and deliver good photos.


The light set comes with;
2 x S180w lights
2 x 180W flash tubes

2 x 50W modelling bulbs

2 x 1.8m light stands
2 x 50x70cm softbox
1 x carrying bag
1 x wireless trigger/receiver set

Thank you so much dear Hubby for a wonderful gift!!!

Had to put onhold all my plans to play with the latest toy due to a mishap happened last Sunday. I slipped in the bathroom and hit my left ring finger (I'm lefthanded) on the toilet bowl, thus resulting in a fracture. My finger swelled double the size, bent side ways, and unbearable pain!!! 

I got my finger scanned and the doc plastered the injured finger to the middle one. The finger became bruised and terribly swollen a day after. I went for a follow-up today and the doc suggested I go through a surgery to straighten my crooked finger. Owh no!!! The swelling at the fractured area hasn't subsided and thinking of the surgery makes me so worried. 

My hubby will be back this Monday and we'll decide on what to do. If yes, I'll be going through a surgery on Tuesday...and don't know how long my finger will take to recover after that. And know what...my Hubby's birthday falls on Tuesday, 17th! :(

I've been told to keep my injured finger free from work, thus not been cooking since the mishap! With this, I'll be taking a break (don't know till when, whether or not I go for the surgery)...until my finger recovers and I can start working, cooking, shooting and posting (typing with one hand is just so difficult). 

So, till I meet you all again...do take care while working and don't do any stunts like I did!!! The suffering is not easy. Hope to see ya'll soon with a fine finger soon. Bye!


  1. Hi Love, hope you will recover soon. Take care.

  2. Get well soon. Take care. Will pray

  3. hi love.. alahai love.. dpt diana rasakan kesakitannya sbb diana pun perna terjadi mcm tu.. tp retak kat jari kaki.. rehat tau love.. moga cpt sembuh.. take care..

  4. That is such a awesome gift...Take care dear..get well soon..


  5. Sorry to hear it Love. Take care & wish u speedy recover. Wow, looks like very pro tools!

  6. Speedy recovery Love! woahhhh macam kat studio.. lucky u!!

  7. Get well soon Love!

    Those toys..really like studio la..take photos sure cantek..!

  8. cepat2 sembuh ye Love.. will miss u..

    *jeles la Love dpt hadiah tu.. :)

  9. Hi love...
    take care. moga cepat sembuh yea.

  10. hope you'll recover soon enough...can't wait to c yur new foodie pics with all that cooool stuffs...baru mokwo tau nama lampu tuh! be careful yaa!

  11. adoiiii!!!!! dengar pun terasa2 sakit dia.. hope u'll be well soon dear.

  12. hi love,
    hope you'll recover soon..take care

  13. Dear, hope you will getting well soon. Wow, that is a very nice gift from your husband..

  14. Do come back soon missus and sorry to hear about the injury. Take it easy. You will be missed.

    Kamala x

  15. Wow wat a useful gift,watelse a foodblogger need..Take care of u sis,get well soon..

  16. I chanced upon your food blog. Your generosity in sharing recipes and those beautiful pictures both touched and motivate me. Hope you recover soon! Esther

  17. Hope you get well and recover soon

  18. Hi love.....sorry to hear that and hope you will get well soon. Anyway with a good equipment your photo will look great.

  19. Hai friend, Take care of yourself and dont exert too much till your finger recovers.

  20. That is such a awesome gift...Take care dear..get well soon..
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