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♥...Sicilian Orange Cake...Again!...♥

Hi and welcome to Love2cook's space! ;) Anyone there looking for me? Sorry...I'm like a chipsmore now as Hubby is in town and we spend time mostly outdoor. Hardly have time to blog and therefore I'm sharing yet again the Sicilian Orange Cake I posted HERE before. Like I said in my previous entry on the cake, this cake would be the best orange butter cake we've had and I love baking it. Whole kitchen smells really good! I bought a bundt pan at Jusco yesterday and wanted to use it immediately. So, here's the Sicilian Orange Cake ...again! I did not make the icing this the cake alone was too good! Do try the cake friends, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! Okey friends, come join us for some cake now...have fun and keep well!   SICILIAN ORANGE CAKE (adapted from Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escape) Source ~ Ellie from Almost Bourdain Ingredients :~ 250 g lightly salted butter, at room temperature, plus extra for greasing 250 g caster sugar

♥...My Giveaway Winners Announcement!!!...♥

I'm so happy and thrilled to announce the 2 lucky winners of my recent Giveaway ! Winners chosen via a draw on And they are.... ROSMARLINA BINTI ABD GANI @JINTANMANIS.COM SONIA@NASILEMAKLOVER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS AND HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!!! WINNERS KINDLY EMAIL ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS AND CONTACT NUMBER TO Updated list of participants joined my GA as at July 3rd (with follower and FB id) Kitchen Flavours Priti Singh Azatiesayang / kak yang Azura Rahman Intan Berlian Sonia Krishnaveny QueenPink Dayang Jack Meoww Cat / Izzara Itazzi Mimieloma Cekodok Ita Anim Seran Mysweetlove Aisya / Ayuerazak Baby_Wanie / Nurul Syazwani Cynmaine's Mum Nana / Fauzana Ismail Jieda Tiefazatie Cempaka Kuning / Norzie Hany Cute Mum / Nurul Dania Mama Shifa / Mimie Shifa Amirah Azhar Anin / Ummu Syahmi Anin Deqlis / Ellismelia Mohamad Sah_Banu / Sahbanu Osman Ibu Ayra / Rosfariedzah Rusli Eb_Ezrin Chaleeda Tukang Cerita

♥...Tofu in Yoghurt Curry...♥

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who joined my recent Giveaway ! The GA which closed yesterday, 3rd July 12:00 midnight, received a total of 65 entries. A number that I did not expect at all!!! A draw via will be held in few days time and watch out this space for the winners announcement soon after! Okay, back to today's post title. Tofu is one of my most favourite and I love to eat them fried, steamed, in sambal etc etc. This time, in a curry...that too a yoghurt curry. Perfect with plain rice. TOFU IN YOGHURT CURRY by love2cook Ingredients :~ 3 nos firm tofu ~ cut each into triangle 1/4 tsp mixed spices ( cumin, fenugreek, mustard seeds ) 2 cloves garlic ~ chopped 1 cm ginger ~ chopped 1 onions ~ sliced 2 green chillies ~ sliced 1 sprig curry leaves 1 large potato 1 carrot ~ cut lengthwise 1 large tomato ~ cut 4 1 tsp chilli powder 1 1/2 tbsp fish curry powder 3 tbsp yoghurt 700ml water (depends on gravy thickness you desire)

♥...Love2cook Malaysia turns 2 & A Giveaway!...GA CLOSED!!! ♥

THIS IS A STICKY POST, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR OTHER LATEST!!! GIVEAWAY CLOSED ON 3RD JULY, 12 MIDNIGHT!!! THANK YOU!!! 4th June 2009 , the day I started And today 4th June 2011 marks it's 2nd Blogoversary with total 391 posts. Well, it could have been more if I never take breaks here and there, haha... So, what made me to blog and that too on food? Honestly, I started cooking quite late after marriage. I never had the interest in cooking and always give excuses to mum about oil splashing, time consuming etc etc about cooking. After marriage, I cook just to fill the tummy. Still remember my rice turned into porridge, chicken and fishes sticked to pan while frying...:) Luckily, I had only one person to critic on my food at that time and he happens to be my Hubby, my backbone all these while. His honest views and comments helped me alot to improve and slowly built the skills and interest in me. He too sometimes rocks in the kitchen, cooking his f