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Simply Moist Banana Cake...

Recipe as promised before! Bought some bananas just to make this cake...and no disappointments with the result. For someone like me, who don't really fancy banana cake, I just liked this one! Received good verdicts from my Hubby, Son and Daughter too ;) I couldn't wait to slice the cake, thus we had the cake warm! Do give it a try, and let me know if you did. You don't have to bring out your electric mixer. A hand mixer or a whisk is enough ;)

Baked Oreo Chocolate Pancakes ~ My Guest #9...Priya Suresh

Hello again to one and all! It's always nice to be back to Bloggywood after sometime. That's because of your comments and compliments I still receive during my absence. Anyways, today I'm here to feature a long delayed guest post. First of all, I really have to apologize to some of my blogger friends who have already sent me their guest posts but got delayed from my end due to unexpected things happened. I'm truly touched with their kind understanding and allowing me to take my time. Okay, let's not wait any longer. Check out who is guest posting at my space today. PRIYA SURESH , is a name that needs no introduction among food bloggers worldwide. This simple woman with extraordinary culinary skills is one of my earliest friends in Bloggywood! Her extremely droolworthy dishes and presentations kills me each time I visit her.  I had always wanted to be her neighbour. She knows that well too. Don't you Priya? Priya's Versatile Recipes is where you