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Tom Yum Crispy Chicken...

Who loves fried chicken? Me yes! Any day, any time! :)

Made these crispy fried chicken last weekend, best if served hot! I dipped them in mayo and enjoyed while the photo shoot...haha!


Ingredients :~ 

800gm boneless chicken ( prererably thigh or breast part ~ cut into small chunks )2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste5 stalks lemongrass (grind)2 tbsp dried chilli paste 3-tbsps tom yum paste ( I used Knorr )5 pcs kaffir lime leaves ~ shreddedsalt2 tbsp lemon juice2 tbsp cornflour5 tbsp any chicken fry flour, like Kentucky ( I used Aroma, Spicy flour )oil for deep frying

Method :~

Mix chicken pieces with all ingredients, except for chicken fry flour. Marinade for 1 hour or longer.Just before you are about to fry, add the chicken fry flour to the marinated chicken and mix well, evenly. Add more flour if needed.Now, heat up oil in wok, make sure oil is hot enough.Deep fry the chicken pieces in batches. Do not overload the wok with too many chicken pieces at one go! Drain ch…

Butter recipe :)

Butter Cake is one of my most favourites! What about you?

Let's see the easy peasy recipe, worked for me well! Hope the same for you ;)


Ingredients :~

250gm butter ~ soften220gm caster sugar4 nos grade A eggs80gm heavy/thickened cream or buttermilk 1 tsp vanilla essence230gm self raising flour

Method :~

Cream butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs, each at a time.Add vanilla and cream/buttermilk.Add self raising flour and mix until well incorporated. Pour in a greased and lined cake pan. Bake at 160C for 40-45 minutes or until done. 

Note: You may add 2 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice and grated lemon rinds to make it a Lemon Butter Cake.Cover the cake pan with aluminium foil after 25 minutes of bake if you don't wish to see a dark top.

Good luck and Happy Baking ;)

Are you wondering what does the Spiderman puzzle got to do with my Butter Cake? Lol, I actually interrupted Rishie who was busy solving the puzzles and did the photoshoot on his table. And he's …

Green Chicken Curry...My Version :)

This curry has been in my Must Do List for a long time, and I just had the chance to try it. Mine is not so green like the famous Thai Green Chicken Curry. Maybe due to the chillies I used here.

But I was satisfied with the taste and got myself indulged in this creamy curry, although I felt it could have been little more spicier.

So, wait no more...let's get to the recipe!


Ingredients :~

700gm boneless chicken (breast or thigh parts) ~ cut into smaller pieces1 large onion ~ thinly sliced1/2 tsp cumin seeds1 1/2 cups coconut milksalt to taste5 pcs kaffir lime leaves ~ thinly slicedcooking oil2 tbsp coconut paste (kerisik)
(For paste ~ blend together)

5-6 fresh green chillies ~ sliced1 inch ginger1/2 inch galangal3-4 stalks lemongrass6 cloves garlic2 tbsp fish sauce1/2 tsp coriander powder1 handful coriander leaves1/2 inch shrimp pastebird's eye chillies (cili paid) optional 

Method :~

Heat oil in wok. Stir fry cumin seeds and sliced onion for 1 minute.Add in the b…

Snow Cheesecake....

This is one cake which has gone viral among Malaysian Food Bloggers of late. Me, not wishing to miss the train, gave it a try and the cake was liked by all. The cake itself is not too cheesy, but the filling and topping, yes. Thus, for those who don't really fancy cheesecakes can try this!

You can also use your own cheesecake recipe for the cake part. Just slice the cake into half, fill and top with cream cheese and grate cheddar cheese over. Done!

Before we go to the recipe, let me thank the recipe owner Sherry_Mz of for sharing this wonderful and yummilicious recipe with us. She should be really proud and happy to see the number of food bloggers and readers tried her recipe. Also thanking fellow Malaysian bloggers for sending the vibes to others...and that includes me! LOL ;)

Now, to the recipe. I have translated the original recipe which was in Malay.

Chocolate Layer Cake...My Guest #11 ~ Suja MD, Pepperbowl

Seeing you again on a Guest Post series...

Pleased to welcome my lovely guest for today, Ms Sujatha, or better known as Suja MD among food bloggers. 
I got to know Suja when she emailed me, complimenting on my blog and introduced hers. That took me to her beautiful ever space, PEPPERBOWLwhich has delicious recipes along with excellent, bright clicks! I replied her right away offering an invitation to guest post in my space. There was never a NO, LET'S SEE, OH I'M SHY etc. reply from her. But an immediate answer, YES with a few questions. I saw the dedication in her to follow up with me once her recipe was ready. 
Suja has come up with her Chocolate Layer Cake to be shared here. Check out her pictorial methods and the end result. Splendid!!! And do visit her space and show her your love too ;)

Let's hear from Suja of Pepperbowl...
"When Sri of Love2cook Malaysia asked me for a guest post, I was literally jumping in joy. Getting an offer from whom I admire, made me in cloud …

Cashew Mutton Masala...

Here's my Cashew Mutton Masala recipe! The ingredients might look too long for you, but the end result counts! I love to dip some crispy paratha in this masala ;) Enjoy!!!

Chicken Sambal Fried Rice ~ My Guest #10....Arthy

Welcome back readers and friends!

Let me take to the guest post series right away.

Today, I'm honoured to feature a very sweet blogger in my Guest Post series. She is none other than Ms ARTHY from Sumanarthy's Kitchen.

Firstly, I have to thank Arthy for accepting my invitation. Secondly, for her patience in waiting for the post to get published. Yes, she understood my situation very well and agreed to wait, infact she gave me moral support during my absence. Thank you dear sis!

Arthy, is more like a sister rather than a fellow blogger to me. We often communicate via Whatsapp and have been mutually commenting on our blogs. I love her space and all her dishes. Totally in awe with her creations...she is a wonderful, kind-hearted and most important, a terrific cook! I believe she inherited her culinary skills from her mother. She can make you go weak knees with her simple presentation, which I liked the most! Just WOW!

Wait no more, say hello to Arthy and check out her Chicken Sam…