Chocolate Layer Cake...My Guest #11 ~ Suja MD, Pepperbowl

Seeing you again on a Guest Post series...

Pleased to welcome my lovely guest for today, Ms Sujatha, or better known as Suja MD among food bloggers. 

I got to know Suja when she emailed me, complimenting on my blog and introduced hers. That took me to her beautiful ever space, PEPPERBOWL which has delicious recipes along with excellent, bright clicks! I replied her right away offering an invitation to guest post in my space. There was never a NO, LET'S SEE, OH I'M SHY etc. reply from her. But an immediate answer, YES with a few questions. I saw the dedication in her to follow up with me once her recipe was ready. 

Suja has come up with her Chocolate Layer Cake to be shared here. Check out her pictorial methods and the end result. Splendid!!! And do visit her space and show her your love too ;)

Let's hear from Suja of Pepperbowl...

"When Sri of Love2cook Malaysia asked me for a guest post, I was literally jumping in joy. Getting an offer from whom I admire, made me in cloud nine. I love her blog structure very much.  Everyone can relate themselves with her blog, as it revolves around her cute kids and her cooking. When I was going through her blog for the first time, I felt like a guest sitting in her living room. Making someone to feel like this , its really hard. And she succeeded in that. Hats of to you Sri!. She is expert in write ups, photography and of course cooking too. I wish I could inherit some of her interesting talents. Thanks Sri for giving me this wonderful opportunity.  

I'm Sujatha Muralidhar, author and chef of  "PEPPERBOWL" a stay at home mom from Chennai, India and now in PA, USA. This is my first guest post, pl. forgive me if I go anywhere wrong :)

Chocolate Cakes are everyone's delight. The store bought cakes are loaded with tonnes of calories and fat. To minimize the calories and fat, home made is always the healthier choice. This recipe requires a little butter but not compromising on the taste and texture, and  very easier to make. My son really enjoys these chocolate layer cake, and keeps on nagging me to prepare this again and again. Here comes the recipe.."

by; Suja MD of Pepperbowl

1 cup of self rising flour
1/3rd Cup of unsweetened Cocoa Powder
3/4 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of water
2 eggs
2 tbsp of butter
2 tbsp of veg oil
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

for Frosting:
Whipping cream
Icing Sugar
2 tbsp of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Methods :~

1.Pre heat the oven to 350, Keep all the ingredients ready on the counter.

2.Beat butter, oil, sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla extract until they form a smooth mixture. Add the eggs and beating well with the hand blender or with a ladle.

3. Then add flour, beat, then add little water, beat  again, with little flour, beat, then with little water, beat...and not to get confused here, it is like adding flour and little water alternatively, by blending them well to form a smooth paste. Make sure, you end up the procedure by adding flour to the mixture.

4.Grease and dust a pan, fill in the mixture we made. And tap the pan in the counter slightly, to get the mixture evenly spread. Dont spread it with hand or spatula.

5. Bake the cake for 30-35 min or until it gets cooked. To test a perfectly cooked cake,  insert a toothpick into the cake and if it comes out clean, then you'r done. Let it cool for sometime and flip it on to another plate.

6. I went with the store bought whipped cream.
7. Mix whipped cream with icing sugar, to form a smooth consistency.

8. Cut the Cake evenly into 2 halves, apply the whipped cream paste, which we made in the above step. And close them again. 

9. Again mix whipped cream, sugar and cocoa powder to for a smooth paste, with a hand blender or with a fork. 

10. Spread the whipped cream, above the cake. 

And the gorgeous cake!

Isn't that such a delight to our tummies??? Grab on, friends!

Dearest Suja,

Thank you once again for the lovely write-up and sharing your delicious cake with all of us here! Appreciate your kind words about me, kids and my blog. I really adore your blog and enjoy visiting it anytime. You have maintained it so neat and yummy! And your clicks are just superb ya! Two thumbs up for you ;) Keep rocking, keep sharing...God bless you! ;)

Signing off,



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