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♥...Sausage Fried Rice...♥

Another dish which always come to my rescue...fried rice! hehehe...
Sometimes, I prefer a fried rice with less ingredients...sometimes, I'd just throw in whatever I have in stock...

This time, I made a Sausage Fried Rice...adding sausages, eggs, carrots, french beans, and some anchovies. Okey, let's see the recipe now...

Ingredients :~
2 bowls of cooked rice5 shallots ~ chopped3 garlic cloves ~ chopped2 green chillies ~ sliced1/2 tbsp chilli paste 4 chicken sausages ~ sliced 4 tbsp diced carrot
3 tbsp chopped french beans2 eggs fried anchovies ~ optionalsoy sauceoilMethod :~
Heat oil in wok, saute garlic n shallots. Add chilli paste, stir and add sausages.Make a well, break in the eggs. Add some soy sauce and scramble the egg. Add chilli powder, mix together and stir in all other ingredients except rice and anchovies.Add rice and anchovies the last. Stir evenly and dish out. Add more soy sauce if less salt.
Simple na...let's mammam!!!

♥...Omelette Sambal...♥

Hi friends...had enough with Honey Cornflakes??? I'm sure gonna do it again this weekend. Rishie has placed his order! hehehe...

Let's move on with another egg dish. Like fried rice, this Omelette Sambal also acts as a rescuer when I'm running out of idea on what to cook...simple recipe.

Have it with plain rice or bread...
I've made a similar dish b4 using boiled eggs...see HERE (in Malay).

OMELETTE SAMBAL by love2cook

Ingredients :~5 eggs ~ beaten5 shallots3-4 tbsp cleaned anchovies ~ soaked in water for 5 mins1 large onion ~ sliced4 dried chillies ~ cut 21.5 tbsp chilli powder ~ may add more
salt to tastesufficient amout of water ~ I used 1 cupoilMethod :~
Fry the eggs like omelette. Cut into few pieces. Set aside.Pound together shallots and anchovies using mortar and pestle.Heat oil in wok, saute shallots and anchovies till they turn lighter brown.Add sliced onion and dried chillies. Stir for 2 minutes.Pour in enough water, add chilli powder and salt. Leave it to boil for …

♥...Honey Cornflakes...♥

A very good morning to all of U!!! Still in Monday blues??? I felt like sleeping abit longer than usual this morning. But then, Rishie got school plan cancelled...hehe!

The weekend was pretty bored, rainy days too. Errr...

Only thing we did the whole weekend, was munching Honey Cornflakes cookies. I made about 120 pcs, vanished by Sunday noon! Rishie enjoyed it alot...infact he asked me to do it again today. ..."Wait baby, lemme get more cornflakes in stock first", that was my answer to him...

Recipe courtesy by Kak Yatie, currently residing in Louisiana, US. Thank U so much for sharing kak! We loved it. Actually, I didn't have some of the items...just used whatever I had in hand...

I'll translate the recipe here for easy reference...


Ingredients :~

125 gm butter1/2 cup brown sugar ~ would try with white sugar next time7 tbsp honey(B)
6 cups cornflakes1 cup raisins ~ I didn't add1 cup chopped roast almond/cashewnut ~I didn't …

♥...A Session with Ashika...♥

Aunties, who's gonna join me???

Hehehehe, take care all and have a great weekend ahead!!!

♥...Briyani Chicken...♥

Okey, back with a chicken recipe again! Hahaha...must have a chicken dish once a week na! What to do? I'm a ChickenLover...maybe can change my nick to ChickenLover just like Sonia@Nasilemaklover...

It's okey, I came to the cyberworld as love2cook, so better remain my identity then... (actually now turning lazy2cook)..

This is another experiment on the chicken...(so pity the chickens, always get experimented from me, if only they can speak!) ...

I had some briyani spice lying on rack for few months already (nope, it has not expired as yet). Never felt like making briyani rice, so used it on a chicken instead.

Just a very simple recipe to share...ingredients may look plenty...hihihi!

BRIYANI CHICKEN by love2cook
1/2 chicken ~ cut into smaller pieces2 tbsp ginger & garlic paste2 tbsp shallots paste2 tbsp dried chilli paste1 pc cinnamon stick1 pc star anise3 pcs cardamom podsa pinch of fennel seeds2 lemongrass stalks ~ crushed1 large onion ~ sliced1 large tomato ~ diced2 pcs dried b…

♥...Banana Spring Rolls...♥

No introduction needed for Banana Spring Rolls. It's world famous, I believe. It's pretty easy and definitely worth trying.

BANANA SPRING ROLLS Bananas Spring Roll Sheets Some flour paste (mix wheat flour with little water) Cooking oil. Wrap bananas in spring roll sheets and glue the edges with flour paste. Deep-fry in oil, dish out on a paper towel. Can be served with ice creams, fresh creams, choc syrup etc... * I used 5"x5" sheets, therefore I had to cut half the bananas b4 wrapping.
* May also add sugar, but the bananas I had were sweet enough.

This is how Rishie had his Banana Spring Roll…with lots of cream and choc syrup!

♥...Fried Kway Teow...♥

I'm still in cloud nine after Rishie won the Spelling Competition last Sunday. Hahahaha! Thank U so much to ALL good-hearts for congratulating Rishie yesterday. Really appreciated.

Made Fried Kway Teow for dinner last night. Hubby and I are true fans of Penang Char Kway Teow (PCKT). He'll drive up to Penang just to have some PCKT at Macalister Road. We used to put up a night at Sunway Hotel, Georgetown where U can see food stalls down the aisle every night. It's a Food Heaven...I would say! Macam macam ada...

I believe the most special ingredient in PCKT would be the chilli paste. I didn't add anything to my paste, it's just plain dried chilli paste. Hehehe...

Okey, let's have a look at my simple Fried Kway Teow here...

FRIED KWAY TEOW by love2cook

Ingredients :~
450gm flat rice noodle 4 garlic cloves ~ chopped 15 pcs prawn ~ shelled 3 tbsp bean sprouts 2 tbsp chives ~ cut about 1.5 inches length 2 tbsp dried chilli paste 2…