♥...A Session with Ashika...♥

:hi:Aunties, who's gonna join me??? :eheh:

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Hehehehe, take care all and have a great weekend ahead!!!


  1. Love...she's soooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!

  2. hahah so cute....ashiqa...u hv done a good job....muaxxx for aunty...hv a great weekend to ashiqa rishi n love...

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  4. huhuhu..ingat ashika belajar masak dengan amma tadi.. :P

  5. She looks so cute .I am great fan of Ashika

  6. haha perkara biasa masa anak-anak masih kecil:)

  7. LOL...love,ingatkan ashika nak bt roti canai tadi-such a cute little girl! :)

  8. ^__^ She's too cute ^__^ I hope you have a lovely week end

  9. Hahaha...thought she was playing with dough at first...
    Eh, you should ask Pureen to pay you for this cute "advert" lar...

  10. Ashika, ur mama must be very busy this weekend to clean up the mess u have created! muah2 to Ashika n rishi too

  11. Haha... lucu tengok.

    Sesi membedak, ya... teringat masa anak-anak kak tie kecil dulu.. budak-budak ni memang suka explore. Yang tak laratnya kitalah.. terpaksa mengemas.

  12. elle est vraiment adorable
    bonne journée

  13. hehe..meja pun kena pakai bedak jugak ye ashika? :D

  14. Hello, cute little Ashika, looks like your mommy has to get you, your very own dressing table soon!

  15. Une belle petite fille. Magnifique.
    A bientôt.

  16. Hi, sorry for the late reply, thanks for the lovely words in my blog, first time here, beautiful blog you have, cute little baby....lucky you...great little cook......have a great weekend...

  17. Kak Yat ~~> Hehe, thanks kak! :D

    Anits ~~> Haha, wait till U have kid ya!!! ;)

    KakMin ~~> Hehe, little love2cook in the making nih kak! :D

    Padhu ~~> Owh...so sweet ya! :D

    KakCM ~~> Yes kak, infact I was worse than her when I was a child kak...;)

  18. Deepa ~~> Thanks ya! :D

    Kak Deliah ~~> Hehe, little love2cook in the making kak! :D

    Federica ~~> Thanks Fed! :D

    Sushma ~~> Hihi, thanks Sush! :D

    Meldylocks ~~> Haha, the pureen should be much visible I guess. ;)

  19. Kak Rose ~~> I was kak! Haha ;)

    Aruna ~~> Thanks ya! :D

    KakTie ~~> Love actually seronok gak tgk dia mess up the area kak. Gimme a chance to clean up...kiki ;)

    Fimere ~~> Thanks ya! :D

    Nadiah ~~> Itu baru meja tau...hehe ;)

  20. Pete ~~> Thank U! :D

    Kitchenflavours ~~> Looks like it...hehe ;)

    Nadji ~~> Yeah, thanks ya! :D

    Krishnaveni ~~> Hi! Welcome to my space! Thanks for ur sweet comments too...stay in touch! :D

  21. OMG!!! that's sooo cute of her. hahaha.... good that you have a huge bottle otherwise you just need to buy a new one. :D Ashika... Ashika... you are so cute :) :) :)

  22. hey donno how i missed this post on my cutie ashika..mymy she is growing pretty day by day....hugs...love seeing ur kids pics...they r so so adorable....and yes agree with one of blogger frnds time for a dressing room,with barbies.pretty clothes and lots of powder to spread and u to clean..hriday does the same...can see hriday in ashika...so cute...happy cleaning mommy

  23. What a training session for Ashika. Is it a make-up session or cooking session...hehe

  24. Pretty girl..Looking very cute.


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