♥...Smart Reader Kids Sports cum Parent's Day 2010...♥

Hi Friends, how U all doing there??? Sorry for no updates from me lately. Was just too busy with life. Hehehe... senyumkenyit

Rishie's kindergarten...Smart Reader Kids hosted their 8th annual Sports cum Parent's Day yesterday. It was a fun filled day for Rishie and his mates. Parents were sporting enough to join the kids too... senyum

Was terribly missing my dear Hubby who is in Brazil now. But then, I kept updating him on the event via email from my hp. kenyit

The much awaited event was the Spelling Competition result announcement. This competition was held in May. About 45 kids participated...given 50 words to remember, went through semifinals but only 10 finalists. I already knew Rishie was in the finals, but the teacher kept the result as suspense on who won the competition as they would only announce it on the sports day.

It was a tough competition as many kids did really well. There were also some tie-break questions given.

So, the result...5 kids got consolation prizes, 2 kids became 2nd runner-ups and 2 kids became 1st runner-ups. The Champion was...RISHIE!!! menari

My GOD! I got really excited when Rishie was called to the stage. The principal even said that this particular boy answered everything correct each time. Such a smart boy. WOW!!! I almost shed tears in happiness. This was the first ever winning for Rishie and wish him lots more to come!!!

I emailed my hubby straightaway to share the happiness...and he called in few seconds to congratulate Rishie. He promised that Rishie can choose anything he wants at Toy's r Us! That's the reward to Rishie's effort.

Right now, Rishie just waiting for his Papa to return! Hihihi...sengihnampakgigi

Congratz dear Rishie boy! U made Us a proud parent again! peluk

Some pics from my hp to share... 11072010174 copy Queuing up for the march…

11072010187 copyWell done Rishie... tepuktangan

11072010185 copy
Close-up... The Trophy

11072010182 copyCongratz to the little finalists….Bravo! tepuktangan


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, He's so cute dear ^_^ Bye bye

  2. Congrats rishie..well done...& lovely pics ms love...

  3. congrat Rishie darling..your mom pastinya very proud of u..congrat to u too Love:)

  4. Wow..that's really greattttttttttt... congrats to kutty rishie..

  5. Congratulations my dear Rishie...Well done boy... and to the proud parents also. Deadly combination Love a handsome son with a sharp brain ;-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Congrats to Rishi, no doubt u r very proud of him..hugs to the little champion..

  7. wah..congrats rishie! mesti kak lve lagi rasa happy, kan? :D

    psstt..hensem la rishie ;)

  8. Wow...CONGRATS Rishie!!! Well done! That's awesome. I'm sure there are more to come. He does deserve to have a good reward from Papa. Both you and your hubby are amazing parents to have an amazing son! :D You should celebrate too.

  9. fuyo congrats rishie..muuahhhhh

  10. congratulations Rishie!!! Ur son looks soooo cute

  11. Congratulations Rishie, you are such a brilliant boy. Keep it up! Congratulations to the proud mommy too! You have a very cute, smart little boy!

  12. Congrats to Rishie..he is very cute

  13. Hearty Congrats to Rishie on his achievement and wish him man more.

  14. congrats bravo my boy rishi..congrats dearie to u specially...u r raising him up so well...mammas boy...he looks so adorable n smart...hope he sees such trophies and prizes all his life through..best luck...muahhh

  15. DEAR ALL ~~> Thank U so much for all ur wishes to Rishie. Such blessings are really important for him. May lots of success come his way...;)

  16. Love 2 Cook, mon amie, bravo à Richie pour ce 1er succès. Je suis en souhaite plein d'autres.
    Pour ce qui est du plat que tu nous proposes, je suis prête à venir manger chez toi quand tu veux.
    A bientôt.

  17. Well done Rishie... big big big congrates for your winning. And congratulations to you too Love and Hubby... Rishie is really a smart boy. Wish him lots of success in future... :)

  18. Nadji ~~> Thanks for the wishes ya! Sure, U r invited!!! :D

    Ijan ~~> Thanks alot my fren! :D


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