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A very good morning to all of U!!! Still in Monday blues??? I felt like sleeping abit longer than usual this morning. But then, Rishie got school na...so plan cancelled...hehe! sengihnampakgigi

The weekend was pretty bored, rainy days too. Errr...

Only thing we did the whole weekend, was munching Honey Cornflakes cookies. I made about 120 pcs, vanished by Sunday noon! Rishie enjoyed it alot...infact he asked me to do it again today. kenyit..."Wait baby, lemme get more cornflakes in stock first", that was my answer to him...

Recipe courtesy by Kak Yatie, currently residing in Louisiana, US. Thank U so much for sharing kak! We loved it. Actually, I didn't have some of the items...just used whatever I had in hand...senyumkenyit

I'll translate the recipe here for easy reference...
honey cornflakes2
HONEY CORNFLAKES by Kak Yatie tepuktangan

Ingredients :~

  • 125 gm butter
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar ~ would try with white sugar next time
  • 7 tbsp honey
  • 6 cups cornflakes
  • 1 cup raisins ~ I didn't add
  • 1 cup chopped roast almond/cashewnut ~ I didn't add
  • Small paper cups
  • Chopped green/red cherries ~ I added sugar beads
Method :~
  1. Heat ingredients A until the butter melts completely.
  2. Add B into A and mix together until even.
  3. Spoon the cornflakes mixture into paper cups.
  4. Garnish with cherries.
  5. Bake in oven at 170'C for 8-10 minutes.
  6. Cool the cookies and keep in an airtight container.

* ( I made only half of the recipe)

Before baking…honey cornflakes

honey cornflakes3


  1. oh this is so easy to make but a very good treat for kids as well as adults. wonderful snaps.

  2. waaah..best nih..selalu buat untuk hari raya ni Love..

  3. Good lah, now I know what to do with my leftovers cornflakes....LOL!

  4. Wonderful dear ^_^ I just have a box of corn flakes to finish. Your snack is easy to make, crunching and it seems also very very good. Thanks for the tip, have good week

  5. Yummy, sure will finish in no time...

  6. i love honey cornflakes,doing it at home sounds interesting...love the music and the new look of your blog too...looks so beautiful...

  7. I like this much...in my office ppl use to bring...looks gr8

  8. Super easy dish !! I will try it soon.

  9. Hi Love ,
    Thanks for being so patiently waiting to comment on my last post. You are such a sweet heart :-) So you had made 120 pieces...hmmm parcel few pieces for me too. Beautiful snaps dear...

    Hamaree Rasoi

  10. Looks cute and very tempting...
    lovely clicks :-)

  11. love dah semangat raya ka? nanti raya datang umah bawak biskut ni tauu. jimatttt!! ahehehehe

  12. beautiful dish, worth trying...lovely photos

  13. senang & sedap:)boleh buat ubtuk raya nanti..thanks Love:)

  14. hi <3...taking orders for hari raya? :) erm...nak banyak2! :D

  15. Such a super crunchy cornflakes, feel like grabbing some..

  16. Hi sis!!!! missss u a lot!!!!!!! cute lah ashika kat bwh tu tgh main bedak! hihihi... sis dah raya dulu ya? :D cornflakes madu mmg sedap! kita bwk balik 1 tin ya, macehhh!!! btw, thanks 4 de wishes! :-)

  17. last raya nadiah buat honey cornflakes! bdk2 mmg suka

  18. I loved the golden colour of the cornflakes. Kids will surely love them

  19. Honey cornflakes so good, I come back here again! ha ha ha!

    PS: Please vote for my blogger friend Bananaz, Blog Idol Finalist. Just type "I vote You're the Voice" at the comment box in http://bluedreamer27.blogspot.com/2010/07/blog-idol-finale.html
    Thank you!

  20. such a lovely healthy version of cornflakes

  21. That look cute and yumm....ealthy snack for all...Your lil one looks so cute in the last post..kisses to her :-)

  22. Very kid friendly recipe. Sounds yummy!

  23. Hi dear...

    When I saw the title, i just said.. rajinnye Love... cause i made this only during hari raya hahaha.... itupun once a year je lah, kalau rajin. hahaha :) but anyway, memang best buat kunyah2.. kejap je habis kan. no wonder rishie likes it too :)

    For your Q, i used Photoscape software. You can download it for free from the internet. Here is the link for that:


    this will be for 3.4 version. They have a new one, 3.5 but it looks like that 3.5 is not really stable yet so we decided to continue using the old one. Hope this helps :)

  24. lovley pics gal....ahhhhhh wht a lovely sweet treat for kids/adults to munch whole day......yummmmmmm

  25. One cup for me, please! thank you!

  26. elles sont à croquer ces roses de sables, j'en raffole
    bonne soirée

  27. The kids will love these! Mom will too! :)

  28. Suhaina ~~> Thanks ya...it is indeed a very easy recipe, but we loved it! :D

    Anymz ~~> Love dulu sll makan time Raya kat umah kengkawan kak...;)

    KitchenFlavours ~~> Best eaten anytime! :D

    Sangi ~~> Hi Sangi, tks ya! :D

    Pete ~~> I'm sure ur kids will love it too ;)

  29. Federica ~~> Try it Fed, sure U'll like it! :D

    Treat ~~> Mmg suka kak!! heheh ;)

    Sushma ~~> Try it Sush, it's simple. But sure U'll love it!!! Owh thanks alot...just finalized with the current one. :)

    Priti ~~> U can try doing it on ur own now...;)

    Padhu ~~> Try it ya...sure U'll like it! :D

  30. Deepa ~~> No mention ya! Ooops all 120 finished...gotto do again this weekend...hehehe! I'll parcel to U then...;)

    Aruna ~~> Thanks ya Aruna! :D

    Jiya ~~> Aa ahh!!! Semangat Raya nih, 1Malaysia maaa!!! Akekekek...okey! :D

    Krishnaveni ~~> It's worth trying ya..U'll love it! :D

    KakCM ~~> Hi Kak, Raya nnt jgn lupa parcel kat Love ye! :D

  31. Deliah ~~> Hehe, no la kak! Ni buat tuk kudap2an je..will surely do for Diwali! heheh ;)

    Priya ~~> Grab it Priya!!! :D

    Ika ~~> Hi Ikaaaaa!!! Missed ur deliveries lor!!! hehe...nak 1 tin ker? Kena buat lagi nih! :D

    Nadiah ~~> Bes kan cookies ni Nadiah. Love first time buat nih...;)

    Prathiba ~~> Hi Prathiba, welcome!!! Thanks ya! :D

  32. Niloufer ~~> Everyone will love this snack na...;)

    Pete ~~> Haha, welcome again...will chk out that link! :D

    Trupti ~~> Hi Trupti, welcome!!! Thanks ya! :D

    Gulmohar ~~> Thanks ya Namitha...hehe ;)

    Panchpakwan ~~> Yes ya~ :D

  33. Biren ~~> U will love it too Biren..hehe !:D

    Ijan ~~> Hehe Love pun surprise gak camne leh rajin nih! hehehe!
    Owh, Photoscape..I got one. But rarely use. Thanks for the info Ijan. ;)

    Sanyukta ~~> We were munching the whole weekend ya! hehehe thanks! :D

    Liana ~~> U may take more with U! :D

    Fimere ~~> Yes, U'll love it! :D

  34. Ingrid ~~> Hi, welcome to my space!!! Yeah Mommy loved it too! hehehe ;)


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