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Rishie's Room Makeover....

We've been planning on Rishie's room makeover ever since we moved to new home. And it happened this month, when Hubby was back for his break. It's a major project from re-painting his room and furnishing with built-in wardrobe, a display cabinet and a study table with top cabinet. Everything was specially built for his room. Hubby also brought in some superheroes wall stickers from the US...we did the sticking part at the end of the project. The room was locked for 2 weeks and Rishie had no idea what is going on in his room. We just wanted to surprise him...and yes we did it! Thought of sharing them here you go! Unable to take a shot of his wardrobe which is behind the bathroom wall. Now, Ashika too asked her Papa to makeover her room! Her list is even longer... ;)

Spiced Chicken Stir Fry...

Good day everyone! Found this chicken recipe waiting for a long time in my draft...ooops! I fried the chicken pieces with some spices and Kentucky flour prior to mixing them with other ingredients. Let's see how I made simple dish...

Thai Style Prawn & Petai (Bitter Beans)..

We used to have Thai Style Prawn & Petai at a Thai restaurant nearby our home and my Hubby just loves it! I wanted to imitate the dish by using selected ingredients. I'm aware they used a special sauce called Nam Prik Pao (Thai Chilli Paste) but I did not add that in my list.

CRAB CURRY ~ My first attempt with Crabs!!!

Seeing you all again on a fresh 2013! Happy New Year...wishing everyone a peaceful and beautiful year ahead! Our new year kicked off with some firecrackers by Hubby, a colorful beginning indeed! Rishie has moved a level up to Primary Year 3 and Ashika started her kindergarten too. The house is definitely dull without them, seriously no fun! I wait impatiently for their return everyday... ;) Now, moving on to my Crab Curry today. For your information, I don't like crab. Nothing due to allergies but I just never liked it since my younger days. My Mum makes delicious crab curry but I would only have the gravy but not the crab. My Hubby and son are true seafood it prawn, fish or crab. My Hubby, knowing my dislike for crabs, never forced me to cook. Until one fine day, I was watching my Aunt preparing the ingredients for crab curry, looked really easy! I watched her making the crab curry until she served and thought to myself that I should give it a try, at least once