Quick Tofu Sambal (Vegan way!)...♥

Hello everyone! Seeing you all again in the month of March! My finger is finally free from the wire yesterday! Right now, it's stilll covered with gauze, gotto leave it dry for another 2 days.

I have to do my own physio try to bend the finger slowly. The swelling and the fracture will take 3-6 months time to heal, as per my orthopedic :)

I shall come up with a post on how I got hurt and the recovery process with some images soon.

Now, my Quick Tofu Sambal. This sambal suits for Vegans especially.


Ingredients :~
  • 3 firm tofus ~ cut each into 4
  • 2 cloves garlic ~ minced
  • 1 large onion ~ sliced
  • 3 tbsp dried chilli paste ( add or less )
  • 2 medium sized tomatoes
  • 2 kaffir lime leaves ~ shredded or just like that
  • salt to taste
  • sufficient water about 1.5 cups
  • cooking oil

Method :~
  1. Fry the tofus in oil, sprinkle some over salt over, fry until golden brown. 
  2. Place on separate plate.
  3. Stir fry garlic and add dried chilli paste. Stir until oil parts.
  4. Add onions and stir. Add water, tomatoes and salt, keep stirring.
  5. Allow mixture to boil, add fried tofus and kaffir lime leaves.
  6. Mix together and dish out. 

Perfect with plain white rice or bread.

Variation : For non-vegans, you may add toasted dried shrimps.



  1. Great to hear that the wire is removed at last. Wishing a speedy recovery... The sambal looks so yummy

  2. Hai love.. Buka blog you terus jer nampak your handsome prince and your beautiful princess. How gorgeous they are..

    Suka tofu.. Lagi best kalau dapat yg masak macam ni...
    So jari you dah tak ada wire lagilah kan.. Semoga lekas sembuh 100% ya Love.. Take cara!

  3. Love akak sukeeeee tofu....nyum nyum

  4. salah satu lauk yg tun suka n x puas2 makan! biasa kalau wat sambal ayam tu, akan asingkan sikit sambal dia utk tuang atas tauhu goreng. sedap!

  5. sedapnya tgk tofu sambal ni love...i like..lagi pedas lagi sedap ni.
    semoga jari Love cepat baik yer..take care dear:)

  6. Oh my.. tofu and sambal.. tofu and kicap.. tofu and sambal kacang.. semua pun i suka.. if i makan rojak mama.. tofu adalah one of the must that i will choose..

  7. hey...ur website looks great dear...the tofu sambal looks so so mouth watering n delicious !

  8. Wooo, spicy tofu, I like it very much. Love vegan food

    Hope your fingers heal soon.

  9. Hi love, your sambal tofu looks delicious. Very tempting too. Have a nice weekend.

  10. Yum sambal looks spicy and delicious

  11. Have always wanted to try sambal, thanks for posting a vegan version, following you back..

  12. your tofu sambal looks awesome. i never tried it. at looking you recipe i will try soon.
    i am your new follower now

  13. Spicy and at the same time so luscious sambal with tofu. I like the flowy and the greasy part of it.

  14. This looks really tasty n yummy..vl try this surely.......u have a nice space vth wonderful dishes........vl catch u in my space.....

  15. Spicy and tempting! Wish you a speedy recovery and congrats on being published in Jelita!

  16. Hi love....look spicy but i love it. I do cooked this without kaffir leaf and next time i will definitely use.

  17. Hemmm..Tofu sambal memang kegemaran saya..lapar pulak tengok ni..apa macam?

  18. Hi love,
    Lama tak tinggal 'marks' sini.....tahniah for being in the magazine....hmmmm famous lah lani kan? You deserve it! Congrats

  19. dear.....there's an award for u in my space...plz accept :-)

  20. hi dear, how are you and your two very cute children up there... also hi to the so yummy looking choc doughnut.. ha ha, would like to try your tofu here, sure great with the spices and chili. have a nice day

  21. Wonderful recipe! Loved the clarity and it tempts a lot :)

  22. Awesome recipe,Tofu sambal looks so yummy n spicy.

  23. hmm..yummy.. i like to eat these olso, drolling lah see ur tofu.. ;)

  24. ni salah satu menu fav akak ni love..sedap sgt..selalu kalau masak sambal tofu ni akak buat sup sayur atau masak lemak kobis..makan dgn ikan goreng atau ayam goreng..sedapnya..terliur tgk lauk love..

  25. looks yum. I love this one simple but delicious. I suspect the kafir lime will make the dish unique. Can you suggest substitutes to that as i will never find them here

    1. Hi Archana...the kaffir lime leaves are just optional...just to make the dish more aromatic. ;)


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