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♥...RoseSoya with Grass Jelly drink...♥

Good morning friends! Happy Monday too...huhuhu! Back to work/school after long weekend? Let's warm up! hehehe... Well, things are good with me here as my Hubby has returned home as said last Saturday. We 4 went out the whole Sunday. Yuhuuuu... Okey, come treat urselves with RoseSoya with Grass Jelly drink now...( Ros Soya Cincau ). It's easy to prepare...try it! What U have to do... Take a glass, pour little Rose Syrup and add lots of ice cubes. Then, add unsweetened Soy Milk gently... top it up with some chopped grass jelly (cincau). Mix well before a sip...Done! ** If using ready made sweetened Soy Milk, make sure U reduce the quantity of Rose Syrup. Simple na! Slurrrrpppppp!

♥...Hubby Coming Home & Penne Pasta SpicyStir...♥

Hello friends! How R U All doing today???? Haha, as usual me n Rishie been very excited since 2 days ago...know why? Coz our Darling is coming home today! Arrghhh, missed him words can explain our boreness without him! Atleast, I won't be driving for the next 1 month! hahaha...relaxxxxx... ( sometimes I get easily bored driving everyday! ) Anyways, I might go missing from blogworld on and off...will update whenever the time permits, K! Everytime my Hubby returns home...there'll be a compulsory menu I'll have to prepare for him, sure most of U knew it already by now. It's none other than Ghee Rice, Chicken Curry, Raita and Chicken Fry...adding another dish today would be his favourite Black Glutinous Rice Porridge. So, will be busy preparing all those dishes today...he'll reach home by evening only. For our Brunch today, I made Penne Pasta SpicyStir was too spicy coz I mistakenly used really hot dried chilli paste. Uhhhh... PENNE PA

♥...It's Tea Time!!!....♥

Hi Friends, come join me for a Tea break!!! When I first saw this Arabian Style Tea ( Teh ala Arab ) at Kak Hana , Mommy of 3D's home, I thought it was an Indian Masala Tea. But then, I feel the latter is usually prepared with lots of spices. Simply love spiced tea, but hardly make one. Hehehe... This tea is nothing less, felt really good sip after sip. That too with some yummm!!! Kak Hana, kita minum dulu!!! Here's the translated recipe. TEH ALA ARAB originally posted by Datin EL ...thanks ya Datin! U need :~ 6-7 Lipton tea bags 1 litre water 500ml fresh milk sufficient sugar ~ may sub with condensed milk lil salt 5 cloves 5 cardamom pods Method:~ Boil water with tea bags for more concentrated. Add in milk, sugar and salt. Mix well. Add the cloves and cardamom pods. Stir and ready to serve.

♥...Happy Wesak & Chicken Cheese/Egg Burgers...♥

Good Morning friends! Happy Wesak to every Buddhists in the world! Made Chicken Burgers yesterday. Using everything ready made of course. Hehehe! There are 2 chicken burgers which I really enjoy eating... Spicy McDeluxe and Prosperity Burger...both from Mc'Donalds. Oohhhh...yumm! I made 2 simple versions only, enough to fill our croaking tummies! CHICKEN CHEESE BURGER ( for Rishie ) 1 pc burgen bun, halved margerine 1 pc chicken patty ( I used Ramly brand) fillings:~ 1 slice cheese onions ~ cut into rings (didn't add yest, as per Rishie's req) cucumber ~ sliced ( added abit) salad mayonnaise chilli sauce Brush some margerine on inner sides of the bun. Toast on a non stick pan. Keep aside. Heat some margerine, cook the chicken patty until both sides cooked. Dish out. Arrange the fillings as U like on the bun and pipe some ketchups/mayonnaise as well. ***************************************************

♥...Saj Bread & Anchovies Sambal...♥

Uhhh, been keeping myself away from spicy food for almost 2 weeks now! That's all I could control! Hahaha... Made Saj Bread accompanied by Anchovies Sambal yesterday. Saj Bread recipe adapted from KakUmmi's blog. Originally posted by Kak Rusnah . Thanks dearies!! Many has tried this bread and thus, tempted me to give it a try too... U may also see HERE for reference. SAJ BREAD Ingredients :~ 1 tbsp yeast 1 tbsp sugar (kak rus substituted with condensed milk+lil water) 1.5 cups warm water 3.5 cups plain flour 1/2 tsp salt little oil (I used margerine) Method:~ 1. In a big bowl, mix yeast, sugar, warm water and salt. Add plain flour and make a dough. 2. Keep the dough aside for 1 hour, covered with plastic. ( dough will double up ) 3. Now, take the dough and make few balls ( about 8-10 pcs ). Rub with oil/flour. ( I rubbed with margerine ). 4. Flatten each balls and cook on a non-stick pan like chapati until both side lightly b

♥...Rishie & Ashika Back Again...♥

Hello Aunties and Uncles!!! All fine??? We are back again with a bang! Muahaha!!! Been so long we didn't see U uh! Missed U all cho much! Our last appearance on Amma's blog was HERE . What to do, we are so busy with life U know... ( actually it's Amma who is too busy, kih kih kih ). Anyways, Rishie is still in kindergarten now...going to Standard One next year. Ashika is 18 months+ already! Phew, time passes like rocket la! As U all know, we have moved to our new home and we are enjoying every moment here, though we miss our Papa everyday! ( hey, he's coming home don't U all look for Amma if she goes missing from next week, k )... Aaah, nothing much to tell about Us now...we'll put our latest pictures, browse through if U want eh...hihihi! Take care Aunties and Uncles, see U all soon good na! Ready for the show??? Loads of them...especially Ashika's. Errrr, don’t worry about Ashika’s hair..looks like she needs to visit the Hair S