♥...Panna Cotta with Fresh Mango & Choc Syrup...♥

Made an Italian famous dessert, Panna Cotta...using agar-agar powder. I don't really prefer gelatines. senyumkenyit

I would say this is one of the simplest dessert one can make, less work, less energy...hehe! sengihnampakgigi

Goes well with any toppings. I made 2 versions, with Indian Mango and Hershey's Choc syrup.
panna cotta mango2

Ingredients :~
  • 250 ml heavy cream
  • 200 ml fresh milk
  • 1.5 tsp agar-agar powder
  • 30 gm granulated sugar (add/less)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
Method :~
  1. Bring heavy cream and milk to boil. Add sugar and agar-agar powder. Stir until powder dissolves.
  2. Add vanilla essence, mix well. Turn off flame.
  3. Add mango cubes into glass/moulds. Pour the mixture and leave it to cool at room temperature b4 chilling.
  4. Alternatively, U may just chill it plain without any fruits. Then top it with choc syrup/fruits/puree.

panna cotta choc
panna cotta mangonewpanna cotta mango


  1. love..love the lovely panna cotta...love u dear.......feel like grabbing the plate...so creamy with wonderful presentation

  2. Nice presentation, this panna cotta really suitable for this kind hot weather, simply cool!

  3. Wooow!!! Nice presentation dear my hubby's faaav dessert we dont miss this panna cotta n cheesecake in restaurant hv tasted but never tried to make this myself dear,,looks simple to make will try this soon.

  4. too tempting & really lovely pics..

  5. Looks delicious..and nice clicks

  6. Wow...looks very refreshing and delicious. I will eat this non stop in hot weather :D

  7. Ca semble tellement bon.
    J'aurai bien voulu en goûter un peu.
    See soon.

  8. I love pannacottas anytime with anything, wat a fabulous pannacotta dear, that too with my favourites..watelse i need, mango and chocolate already makes me drool..

  9. Please pass me the plate. It has two of my fav ingredients mango and choco.Irresistible !!!
    I also made mango cake today..
    Hamaree Rasoi

  10. hi love
    sihat ke..kalau dapat semangkuk ni lega sikit tekak yg tengah batuk ni..hehe

  11. akak nak pannacota tu sikit. kat sini panas lah!!!

  12. wow looks really nice dik .. huhuhuhu sejukk jerk rasa :))

  13. Awesome..Awesome...i wanna gobble up the entire thing now....ooh..
    btw i love the music too..

  14. hi Love!!sedapnya panna cotta tue...sedapnya mkn sejuk2 bila br kuar dr esboxkan....yummmy!

  15. Looks yummy and delicious.. I always keep my laptop on mute and hence never noticed the music.. Just unmuted after reading Sarah's comment.. Loved the idea of music here :)

  16. wow what a delicious dessert..the panna cotta i had it but not tried at home..really a nice treat to our eyes such a beautiful pictures..really lovetocook u r making us love to cook.
    Nice and delicious dessert..

  17. Oh yum!!! I like the one with the fresh mangoes although the choc syrup one looks good too.

  18. Stunning panna cotta,wish i had them in my hands now.Pretty much gorgeous dear.

  19. Wow!! Brilliant dish. Very refreshing and tempting. Love the way you presented it.

  20. un dessert frais qui me tente beaucoup et qui doit être succulent
    bonne soirée

  21. To very nice and healthy desserts.Nice tempting pics.

  22. hhmmmm...wen la i can taste all ur food.....huhu.....d pudding luk great LOVE...

  23. Hi Love..How are u? Lama x datang..waah your panna cotta looks so nice and tempting! Your swirl on eggless choc cake also nice n simple, what a creative idea..hehe

  24. wow wow.....i cannot take my eays from that desert......so delious...

  25. I would love to take both chocolate and mango for dessert....have to put on weight......ha ha ha!

  26. i love your panna cota, looks very lovely...

  27. TO ALL ~~> Thanks alot for all ur comments here ya! Really appreciate 'em! Acts like a boost to me! ;)

    Sarah & Nitha ~~> Glad U liked the music dearies! It's my fav now..hehe :)

    Liana10 ~~> Welcome to my space ya! :)

  28. Panna cotta with choco sauce looks awesome...liked the mango one too..


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