♥...Crunchy Cornflakes Chicken & Celebrating 50th Chicken Post...♥

Yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu, this is my 50th post under Chicken Category! Kinda weird right, but what to do...chicken is my most favourite dish! So, a celebration is a must...sengihnampakgigi

In conjunction of this, I'd like to share a recipe of Crunchy Cornflakes Chicken...kenyit

Ingredients :~
  • 2 pcs boneless, skinless chicken breasts ~ cut into smaller pieces
  • 1/2 tsp coarse blackpepper
  • 2 tsp paprika (may sub with chilli powder)
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2 cup fresh milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup plain flour
  • little salt
  • 2 cups Kellogg's Cornflakes – crushed (may add more)
  • oil for frying
  • butter (if baking)
  • chilli sauce

Method :~

  1. Mix chicken pieces with blackpepper, paprika and salt. Leave aside for 1 hour.
  2. In a bowl, beat egg with milk. Add plain flour and salt, mix until a smooth batter formed.
  3. Place crushed cornflakes on a flat plate.
  4. Dip chicken pieces in batter, coat well with cornflakes and drop them gently in oil. Deep fry until golden brown/ until chicken is cooked. Dish out and serve with chilli sauce or any ketchup of your favourite.
  5. * If U prefer baking ~> Dip chicken pieces in batter, then coat well with cornflakes and place them on a foil lined baking tray. Brush some butter over the chicken and bake at 190°C for 1 hour.



  1. hi Love,
    ayam yg ke 50th ekk??..hehe..Congratulations!...

    i'd love to try dis recipe...looks yummyyyy!..but i dont hv paprika lorr..nak kene beli dulu. thanks 4 sharing. akak cnp dulu ek... ;)

  2. wow 50 recipes for chicken alone. Thats amazing. Congrads dear, May u post another 1000 more recipes on chicken alone. My best wishes.
    Yummm. The chicken fry looks super crunchy and yummy.

  3. last day i had made similar like this....but forgot to take the pictures...

  4. 50 chicken recipes? WOW...great! I like chicken very much, they are perfect for me! This is very tasty and crunchy ^_^ Bye bye

  5. 50 Recipes in chicken alone thats soo great dear. Me n My hubby like Chicken very much. Your chicku recipe looks crispy n delicious dear.Ingredients sounds great dear, I like ur chicken chop it looks like KFC fried chicken.

  6. Actually my earlier comment was I also a chicken lover like you, I must check some of your chicken post and try it out later includes this yummy and crunchy chicken.

  7. kesian cm lihat ayam kat atas tu:)..terima kasih Love..cm suka resepi ni.

  8. Crispy and yummy appetizer, so easy as well...beautiful clicks ms love..

  9. too crispy and yum... congratulations on your 50th post..

  10. Wow this is new to me ..and looks yum..Congrat's on ur 50th post..way to go

  11. wow looks so crunchy perfect with tomato sauce!

  12. hai love.wah boleh tahan byknya resepi ayam...ayam jugak jadi kegemaran family kamu dan jugak family akak.

  13. Hello Love, looks so crunchy and yummy, congrats on your 50th chicken post, hope to see many more....

  14. De bonnes croquettes au poulet.
    Les cornflacks doivent leur donner un très bon croustillant.
    A bientôt.

  15. wahhh...dah posting yg ke 50 psl ayam ye.Tahniahh!! ayam love nmpak so crunchy!!

  16. Hi myLove nmpak sedap chicken tu...hu..hu..akak kt cini sejuk..malas nk gi dapur.Prefer dok dlm selimut.Nanti Love hntaq seketul ya..akak share dgn Shekeen ye..Tq visit my blog..love U always...

  17. congrates aunty love dear! boleh la ibu selongkar dapur ayam aunty love ni..hihihi..our peberet too tau.. :P

  18. Dear Love2cook,
    Some awards are waiting for you in my blog. Plz stop by to collect them.

  19. Congrats !! Now I knw where to look for chicken recipes. Way to go!! Post more..

  20. Congrats on ur 50th chicken post .. The chicken looks sooo crunchy.. Love them..

  21. Hi Love...! Wow, must be really crunchy and conflakes make it tasty...! Nyummmmmy!

  22. Hi There

    Congrats on your 50th Chicken based post. Very Innovative idea to use corn flakes with chicken. BTW I consider you to be a celebrity blogger, would you like to disclose your name or would like to remain incognito?

    Hamaree Rasoi

  23. I love chicken dishes too! Aiyo, now middle of the night hungry after lookng at your cornflakes chicken!

  24. Congrtas on ur 50th chicken post../so its a chicken treasure here..
    Chicken looks so crispy and crunchy..

  25. That's incredible, dear...50 recipes for chicken..wow !!!
    This looks perfect, I love them

  26. hey darling..i m very fine..thanks for asking..hru doing..dear u rock..50th post with chicken........bravo...congrats...dish looks crunchy and delious...

  27. KakDayang ~~> Hehe, thanks kak! Actually U can use chilli powder too ;)

    Suhaina ~~> Thank U so much for ur kind words dear! :)

    Beena ~~> Owh really! :(

    Federica ~~> Hehe, thanks Fed! ;)

    Angie ~~> Thanks ya Angie! ;)

  28. Sathya Sridhar ~~> Thanks for the lovely comments ya! Really appreciate it! Owh really, U liked the chic chop uh...great! :)

    Sonia ~~> Hehe, yeah same pinch! I just love chickens, so do my son! ;)

    KakCM ~~> Haha, ayam tuh tunggu nak kena sembelih kak! hihihi ;)

    Sushma ~~> Thanks dear! :)

    Sri Devi ~~> Thanks dear! ;)

  29. Priti ~~> Thanks dear! :)

    Home Chef ~~> Thanks alot ya! ;)

    Kak Ina ~~> Yeay, same pinch kak! ;)

    Treat ~~> Thanks dear kak! :)

    Nadji ~~> Thanks dear! ;)

  30. Kak Ain ~~> A ah kak! Ayam ke-50...hehehe! Mmg crunchy ayam nih, akak leh try! ;)

    Kak Norli ~~> Yeah, akak bak Shekeen sekali tau...no worries! :)

    Faheem Jr ~~> Hehe, okey set Faheem! Mummy boleh selongkar...keke! ;)

    Jay ~~> Thanks alot Jay, I've collected 'em! ;)

    Shriya ~~> Thanks ya Shriya! ;)

  31. Nitha ~~> Hi Nitha, thanks alot ya! ;)

    Kak Roz ~~> Hehe, yes kak! It is crunchy! ;)

    Deepa ~~> Thanks ya Deepa. Oops, am not a celebrity blogger dear, just a normal blogger. kikiki! I came to this blogworld as love2cook and would like to remain the same. ;)

    Pete ~~> Aisey lapar ka? Haha, nvm can have for supper! See if U can put on weight or not then...hehe ;)

    Nithu ~~> Thanks alot dear! ;)

    Sarah ~~> Hehe, still building up the treasure dear. Thanks ya! ;)

  32. Gulmohar ~~> Thanks dear! ;)

    Sanyukta ~~> Thanks alot for ur lovely words dear! *___^

  33. Omg, feel like having some...irresistible chicken pops..yummm!!!congrats on ur 50th chicken post dear..


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