♥...Roti John...♥

Made Roti John for dinner last night...

Originated from Singapore, this dish has spread wide to Malaysia. Mostly sold at pasar malam (night markets). Roti (in Malay) means bread. Not really sure where John came from. Hahaha...there are so many history spread all over the net...with recipes too. It's basically an omelette sandwich.

I was impressed with Kak Hana's recipe, who is currently residing in Kanazawa, Japan. A lady who always comes up with yummy recipes, never failed to try other's recipes and a Mom of 3D's! Hehe...yeah, she got 3 sons and their name starts with D...

Kak Hana, allow me to post the recipe here, translated into English ya! Thanks alot for sharing! Next time nak buat inti sama untuk karipap pulak! hehehe...amacam? Okey tak??? senyumkenyit
rotijohnRoti John by Kak Hanatepuktangan

Ingredients :~
  • 150g minced meat (I used chicken)
  • 1 / 2 onion ~ thinly diced
  • 1 tsp curry powder - make a paste with little water (I mistakenly put 1 tbspsengihnampakgigi )
  • Carrot / potatoes - (optional) - thinly diced, I had small sized potato
  • Salt
  • 2 eggs ~ beaten
  • Coriander leaves - finely chopped (I had 1 tbsp)
  • Butter/ cooking oil
  • 2 Hotdog breads (may sub with normal bread)
  • Chili/Tomato sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt
Preparation method :~
  1. Saute onions until fragrant. Add meat and carrot/potato. Give it a stir, then add curry powder paste and salt. Stir until chicken n potato cooked, thicken. Set aside.
  2. In another bowl, add the meat gravy and corriander leaves into beaten egg. Mix together. Halve 3/4 of each hotdog bread.
  3. Heat butter in a pan (preferably nonstick pan). Pour 1/2 egg~meat mixture, cook like omelette. Place the bread on the omelette. Folding in the sides of the egg. ( I cut off the extra egg).
  4. Once the egg is cooked, dish out together with hotdog bread. Squeeze some chilli/tomato sauce/mayonnaise on. Fold the bread together and cut into 3. Serve.
Note:~ I used a bigger pan, so cooked all at one go!

KakHana has inserted preparation pics...so do me, for easy reference! sengihnampakgigi

Okey, that is all for now! Take care...Bye babai


  1. hi love..nampak gambar je dah boleh tau sedap..akak tak pernah buat klu teringin slalu beli kat warisan putra jaya..

  2. tempting roti john.. never heard this name before..

  3. hi love,

    my son loves roti john..hubby tried to make roti john once..but it was very soggy..

    i copy this recipe ye.. want to give to hubby and ask him to try again :p

  4. hi kak love,
    ish ish..menggoda betul. tebal intinya tuh. fuh...rasa nak cuit2 jer mayonis yg berjurai2 tu. you make it look soo yummy,sis. :)

  5. Roti John--what an amazing name for an amazing dish. Never heard of this before!Thanks to u and mom of 3 D's. Lol

  6. Hello Love, wanna have breakfast with your roti john, can I?

  7. never heard of this before... name is interesting... looks great too...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hey My very fav one when i was in singapore.. u know i wanted to post this and it was in my list.. Seeing this i am really tempted.. I miss many things after coming to US.. I really miss singapore now.

  10. Interesting name,very unique dish, but looks very yum...

  11. I didn't known this recipe but it looks very tasty and tempting. Bye bye :X

  12. wow..superb really looks so delicious..thanks for introducing roti-john..sure will give a try

  13. Wooow very nice bread for dinner,,,looks perfect makes me hungry dear the sauce coming from the bread..

  14. Mouthwatering here, roti john tempts me a lot..

  15. deve essere squisito! complimenti!! ciao!

  16. Arrrggggh love .laparnya just tengok gambar je..lapar..lapar...

  17. hi <3..i beg to differ :)'roti john' may have been credibly started in melaka in the southern district of alor gajah in the year 1917 by a british chap who was a land surveyor for the municipality. his name was john and he would pack this type 'roti' for his meal during work time as he cannot stomach the local dishes. words gets around of this specific 'roti'. later on, john was tranfered to johor bahru and subsequently to singapore. in alor gajah today you may find more historical facts on this. tapi i think this roti yg sedap kat gambar tu originated from yr new lovely kitchen ;) u must xcuse me, i dibesarkn di alor gajah :D

  18. oppps! yr lovely awards i dah letak dlm trophy cabinet...i took a few, thanks-muahs!

  19. that's an appetizing and tempting picture!!!
    the click in which the sauce is dripping out of that deliciously garnished sandwich , Mmmm, makes me hungry !!!!

    sounds filling and yummy ! !!!

  20. looks temptingly good. Here its very common in Singapore. I wondered how they do it. u have wellexplained it. BRAVO.

  21. quel délice,il est vraiment riche et très gourmand,les photos sont très alléchantes, j'adore
    bonne journée

  22. this makes me salivating, ho chiak ! must try this out soon.well done !

  23. Kak rose jadi lapo bila tengok ur roti john tu...nak sikit wat supper... baru boleh tido lena..x lah mimpikan roti tu lagi....

  24. er heard of this before..But it sure looks delicious and tempting :-)

  25. Your Roti John is making me very very hungry!


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