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2012 A Memorable Journey...& Welcome 2013!!!

It's 31st of December...the last Monday of 2012! All praises and gratitude to the Lord for keeping us alive towards another wonderful year of 2013 :)

Chocolate Crinkles & MERRY CHRISTMAS!



I used to have this dish during my younger days. It's my Aunt's recipe and I'm sharing here with you! The dish may sound weird to you but I just love it! Am not a person who can have bread with butter and jam spread. It should be either toasted with butter and sugar / cheese / egg for me.

I still remember those days when my Aunt makes this simple bread & egg stir fry. A good way of finishing leftover bread! Somehow the idea struck my mind when I was planning our dinner last night.

Check it out ;)

Soy Milk & Grass Jelly Pudding (Puding Soya Cincau)...

Hello everyone, hope everything is good at your end.

School break gives me more opportunity to try new recipes, shoot and blog them. I tried few new dishes this break and was certainly happy with the results. And this pudding was one of the trials. Believe me or not, I made this second time as my first attempt didn't really satisfy me. This time, it turned out good with right consistency.

I love puddings, especially if it's eggless! Sometimes I can't stand egg smell in a pudding. Just plain milk puddings are my most favourite!

Today, it's a pudding made of soy milk and grass jelly (cincau). You can ask Mr WIKI for more details about grass jelly ;)

I often make Grass Jelly drink at refreshes my tummy after a heavy meal, lol! Grass Jelly can be found in any super/hypermarkets. They come in plain, sweetened or flavoured packs.

Try having your chilled soy milk by adding some chopped grass jelly in it! Ahhhhhhh...slurpy!

Okay, hope that is enough...let's see…

Ikan Masak Merah / Fish in Spicy Red Sauce...

A delayed post...

12~12~12 ~> Ashika's Orientation Day 1 at Smart Reader Kids :)

It's time for Ashika to move on to another level, a kindergarten kid. As decided, we enrolled her to Smart Reader Kids Bandar Bukit Tinggi, the same kindie her brother Rishie went to from 2009-2010.

Her session will commence in January 2013 but the orientation started today and will go on for 3 days until Friday. I was little worried on how my girl will cope with the new phase in her life. I managed to put up a strong face infront of her giving her all the support I could, keeping my Hubby in thoughts. I know it would be hard for my Hubby to see his little girl going to school, but that's life...haha!

Homemade Dadih / Soft Milk Pudding...

I was suppose to publish a hot and spicy fish recipe, but noticed this dessert already waiting in the queue. So why not chill ourselves with this delicious dessert first! Fish next... ;)

One of my favourite Malay style dessert, Dadih is a soft pudding made of fresh milk, water, sugar, salt and agar-agar powder.

You can also add fruit flavourings. Although there are few instant Dadih available in the store, I would still prefer to make this one at home. Simple ingredients, yet...delish!!! I have made them countless times...that much I'm addicted to this dessert.

Recipe was shared by, none other than my dearest friend in Bloggywood. A well-wisher who've been with me for more than 3 years now...the very generous KAK NOR who blogs her yummy dishes at Secubit Garam ( A Pinch of Salt ).

Check the Instant Dadih I made before, topped with cocktail fruits and bananas HERE!

Rishie hits 8 today...♥

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RISHIE!!!  You are the first to call us Papa and Amma...and that was the greatest honour we received! 
Thank you dear baby! Love you so much.  May God bless you with all the happiness and great health. Keep smiling as always dear son :) ~Papa, Amma, Ashika~

Wordless Wednesday ~> ♥ ASHIKA ♥


Prawn & Petai (Bitter Bean) Sambal...

Oops I overlooked at this dish, which was in my draft for a week already!

Petai or the Bitter Bean, commonly served in anchovy or prawn sambal is my family's favourite. Although I prefer petai with anchovies combo, I had to use prawn this time as my son craved for it all the time! As I don't eat prawn, the sambal and petai enough for me! The peculiar smell of petai is not my daughter, Ashika's

Alternatively, you can also use my Anchovies Sambal recipe and add petai.

Goes well with plain rice or Nasi Lemak :)

Just skip petai in this recipe if you don't eat them!


Dear weight-watchers and durian haters, you may enter with! Durian-lovers, enjoy!!!

Durian Crepes, Durian Crepes, Durian Crepes...this is the only title I currently read at most of the Malaysian food blogs. Gosh, I was so tempted to make this! Durian Crepes has gone viral all over...

Durian, as we call it the "King of Fruits" is largely famous in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Although it can be the most favourite fruit of all, the distinctive odour, can be too strong for some.

In my family, everyone loves durian except for our little Ashika! She will put that disgusted face when she sees us enjoying durian! But she somehow joined me and Rishie for these Durian Crepes today. She had one piece ;)

Now, how is a Durian Crepe made? Yes, basically you need to make the crepes just like how you make pancakes, but here the crepes must be really thin. The crepes then will be filled with durian flesh and whipped fresh cream. Some also add custard cream. I shall try th…

Eggless Moist Banana Brownies...

The other day, as I was browsing for brownies recipe using bananas, it took me to this recipe posted by Kak Fida at MyResipi portal. I have tried many recipes shared by her at the portal and not one disappointed me until now. Her Prawn Rendang is still my family's favourite!

Coming back to the brownies, I noticed it's eggless. I confirmed by re-checking the recipe and I jumped in joy...Yay!!!! No eggs!!! 

Having full trust in her recipes that worked for me all these while, I didn't even think twice on this one. I went to my kitchen, grabbing the bananas from the dining table and started preparing the simple-dimple ingredients!

I truly enjoyed  the brownie do my children. Just irresistible, warm or chilled. It's chocolatey and banana-ish and moisty of course! You gotto try this...;)

Here's the translated recipe for easy reference. Thank you Kak Fida for yet again another scrumptious recipe!

Spicy Fish & Onion Fry...

Note :~ This is a spicy dish, adjust the chilli intake if you need to... ;)

Deepavali Delights 2012 ~ A Delightful Round-Up

I somehow felt Deepavali came and left so soon this year. We are already heading to Christmas and year end! But am sure the festive mood is still around for 1 month at least. Some may still organize open houses for friends and relatives. Some visiting. The festival of lights comes once a year and why not celebrate it while you can.

Join me to cherish the festival @Love2cook Malaysia, by giving a round of applause to all the bloggers who had participated in my event, Deepavali Delights 2012. I'm so happy to see these wonderful delights sent to my first blog event. Truly mouthwatering recipes, sent by fellow bloggers over the world. Not all of them celebrate Deepavali, but they still joined in to make this event merrier! Heartfelt thank you to all of you...♥

Check them out! Click on the titles to hop to the respective blogs.

Get ready with a tissue in your gonna drool from this onwards...;)

Ms Karthi Suman from SUMANARTHY'S KITCHEN.....
Malaysian Style Pineapple Tart…

Moist Chocolate Cake with Sour Cream Chocolate Ganache...

I'll never had enough of moist chocolate cake, no matter how many recipes I've tried before! The word Moist can easily pull me to the kitchen, get ready my tools and start preparing the This is simply because of my kids, chocolate cakes are their top favourite! ;)

I'm totally wowed at this tummy tickling Moist Chocolate Cake, a recipe by Chef Zubaidah and was shared by Kak AlongRoz. It was originally Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake. Yes, you can steam this cake. Or bake it like most of my blogging friends did. It's still moisty! Trust me...2 thumbs up for this recipe and it's sure another keeper for me.

The best part is, you don't need much time to prepare the ingredients and I did not even use my electric mixer to make the batter. A hand whisk will do. I chose to bake the cake in the oven ;)

Prawn Masala Curry...

Bored of making prawn dish the same style everytime? Why don't you try my masala style! ;)

No doubt this dish requires a little more steps, but the end result would worth your effort. Hope you'll enjoy it too like my son, who loves prawn!

Around 7 and 14 Nov & Ashika's Photoshoot by Mommy :)

Note: This is a long post with numerous images!

Hello dear friends,

Seeing you all after a short hiatus. How you all been? To my Hindu friends, Happy Diwali once again! Yeah, Diwali is still on right...sure many of you are still celebrating by having open houses or visiting friends and relatives. Enjoy the celebration which comes only once a year! Sigh ;)

Now to the topic.

My daughter Ashika and I are November babies! Mine on 7th and her's a week later 14th!
My Hubby fortunately was home for mine...but left for Uruguay on 10th. So he was not around for both Ashika's birthday and Diwali.

I got a surprise cake from Hubby and my kids. It was a lovely moment for me to celebrate my big day with my most beloved ones. What else you need when your beloveds are with you?

This is the cake...beautiful isn't it! Three roses resembles my Hubby, son and daughter :)

HAPPY DIWALI & My Chicken Kurma at Just As Delish ♥


Have a fun and safe celebration!  God bless all of You _^_

Wait, don't go yet! ^__^


Hello to one and All...!!! My dear friends, readers, visitors and followers!

Hope everything is well at your end. Thank you for your continuous support and visits to my space even though there were not much updates from me lately. I tried my best to keep in touch with you, atleast via my FB page. Apologize if I took some time off to reply your emails and messages. Really appreciate all those loves!

Fine, now back to the event today.

Deepavali is nearing and I thought of hosting an event DEEPAVALI DELIGHTS, which is suppose to mark the first ever event I'd host in my very own space after 3 years of blogging! Well, I'm doing this with the trust I have on you, of course ;)

Before that, let me inform you that my Hubby would be leaving for Uruguay just before Deepavali, so there'll be no celebration at home for us.

Guess I'll be free from making any savouries for the festive. BUT! I would love to hear from you. What are your special treats for this ye…

Sothi Recipe ( Indian Style Mild Yellow Coconut Curry )

This is one of the most wanted recipes from my fellow readers. Sothi, an Indian style of mild yellow coconut curry...tastes a little similar to the Malay style Masak Lemak, is definitely one of my favourites.

I'd enjoy Sothi with plain rice and a spicy dish like mackerel or anchovies sambal. String hoppers (PutuMayam in Malay) are another great companion for Sothi.

Preparing Sothi is just'll need to combine all the ingredients into a cooking pot and boil it. Easy right? Check it out!!!

To my readers... Ms. Sharnisha, Ms. Komala and Ms. Thamarai. Here's the recipe as per your request, apologize for the delay. Hope you ladies don't mind :~)

This is a vegan Sothi.

Aromatic Chicken Masala...

Another chicken dish from my draft :)

9 years of Love, going stronger!...

12 October 2003...the most beautiful day in my life!!!
A day, so close to my heart that I'd cherish forever.
It's the day we tied the nuptial knot and led life together then onwards filled with loads of love, trust & understanding.

Snowy Chocolate Corn Flakes...

Have you tried combining chocolates and corn flakes? Yes...No....Never tried before???

Then try this!

Plain Butter Cake....Anyone? :)

Good Day friends! Hope you are in a good health and mood :)))

Apologize for my missing in I am again, with a simple dimple plain butter cake which has been in my draft for quite awhile now. I somehow overlooked at this cake which I made 2 months back! Well who will say no to Butter Cake, me not!

A slice or two or more of butter cake with a cuppa tea makes my evening perfect. Irresistible combo! What's yours???

Anyways, here's the recipe to a perfect plain butter cake, which was adapted from a fellow blogger. Thank you Kak Jee for sharing a spoon licking Butter Cake recipe with us!!! Terima kasih beribu-ribu lemon! :)

PLAIN BUTTER CAKE  by Kak Jee from Dunia Dari Dapur Kak Jee 

Ingredients :~ 250gm butter ~ soften at room temperature150gm - 200gm castor sugar4 eggs200gm self raising flour1 tsp vanilla essence4 tbsp evaporated milk Method :~ Cream butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs, one at a time.Add evaporated milk and vanilla essence.Fold in the flour gradu…

Kasoori Methi Fried Chicken...

Fingers licking good fried chicken, made with Kasoori Methi (dried fenugreek leaves / daun halba kering / dried venthayam leaves).

I intended to fry some chicken with the aromatic leaves after the superhit Kasoori Methi Chicken with Sour Cream. So here's the recipe for all...enjoy!

Ingredients :~

1/2 chicken ~ cut into medium sizes
2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
1/2 tbsp Kasoori Methi
2 tbsp sour cream
1 1/2 tbsp chilli powder ~ reduce if you need to
salt to taste
2 tbsp plain flour
1 tsp rice flour
oil for frying

Method :~
In a large bowl, mix all ingredients and allow to marinade for 1 hour.Heat oil in a wok and deep fry the chicken pieces until cooked. Drain excessive oil on paper towel. Enjoy hot!  Wish you a great weekend! 

Happy 55th Independence Malaysia!!!

MALAYSIA, our beautiful country is celebrating her 55th Independence today...Yay!!!
Proud to be a Malaysian!  Happy Holidays to All! ^_^

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
Pic courtesy : igoflags

Bean Sprouts with Tofu...& Ashika's Hairdo :)

Hello to one and all!

Wow, seems like it has been weeks since I posted some dishes here! Well, school holiday is over and Rishie is back to school, so do myself to blogging. Hahaha...that's just an excuse for not blogging! I needed some time off to enjoy the school break with my family as well as with our little bunny, Bolt! Thank you for commenting about Bolt on my previous entry. He is a real entertainer. He's been with us for a week already now, phew time flies!

Now, move on to my bean sprouts dish for today. Easy-peasy recipe as always from me :)

Ingredients :~
800gm bean sprouts 2 firm tofus ~ cut each into 6 or 8 cubes5 cloves garlic ~ minced1 onion ~ sliced  1 sprig curry leaves2 green / red chillies1/2 cup coconut milk1/2 cup water1/2 tsp turmeric powder2 medium tomatoes ~ cubedoil saltMethod :~
Heat oil in wok, fry tofus until golden brown. Sprinkle some salt over the tofus while frying. Set aside once they are fried.Keep 2 tbsp oil in wok and sa…

BOLT...our Bunny :)

Hello everyone! How was your Eid celebration? I'm sure you had a blessed one this year.

Btw, we are still in the midst of school holidays. Been really busy outing with my Hubby and kiddos. Thank God, Hubby is home during school holidays this time...otherwise I would have been complaining to him via!

And now, I'd love to introduce a latest addition to our family...the little bunny BOLT! Welcoming him to Love2cook Malaysia's cyberhome with a great joy!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!! Eid Mubarak...:)

Wishing my dear blogging friends, readers, visitor and every Muslims on earth ... SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI! EID MUBARAK! May this Eid brings you abundant joy and happiness in life!!!  Have a blessed celebration dear friends!

To those 'balik kampung', wish you all a safe journey back home to your loved ones! Take care while travelling!

Kasoori Methi Chicken with Sour Cream & A Short Break!

Finally! I got my hands on Kasoori Methi....dried fenugreek leaves! The aroma of these dried leaves gave a twist to my normal chicken curry.

To make the dish extra special, I add light sour cream. Sour cream definitely wonders me! Love it more than yoghurt :)

Sharing my special dish just for you all! Enjoy ;)

Ingredients :~
1/2 chicken ~ cleaned, skinned and cut into smaller pieces1 cinnamon stick3 cardamoms 2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste 1 large onion2 green chillies ~ sliced1 large tomato ~ diced1 tbsp chilli powder1 tsp turmeric powder 1/2 tsp corriander powder4 tbsp light sour cream2 tbsp kasoori methi saltcorriander leaves (optional) ~ to garnish oil
Method :~
In a small bowl, make a paste of chilli powder, turmeric and corriander powder with little water. Heat wok with oil, saute cinnamon stick and cardamoms. Add onion and green chillies. Stir fry for 1 minute.Add ginger-garlic paste, stir and add tomatoes. Now, enter the paste. Mix thoroughly for …

Moisty Chocolate & Cheese Cake..

Friends, what do you do when you followed a recipe 100% (cook/ bake) but still end up with negative result? Who do you blame, the recipe? The recipe owner? Or yourself? Will you just blame yourself and will  try the recipe again with some alteration or maybe the same?

To be frank, I tried and tested uncountable recipes from the net and cookbooks this far. When some turned out a huge hit, some went straight into the bin! Not a single time I have accused the recipe nor the recipe owner although I'm frustrated because the recipe didn't work too well on me. I would make the dish again and again using the same recipe with minor adjustments here and there...until it suits our taste buds. Gotto tell you that I'm still a novice baker. And I don't mind cooking or baking the same recipes ( if I'm really interested ), atleast until am satisfied.

Now, you must be thinking why am I pointing out this matter today. I just wanted you to know this is ME!!! Do not give up when try…