2012 A Memorable Journey...& Welcome 2013!!!

It's 31st of December...the last Monday of 2012! All praises and gratitude to the Lord for keeping us alive towards another wonderful year of 2013 :)

New Year means new expectations and resolutions to meet. While you plan for the year ahead, let's go back and rewind your 2012...how was your entire year?

Mine was awesome! A fabulous year for our family with so many things happened every month...sure to be cherished!

I'm humbled to share our journey throughout 2012...please click on the titles to get into the full posts!

1. My Finger Injury and 6 weeks with K-Wire!

It was not a very good start of the year for me! Yup, a mishap happened to me early January. Silly me, I slipped in the bathroom and fractured my left ring finger, resulting in a bent and swollen finger! I went through a surgery to straighten the finger on my Hubby's birthday, 17th Jan! What a memorable birthday for him...LOL! I was living a painful 6 weeks with a K-Wire :( 

2. From Blogspot to own Domain 

Re-branded my cyberhome to www.love2cook-malaysia.com :)

3. Thaipusam at Batu Caves 2012

4. 5 of my recipes featured in Jelita

5. My New iPad (3)

I got my New iPad on the first day of its release in Malaysia. Nah, I didn't queue up all night for it! My Hubby and I bought it at Harvey Norman without any hassle!

6. 3rd successful year of Blogging and Featured in Saji 

A blog is nothing without readers and supporters. I'm so thankful to each and every one of you who have been with me throughout my 3 years of blogging. My best reward was when I was proposed by SAJI, a local food mag to be featured in their June issue. The crew visited us at home for a short interview and a photo shoot. I shared my Crispy Chicken Fillets. :)

Hubby shot all them! Look at my happy boy :)

8. Satay Party Gathering with members of Malaysia Marine Club

9. Announced my 3rd Blogoversary Giveaway Winners

10. Bolt, our Bunny! 

The new addition to our family, Bunny Bolt ;)

11. Tank of the Month (October 2012) at Ultimate Reef

My Hubby is an active member of Ultimate Reef, an online reef keeping community based in UK. His 7 foot marine tank at home was voted Tank of The Month for October 2012. This is one of the biggest achievements for him and the tank. The article on his tank is here...

12. Roundup of my blog event : DEEPAVALI DELIGHTS 2012

13. Ashika on her 4th Birthday...

14. Rishie's 8th Birthday Post....

15. Ashika's Orientation at Smart Reader Kids

16. The arrival of Audi TT

A New Year gift from my Hubby...an Audi TT, which replaced my previous Mazda 3 Sport. So, a new year with a new car...heeee! ;)

17. More followers for blog and FB page ;)

I have to mention this here! Seriously, I have no words to thank each and every of you for keeping both my Blog and Facebook Page "alive". The increase in number of followers and friends have really touched me. Thank you for all those emails, queries, comment and likes! You people are simply amazing...so grateful for all the love towards me and my family virtually!

Hope you enjoyed my post and I do look forward to your continuous visit and support to my cyberhome! Here's wishing you another rocking year.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! 



  1. Dear Love,
    Wishing you and your family a great new year..
    Happy New Year 2013!!!

    1. Thank you my friend! Happy New Year to you and yours too! :)

  2. Happy New year to u and ur family dear

  3. Superb recap dear. Happy new year to you and to your family.

  4. Happy new year Love...finger injury tu buat mieza serammmmm...and i like your new car..can i test drive? hehhehe

  5. happy new year to you and your family

  6. eppy new year dear LOVE ..
    may god always bless u & ur family ..

    paling x tahan akak tgk audi tuu dik .. my favorite car ! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Happy new year 2013 dear Love!

  8. Wish u a very happy and peaceful new year :)

  9. Happy new year to u & your family... celebrate 2013 with new car...wow...

  10. Happy New Year 2013 to you and your family. I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!!!

  11. congrats dear! bak sini car key.. nak test drive jap hehe

  12. sweet memories except 1st..nice 1..Happy new year dear.

  13. Hi Love, thank you for sharing all your sweet memories except the January, feel so sorry to read about it.
    Happy New year to you and wish you all the best in 2013. Hopefully to meet up with you, bring me go car ride in your new car. LOL

  14. happy new year dear.. sweet memories :)

  15. Oh my! That wire was actually sticking out of your finger? Eeekk!!! Well, you had a mostly fab 2012 and I wish you and your lovely family a fantastic 2013 and may all good things come your way!

  16. Happy New Year my friend! Oh, nice sport car, bila bawa I jalan- jalan, hehehe ..

  17. Loved reading each one of your 2012 highlights. Your daughter looks so cute and happy for whatever you achieved on last year.

    Happy new year 2013.

  18. Happy new year.....nice pics..

  19. Happy New Year to u and your family sis..
    May this year brings lots of HAPPINESS, HEALTH, WEALTH, JOY and more food RECIPES..

  20. First of all, a happy new year! I loved the way you wrote down all the significant things which happened last year. Loved your car! And your kids are truly adorable every time I see them here. Looking forward to see more recipes here and yes, I am back in the blogosphere now (after a few months of break). Keep in touch.

  21. Happy New Year! Looks like it has been a great year for you..minus the finger accident! wow! a brand new car for the brand new year..i want! LOL!

  22. Love....puthandu valthukal! <3 may coming year will double ur happiness....

  23. Happy new year wishes to you and your family.

  24. rere 3, jan.

    goodluck to you and your family.

  25. happy new year L2C...love #13- ashika is beautiful

  26. Happy new year love.....its btr late than never....i have been so bc lately hooked up with my boys kinde and many othr thngs....nway its a nice post!! Keep going n all the best for 2013


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