My Own CyberHome...♥

Dear friends, readers, visitors, followers and guests...

Delighted to announce that Love2cook Malaysia has moved from her to own domain.

It's officially, 

Please update me in your blogroll.

psst...The new domain is still under transition, thus you might/ might not face some technical errors. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you for your endless support :)

2nd psst...It's already 2 weeks now since a wire inserted into my crooked finger. Another 4 weeks to go. The wire will be removed around end of Feb only.

See ya!


  1. Congrats dear on moving to your own domain.

    Take care of your finger.

  2. Love..Congratulationnnnnnn....I tumpang gembira...

  3. Congrats....dear. tc.<3<3

  4. Congrats on your own domain, and Happy Chinese New Year to you!:D

  5. waa bagus tahniah love...nnti akak try masukkan link baru nie yer

  6. Congrats love on your new own domain!!..Oops sorry to hear about your finger..akak baru take care dear..

    So as for the new domain ..will update in my bloglist once its ready ya..just prom me ok..

  7. congrats on moving dear..


  8. Toutes mes félicitations. Je vais m'occuper du changement sur mon blog roll.
    A très bientôt

  9. Congratulations on the new domain.

    Taste as you Cook

  10. Congrats on your own and new domain Love....! I'm happy for you...mesti lg meletopsss nnt yaaa...Hope your finger will getting better and better dear! Muaahhss!

    1. Thanks kak Ummi. Finger not so good right now...waiting to remove the wire je...:)

  11. congrats dear...take care...hope u r gettin enouh care

  12. love dearie... dah ada domain sendiri yaa.. wow, cayalah!! makin mengganas la lepas ni ya.... congrats.. semoga terus maju jaya :)

  13. Congrats dear...
    wishing you all success..;)
    take care ..wish you a speedy recovery of your finger..
    Tasty Appetite

  14. congrats, love. super duper maju! sori dah lama tak datang menjenguk ke sini. what happened with ur finger? apa2 moga cepat sembuh. take care ya!

  15. congrats love for your own domain... happy to hear this... but.. i'm really sorry to hear about your finger.. wish you a speedy recovery & then you can start your cooking experiments soon! i'm sure you missed all that! hehe...

  16. wooooooooooow che delizia! complimenti, un bacio :)
    ps: ho realizzato un nuovo concorso "Fashion Food": in premio 100 euro di shopping! Ti aspetto :)

  17. happy to hear..congrats love...:)

  18. HI DEAR,

    How are you ter?. Thaipoosam pics all arre looks nice. Hope you enjoyed the great day with ur hubby. Thanks for remembering me dear, am busy with my little one he is now one year old keeping me busy all the time. My Hubby love gadgets very much, we were using 60D now he bought his new canon EOS 5D mark ii. It is such a great gadget, very nice n pristine pictures.Soon, I will come to blogworld dear catch you soon. Take Care of you ter.


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