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Baked Chicken, Kerala Style; My Guest #3...Rafeeda

Well, it's Tuesday and time for another Guest Post @ Love2cook Malaysia. My guest who made her way to my event today is none other than Rafeeda from UAE ! I started to know Rafeeda when she left her comments under my posts. I then visited her newly born blog and came to know that this lady is an amazing cook. I don't only drool at her dishes but also like the way she writes her blog posts. She'd always thank her readers and friends among the bloggers for giving her full support and trust. That caught my heart! Thank you dear Rafeeda for being my guest and sharing a yummy and mouthwatering chicken dish with us! Do you know chicken is my most favourite of all??? ^_^ Alright, now over to Rafeeda , the foodie and owner of The Big Sweet Tooth . "Dear Sri, First of all let me thank you for accepting my request to do a guest post for you. My blog ( ) is not even a month old and I am super excited to be submitting a recipe to be poste

Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Flour Balls) in Sweet Ginger Syrup...

Tangyuan , as the unique name it has, is a famous Chinese dessert. Tangyuan are little round dumplings, made from glutinous rice flour. They are formed into small balls and cooked in boiling water prior to adding in sweet ginger syrup or just sweet broth. Some prefer to fill the balls with sesame paste, red bean paste or peanut paste. Some prefer unfilled, just plain balls. I belong to the latter! So do my Mum...she'd always tell me that this is her favourite dessert. I love colorful unfilled Tangyuan. Some calls it Rainbow Tangyuan.

A Dessert by Veena ; My Guest #2...

Blogging certainly unites people from various parts of the world. In my 3.5 years of blogging, I came to know so many of them, who are tremendous cooks, kind readers, visitors and well-wishers. We somehow became good friends in the cyberworld! Sharing is caring , and it is v ery tr ue especially among Food Bloggers! Today, I'm happy to have Veena to guest post for me. I met her through her mouthwatering page, Great Secret Of Life . She is really sweet to readily participate in my Guest Post @ Love2cook Malaysia event. She has prepared a spoon-licking dessert for us and l'm sure you gonna love it as I did. I love puddings and I'm literally drooling at her pudding images! Thank you dear Veena for such a lovely guest post and sharing a yummy dessert. Glad to have you as my guest and a friend ;) Now, let's hear from Ms Veena. Hi Sri, I am Veena. My love for photography brought me to the blogging world. This world introduced me lot of good friends like yo

Mocha Almond Brownies with Chocolate Sauce Topping...

A delicious delight in the form of brownies...enjoy! I've added powdered almond, you may go for chopped almonds or any nuts you'd prefer! ;)

Gong Xi Fa Cai Special: My 1st Guest...AMELIA

Hello friends! Here's wishing my dearest Chinese friends, bloggers and readers A Prosperous Chinese New Year....Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! I have something special for you on this auspicious day! Allow me to introduce a good friend of mine, whom I've never met before in real but had just known through Bloggywood. She was one of my Giveaway winners last year, and our friendship blossomed ever since I contacted her. Her blog is one super cool cyberhome which never ceased to amaze me and her readers. A creative cook and baker, her presentations and food art are simply mind blowing! Her desserts can make anyone go weak knees. She is my Queen of Desserts , Ms Amelia from Johor, a southern state of Malaysia. When I text Amelia to invite her for a guest post in my blog, she didn't hesitate but gave me a yes rightaway. Despite her busy schedule preparing for the festival, I trusted she will put every effort to make my Guest Post @ Love2cook Malaysia event a grand opening! This

Guest Posting @ Love2cook Malaysia

Hello to one and all! My dear cyber friends! ;) Would you love to be featured in my blog ? If you do, please send me your detailed signature recipe ( by you or your mum or your MIL ) together with the food image (max 3 images). An introduction about you is highly appreciated, you can even s end me your own photo for the intro part. This invitation is open to all bloggers and non-bloggers , and my readers too! I know many of you are great cooks out there but have no time to blog, so come, grab this opportunity.  Every recipe must come with an original photograph of the dish ( whether it's from your phone or a digicam, doesn't matter ). No pork/beef recipes please.   These simple guidelines rules; For food bloggers,  Your recipe must be original work and not previously published in your blog. You agree not to publish your post anywhere else, including your own blog. You may post the fun that you've guest posted for me