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Palak (Spinach) Egg Gravy....a Guest Post by Usha Rani of MahasLovelyHome

"Again it`s a very happy day for me..Ya!! Another guest post of mine in a super food blog which is very familiar to you all..It is   Love2cook Malaysia . The author of the blog Venisri who is a very straight forward, friendly, simple with perfect thoughts and also very lovely lady with no proud and jealous. What ever she feels express truly in good manner. I really like this quality of her. We became close through FB recently and from a long time I am a regular visitor of her food blog too. I like her beautiful kids and even I showed pics to my hubby too. HEHEHE...I love her presentation and most Important zooming on the pictures..I feel that the right zoom of the food pic reaches directly to heart of a visitor. It may* be the one of the serious reason why I jump into her space every time. Can you believe If I say that more than reading  the recipes, by moving cursor from top to bottom I see the images in her space. Excuse Venisri..I revealed the   truth...HAHAHAHA.  Coming to


Hello to one and all,  Seeing you again in the month of October 2013.  I'm sure most of you are tired of seeing my last post! Hehehe, apologize for missing in action.  Yeah, there are thousands of apologies in my! Here I am with a lovely and cute guest post from a fellow food blogger Pooja , the proud owner of DAILY SWAD SUGANDH :) Pooja , as I knew her from a Facebook group is a very sweet lady who just loves to cook and blog on regular basis. I really admire her recipes and straight forward blog layout. And most of all, her little princess, Ananya!!! Gosh, she is so so so adorable. Actually Ananya attracted me the most when I saw her on Pooja's FB profile. May God bless this little girl with only happiness in life.  Pooja was one of the bloggers who offered to make a guest post in my blog. That's really generous of her to share a recipe with my readers. Thank you so much dear Pooja and I would like to apologize for the delay from my