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Fish Fingers ~ My Guest #7...Priya; House Of Spice

House Of Spice, this name attracted me just too much! A blog with various recipes made homemade by Priya, is truly a tummy winner. When I happened to stumble upon Priya's blog sometime in February this year, I couldn't help myself from drooling at her dishes and the way she presents them. I decided right away to invite her for my Guest Post event. I had no second thoughtsbefore clicking the send button on my Gmail. and Priya replied me with a green signal and was ready to send me her mouthwatering Fish Fingers recipe despite her busy chores at home.

Let's hear more from Priya who blogs at House Of Spice. Do drop by her space and say Hi!

" Hi all, its with much pleasure that i write this post my very First Guest Post, being invited to do a guest post isn't something small for me, and Sri inspite of me being a new comer( after years of time ) she gave me chance, and I'm so much thankful for that. If I take my blogging history I started blogging in 2008, but…

Cream Cheese Spring Rolls...

Hello to one and all!

Glad to be seeing you all again on this beautiful Sunday. Well, we just returned home from a short holiday in Port Dickson. We took the kids to their favourite spot...Grand Lexis (formerly known as The Legend International Waterhomes). Yup, it's the same hotel that has chalets with attached pools. I've said about it HERE before. You may also check out my FB Page for more pic of our recent holiday ;)

Now, coming to the snack for today...this is another easy to make spring rolls for cheese lovers. Get ready your spring roll sheets and cream cheese!

Wordless Wednesday #2


White Chocolate Blondies ~ My Guest #6...Kavitha

It's like a dream came true for me when I could have all the lovely and talented, be it senior or junior food bloggers to guest post for me in my little space.

Foodies are everywhere and thanks to the platform called BLOG, which unites all of us together. When I started my blog back in 2009, I never had a single thought that this platform will grow and expand this large! I would say Food Bloggers are the most popular among bloggers and I'm so proud to be one of them.

Today, I have a wonderful friend as my guest. She is the foodie cum blogger at Foodomania, Ms Kavitha.

Her blog is one yummilicious space that you must visit when you blogwalk. She has various collections of recipes that can make you helpless on which to choose because everything looks so good and yummy! I'd sometimes just drool looking at her creations and forget to comment, lol!

Kavitha is a very famous food blogger. The large number of followers, on both her blog and FB says it all. But being famous did n…

My Amma's Birthday and her Sura Puttu recipe ;)

My Amma turned a year older today. Wish her a blessed birthday and a healthy long life ahead. Usually it should be others treating a birthday baby, but it's other way round in our case. I requested my Amma to make my favourite dishes with Sura (shark) on her birthday.

She prepared a superb lunch for us today with her delicious and scrumptious Sura Curry, Sura Puttu, Sura Varuval and Mustard Green Stir Fry. I had double serving with white!

We bought her her favourite Cheesecake when we visited her after kid's school over.

I shot this cake using my Galaxy Note at the bakery upon purchase ;)

Rendang Pedas Ayam Kampung ; my Guest #5...Marsita

Good day to my readers and friends, wherever you are! Thank you for stopping by my little cyberhome here ;)

Moving on to Guest Post #5. It had been a wonderful experience hosting such event as I'm getting positive feedback and support from fellow bloggers. A true honour to have tremendous cooks to share their signature recipes in my space and moreover, get to know them better. Gratitude!

Today, I would love to introduce a fellow food blogger cum a wonderful human, my friend MsMarsita who blogs at My Mintroom. Her blog is one droolworthy space that you'll need extra tissue papers to carry along. I adore her simplicity in her blog posts. She was one of the early volunteers who readily emailed me her recipe and photos to be published for the guest post series.

Hearty thank you for the great support Mas. Your mail came in right on time when I was really thinking if anyone would voluntarily guest post for me unless I send them an invitation. God bless your kind heart. Chicken Rend…

Cashew Chicken Masala...

A chicken dish for all chickenlovers like me! ^_^

Kashmiri Pulao; My Guest #4...JAY

Hi and good day to everyone who stopped by my space. Hope your day is filled with lots of love, laughter and kindness. 
I'm simply overwhelmed with the response I'm getting for my event, Guest Posting @ Love2cook Malaysia. Bloggers are really sweet to participate without any hesitation, thus making the friendship bond even greater. Feels so lucky to have them here as my guests ;)
Today, I'm so thrilled and honoured to have Ms Jay on board as my lovely guest. When I dropped her a mail to be my guest, I did expect a delay in reply from her because she's one busy blogger who'd regularly updates her page with lots of information, recipes and amazing pictures. 
But to my surprise, Jay replied me with a YES! How sweet she is! She is a well known foodie among the food bloggers and her simplicity amazed me. I'm in total love with her food variation and pictorial recipes. Although she is one popular figure in Bloggywood, I really admire her down to earth personality. Glad …

Rich Chocolate Pudding, Eggless...

I'm sure the word "Eggless" is everyone's favourite now! Mine too, I'd try to omit egg in desserts and cakes if have to.

Today, I'm gonna share with you one of the first desserts I made in early days of my cooking era. At that time, I was totally a newbie not knowing many of the ingredients in a recipe. Never knew agar-agar powder existed! I've only seen the string types of agar-agar, lol!

A very popular dessert shared by Kak Jun at MyResipi and I'm sharing it here! Thank you Kak :)