My Amma's Birthday and her Sura Puttu recipe ;)

My Amma turned a year older today. Wish her a blessed birthday and a healthy long life ahead. Usually it should be others treating a birthday baby, but it's other way round in our case. I requested my Amma to make my favourite dishes with Sura (shark) on her birthday.

She prepared a superb lunch for us today with her delicious and scrumptious Sura Curry, Sura Puttu, Sura Varuval and Mustard Green Stir Fry. I had double serving with white!

We bought her her favourite Cheesecake when we visited her after kid's school over.

I shot this cake using my Galaxy Note at the bakery upon purchase ;)

Now, let's move on to one of the dishes she prepared for us today..Sura Puttu. I'm just giving you a rough measurement as I can't get a detailed recipe from my Amma. Her palm is her measuring tool! 


by Amma 

Ingredients :~

  • 3 cups of shark fish flesh plus some cartilage part (skinned)
  • enough water
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • salt 
  • 1 cup shredded coconut
  • 1.5 tbsp chilli powder
  • 1/4 tsp fennel powder
  • 3 shallots ~ thinly sliced
  • 1 green chilli ~ sliced
  • 2 dried chillies ~ sliced
  • 1/4 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1 sprig curry leaves
  • oil

Method :~

  1. In a small wok or pot, mix the fish with turmeric powder and salt. Add water and allow to boil until it dries up.
  2. In another bowl, mix boiled fish with shredded coconut, chilli powder, fennel powder and little salt. 
  3. Heat 1 tbsp oil in same wok you boiled the fish earlier. Saute mustard seeds, then add shallots, chillies and curry leaves until fragrant. 
  4. Add in the fish coconut mixture and keep stirring for 5 minutes. Dish out and serve.

Goes well with a plate of white rice and fish curry :)




  1. Hi Love, Happy b'day to Amma. Its so nice to read how you spent this special day. Puttu looks awesome. Nothing can beat the dishes prepared by Amma. Enjoy ur day dear.

  2. Hepi B'day to amma....still cookin' on her b'day ...:)

  3. Puttu looks so delicious! Happy b'day to Amma!

  4. Ammas recipes are always a winner. Happy birthday to amma!!!

  5. Yummy puttu. Happy birthday to amma

  6. birthdays wishes to Amma.... the most authentic recipe..loved ur clicks absolutely...

  7. interesting recipe...lovely...wishes to you mom

  8. Hi ,

    Amma's food never fails in taste...Happy B'day to ur mom...

    Todays Recipe : Coconut / Thengai Chutney

  9. happy b'day amma. puttu looks delicious.

  10. Happy bday to your dear Amma!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  11. Happy Birthday to ur mom!!! Too gud recipe dear...

  12. Happy b'day to ur Amma, amma's dishes are always the best in the world, droolworthy sura puttu Sis.

  13. Happy b'day to ur Mom

  14. Nice cake, kenapa love to bake one for your mum?..
    pasti lagiii sedappp..:)
    Happy birthday again to your mum ya..

    1. Hihi love kurang bake cheesecakes...lagi pun cake ni my mum's fav. Thanks for your wishes kak :)

  15. Happy birthday to your lovely mum, Love. What a wonderful day today......

  16. Beautiful cake for your mom and what a lovely recipe to die for :) my favorite... Happy birthday wishes to a lovely mother

  17. Lip smacking & mouthwatering!!!Happy Birthday to u r mom...

  18. Happy Birthday to your mom..
    Great dish,super tempting.

  19. Happy Birthday to Amma! Sorry, I am late. Cheesecake ada lagi? Sri, this shark fish is the Jaws fish kah? I mean, we can get shark fish meat? Sorry, I am blur when it comes to fish. It looks very sedap with all the spices and coconut.

    1. Thanks dear PH! Yes, its the same fish which fins are used to make Sharkfin soup :)

      The meat can be found in any wet market. A little expensive though. Really tasty one...especially if its fried using lots of spices. My most fav fish of all. You should try it sometime :)

    2. Sorry Love.. just busybody sikit... nak mencelah sikit pasal pertanyaan Phong..
      Phong.. kalau u pegi wet market.. just cari IKAN YU... sebab mereka di pasar tak panggil ikan jaws or jerung.. sebab i rasa kalau jaws tu.. ia bersaiz besar.. hehehe... bagi ikan yu atau shark ni.. ia saiz sedang aje.. takdelah sampai besar sangat macam dalam filem tu.. anyway.. isi ikan ni sangat sedap kalau kena cara memasaknya.. ia juga berkhasiat & ada nilai perubatan terutama bagi kanak2.. ia boleh menghindarkan kanak2 dari terkena cacing..

      Biasa kalau kita beli ikan yu.. penjual akan tolong buangkan kulit ikan yang kasar & berpasir tu..

      selamat mencuba ye Phong..

  20. Happy belated b'day to your mom Love! haha..nak tumpang gelak kat komen PH..but everything looks lovely.. :)

  21. The Sura Puttu looks so delish. Love the pics Sri. Happy B'day to Amma (Although a bit late :) )

  22. Happy Bday to your mom. appreciate if you stop by at my space too.

  23. sis, please wish amma on my behalf, anyway sura puttu looks so mouthwatering its my favorite...

  24. Happy Besday to your Mom tau Love..rindu tgk pic sini, huhu..

  25. Wishing your Mom => Happy Birthday :D...
    OMG... the shark putu makes me drool, delicious :D

  26. Hi Love.. Happy belated birthday to your mom..
    Owh... i'sm so happy sebab dapat simpan satu lagi resepi menggunakan ikan yu.. sometimes my husband buy some flesh of shark fish.. then i don't know what to cook with the fish... now i will keep this recipe first until one day my husband buy the fish... i will try this recipe.. Thanks love sharing this lovely recipe... it's look so delicious..

  27. My respect & wishes to your putty looks yummy dear.....

  28. Hi Sri, sorry, sorry I'm late..... Happy belated birthday to your mum. Wishing her good health and stay young at heart always. Beautiful birthday cake.

    The shark fish dish sure look inviting. Can tambah rice lah, 2 piring for sure. I use to buy this fish to cook sambal fish. YUM YUM!

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  29. Nice sura puttu love..belated birthday wishes to amma frm me!!

  30. love the cake... it looks like black forest.. :) Safety Equipment Supply


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