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Andhra Chicken Curry ~ My Guest #8...Swasthi, Indian Healthy Recipes

Welcome back! How many of you are true curry lovers? I love curries that are made thick with loads of spices. My chicken and mutton curries must have the most spices because they can simply make your curry really aromatic and super delicious. But of course not over the quantity needed. Today, I feel so proud to have Ms Swasthi to make a guest post in my space. I happened to know Swasthi after she left a comment in my space. That took me straight to her irresistible and tummy grumbling page, Indian Healthy Recipes . Swasthi claims herself as a budding food blogger but I would say she is a fantastic cook. The recipes she has shared along with fabulous clicks can make you easily hungry. You have no idea how much I craved for her dishes whenever I visit her space, lol! I found Swasthi a very down to earth, polite and sweet person. I personally liked her simple food presentation with an easy to browse-through blog layout. Those who've already visited her, would agree with me ;) I

Sura Varuval / Shark fish Fry...

My Amma's special again! This time it's Sura Varuval. Yup, using shark again :) SURA / SHARK VARUVAL Ingredients :~   *700gm shark pieces, skinned and cut into 1/2 inch cubes *2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste *2 tbsp chilli powder *1 tsp turmeric powder *1/4 tsp ground blackpepper *1/4 tsp ground cumin *1 tbsp lime juice * salt to taste oil for frying 3 onions ~ thinly sliced 2 sprig curry leaves 4 pcs dried chillies ~ sliced Method :~ Rub fish cubes with all the ingredients marked *. Allow to marinade for 1 hour. Deep fry the marinated fish cubes in oil until cooked. Set aside on a paper towel. Leave about 2 tbsp oil in the wok and stir fry sliced onion, curry leaves and dried chillies until they turn a little brown. Add in the fried fish cubes and mix evenly. Dish out and serve ;) I can have these with plain rice! Have a pleasant weekend!