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My Recipes in Jelita Magazine, March 2012!...♥

Publishing own recipes in a local magazine is surely every food blogger's dream. So do mine...but the person who really encouraged me from the start is none other than my beloved Hubby! He had always wanted my recipes with photos to be published in any local mags. He infact asked me to try a few, and I kept postponing his wishes. Fearing it's not easy at all to fight my way through among famous food bloggers in Malaysia alone. Some where mid last year, I emailed my Buttermilk Fried Chicken recipe with photo to another local food mag, SEDAP and it got published few months after, that too I was informed by fellow blogger, Kak Che CT. Frankly, I didn't make any attempt after that...hihi :) When Ms Norashikin from JELITA, a local Malay mag messaged me last month ( a day after I was discharged from hospital due to finger surgery ), telling her intention to feature few recipes from my blog in their mag, I jumped in joy! Of course any food blogger will say yes when a famou

Spicy Sweet & Sour Chicken...♥

Another tantalizing chicken dish from my kitchen! Feels so happy when I receive e-mails asking for more chicken recipes, as they know my passion for chicken dishes. But off late, I don't cook them much, can you believe that? Could be my taste bud is changing towards fishes. Anyhow, chicken is still my favourite ;) I seldom cook ever since my finger injury last month. Right now I have no extra hand coz Hubby has left to  work in the US. It was a total fun when he was around, helping out and cooked for us. He's just so funny in the kitchen coz he'll be always doing some acts to make me laugh. And we talked alot while cooking (okey, it's me who talked more)! Back to the chicken dish today. I need to cook something quick and easy, so that I don't have to use my finger much, remember it's still wired! Another week left for removal. Come, let's peek at the recipe!   SPICY SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN Ingredients :~  (A) Mix together : 3 skinless chi

Stir Fried Four Angled Beans with Eggs / Kacang Botol Goreng Telur...♥

The wire in my finger is 4 weeks old now..and there's 2 more weeks left to remove it! So freaked out about the removal ever since Hubby showed me the procedure on!!! Hope I can cope with the removal process, which will be end of this month. Will keep you all posted...:) Okey, now to the dish... I'm a fan of four angled beans ( kacang botol ), whether it's cooked with shrimp paste ( belacan ) or  eaten as ulam with sambal belacan . Anything, my favourite. This time Hubby stirred them with eggs and lots of shallots. I got myself drooling while snapping these pics. Couldn't wait any longer to have them with hot steamed rice. So, sharing yet again another dish from Hubby ...yumm yumm! :) STIR FRIED FOUR ANGLED BEANS WITH EGGS  by Mr. Hubby ;) Ingredients :~ 10 pcs four angled beans ~ thinly sliced 3 cloves garlic ~ minced 4 pcs shallots ~ sliced 2 eggs 1/4 tsp pepper  2 tsps Maggi seasoning / light soy sauce salt to taste cooking oil

Delicious Turmeric Prawn Fry / Udang Goreng Berkunyit...♥

Hubby cooked his favourite dish for us today. Sharing this wonderful recipe again ( posted before in 2009 ). Perfect with a bowl of steamed rice...try'll love it too :) DELICIOUS TURMERIC PRAWN FRY / UDANG GORENG BERKUNYIT Ingredients :~ 400g large prawns (cleaned, may leave tail intact) 6 garlic ~ minced 5 shallots ~ minced 1 big onion ~ sliced 1 red chili ~ sliced 5 birds eye chillies crushed (optional) 2 turmeric leaf sliced 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 1/4 tsp black pepper powder 1/4 tsp white pepper powder 1 lemon  1 inch ginger sliced a little water salt to taste oil for frying   Method :~ Mix prawns with salt and ginger. Leave it aside for 15-20 minutes. Fry prawns in oil till golden, dish out. Reduce oil in wok and saute garlic, shallots. Add in sliced onion, red chilies and birds eye chillies. Stir until fragrant. Add turmeric powder, turmeric leaves, salt and water. Stir for a while and add in black and white pepper powder. A

Thaipusam 2012 at Batu Caves, Malaysia...♥

The spirit of 1 Malaysia is truly felt with the Muslims celebrating Maulidur Rasul (Prophet Muhammad's Birthday), the Chinese celebrating Chap Goh Mei (15th day of Chinese New Year), and the Hindus ( mostly Tamils) celebrating Thaipusam , in a row. This year Thaipusam falls today,7th February. Living in a state of Selangor, the nearest Thaipusam event for us, would always be Batu Caves, the ever famous tourist spot in Malaysia. The world's tallest Lord Muruga statue and 272 steep steps have been the main attraction all time. Thaipusam is the time you can see millions of devotees paying vows to Lord Muruga by carrying kavadis and paal kudams (milk pots). It's so fascinating and heart touching to see these will powered devotees climbing up the stairs, carrying big and heavy kavadis on their shoulders to fulfill their vows. The Urumi Melams (traditional musics) can make anyone move their feet. Overall...its a WOW!!!! This year, it's expected about 1.5million visi