Rendang Pedas Ayam Kampung ; my Guest #5...Marsita

Good day to my readers and friends, wherever you are! Thank you for stopping by my little cyberhome here ;)

Moving on to Guest Post #5. It had been a wonderful experience hosting such event as I'm getting positive feedback and support from fellow bloggers. A true honour to have tremendous cooks to share their signature recipes in my space and moreover, get to know them better. Gratitude!

Today, I would love to introduce a fellow food blogger cum a wonderful human, my friend Ms Marsita who blogs at My Mintroom. Her blog is one droolworthy space that you'll need extra tissue papers to carry along. I adore her simplicity in her blog posts. She was one of the early volunteers who readily emailed me her recipe and photos to be published for the guest post series.

Hearty thank you for the great support Mas. Your mail came in right on time when I was really thinking if anyone would voluntarily guest post for me unless I send them an invitation. God bless your kind heart. Chicken Rendang is one of my favourite chicken dishes and yours is calling my name everytime I look at the pictures! Thank you once again and am so glad to have known you too ;)

Now, over to Marsita.

"Hi, my name is Marsita, you can address me as Mas. First and foremost, zillion thanks to dear Love for opening up this wonderful opportunity to appear in her blog as a guest post. I was in hesitation to send this writings actually as Love is an excellent cook, writer as well as good in photography. But despite all those skills, Love whom I know just thru the web, is a kind hearted person, jovial and down to earth kind of person. And guess what, Love is among the bloggers that first joined my blog when I first open it up to the public.
I am the owner of and has been blogging "openly" only last year June. Between 2009 to last year, my blog was mainly about family and only open for family. But since becoming a full time house wife last year, my passion on cooking and baking started to grow which only then I decided to open my blog to public and started to get acquanted with food blogger all around the world. I find it has a lot of excitement which encouraged me to keep continue to blog.

The recipe which I am going to share is a well known Malay dish and cooked normally during the Hari Raya festivities ~~ Rendang Pedas Ayam Kampung. This dish is one of my MIL's favourite recipe love by the family so much especially by my late FIL. I remember we use to buy old chicken each time we went home to my MIL's, coz my FIL love to eat Rendang Pedas Ayam. Its very hard to get ayam kampung then, so we will substitute it with old chicken instead. 

I hope all of you will enjoy this dish as much as my family and I love it. "


Rendang Pedas Ayam Kampung ( Free Range Chicken Rendang)


1 whole “ayam kampong" (free range chicken) -  cut to 16 pcs, wash and dry
8 lemongrass – sliced thinly  and crushed
3 turmeric leaves – sliced thinly
1 pc of tamarind peel
2 cups of thick coconut milk
1 cup of water
½ cup of dried chilli paste
5 - 6 pcs of hot chili (bird's eye chilli) * – depends on level of heat desired
15 pcs of shallots *
5 pcs of garlic *
1 ½ inch of ginger *
1 ½ inch of wild/blue ginger *
1 inch of fresh turmeric *
Salt to taste
2 tsp of sugar



Blend all * ingredients with few tbsp of water until fine paste. Set aside.

Place heavy pan on the stove, add in all the chicken, chili paste and the blended paste. Cook until  fragrant and until all the water from the chicken extracted out.

Add in a dash of salt.

Add in tamarind peel  and crushed lemon grass, stir to mix well, cook for 15mins.

Add in water and a cup of coconut milk, continue to simmer for 20-25mins, stir from time to time.

Season again with salt and sugar, add in another cup of coconut milk, continue to cook until the gravy reach to the desired thickness. When the gravy is about to reach the desired thickness, put in the slice turmeric leaves. Stir again for few minutes.

Serve hot or cold  with rice or ketupat pulut  (glutinous rice).

marsita yahya

Are you hungry now? I am!!!

Click on the image to get more info about Guest Posting @ Love2cook Malaysia ;)

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  1. Yummyilicious and fingerlicking gravy, love to enjoy with a bowl of rice...very tempting post dear:)

  2. I am hungry in the morning. Nice post.

  3. Hallo, Mas! Wah, your chicken rendang is looking so delicious. I will sure "tambah nasi" if I eat this. Sri, I am sure you love this too. We chicken lovers all "satu kepala" when it comes to chicken dishes. Sedap!

  4. lovely guest post as usual, sri... glad to know about mas... the curry looks so indianish, shows how much malay cooking is linked to ours... am drooling over here right in the morning, let me stretch out to my breakfast!!! ;)

  5. Wow.....wonderful post.....mouthwatering chicken rendang....:-)

  6. Fingerlicking dish,super delicious and very tempting chicken rendang..makes me hungry.

  7. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comMarch 12, 2013 at 8:35 PM

    This is very yummy... I am going to try this :)

  8. Looks so yummy!! Thanx for sharing Marsita as well as Sri!!

  9. wow...absolutely lipsmacking...kudos to both of you..:)

  10. Thanks for dropping by at my space..loved ur blog too,beautiful clicks,yummy food ...

  11. Hi are u there...mksih ye Love masih ingat lgi kat kmaz...but lately ni kmaz jarang update blog...suke tgk dapor Love...pic pun cunnnnn....muahhhhh...

  12. this is my all time fav,rendang! Nothing beats the good ol rendang for hari raya, thank u Mas for sharing and well done Love for bringing in more bloggers for us to know. I'll check her site now..

  13. Lovely dish! Thank you so much Marsita for sharing this and Sri for introducing her blog here :)

  14. dear love and mas, love anything curry! this truly looks delicious, i will sapu the kuah clean!

  15. Wonderful Guest post with delicious chicken curry.. Love it :)

  16. Hai Love and Mas

    sure kalau dapat makan I akan tambah nasi dalam pinggan.. lol

  17. hai kak Love,
    aku datang bawa pinggan nak minta rendang pedas :)

  18. Hi Sri & Mas, another great guest post. This rendang sure look heavenly, me too need extra rice. The kuah itself is awesome.YUMMY!!

    Best regards to both of you.


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