I used to have this dish during my younger days. It's my Aunt's recipe and I'm sharing here with you! The dish may sound weird to you but I just love it! Am not a person who can have bread with butter and jam spread. It should be either toasted with butter and sugar / cheese / egg for me.

I still remember those days when my Aunt makes this simple bread & egg stir fry. A good way of finishing leftover bread! Somehow the idea struck my mind when I was planning our dinner last night.

Check it out ;)


Ingredients :~
  • 5 slice plain bread ~ slice each into 4 or smaller
  • 2 large eggs ~ beaten with little salt
  • 1 large onion ~ sliced
  • 1 pc green chilli ~ chopped 
  • 1/2 cup water mixed with 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp margerine

Method :~
  1. Sprinkle the water mixed with salt over bread slices. Do not soak, just wet all the pieces.
  2. Heat margerine in wok, stir fry sliced onion and green chilli. Add in the beaten eggs. 
  3. Scramble them together until cooked. Add the bread slices. Mix together. 
  4. Serve with hot chilli sauce :)
Note : You don't have to add anymore salt, because we've already add it to the beaten eggs and the bread pieces as well.

By the way, my Hubby will be arriving home tomorrow!!! We gonna spend the remaining school holidays to the don't you look for me if I go missing in action :)

Well, school re-opens on 2nd January we got less than 2 weeks to enjoy! ;)

Till then, take care!!! 

Signing off,



  1. Its midnite,you are making me hungry..I want a plate of this delicious stir fry.

  2. yummy and colorful stir fry.looks tempting.nice clicks.

  3. oh man! u got me drooling! lovely pics!

  4. Hi Love, today JB holiday.... I'm coming for breakfast. Get my coffee ready. LOL
    Very inviting roti goreng, yum yum....

    Enjoy your honey bulan... I won't disturb you until next year. Merry Christmas and a happy new you to you and family. Give both your lovely children a kiss and hugs on my behalf. *Muahzzzzz.......*
    With lots of love and kisses to you.

  5. Quick n yummy breakfast :-) loved ur masala less version!!!
    Today's Special - Basic Omapodi Recipe | Mixed in Mixture/Farsan/Chaat Items

  6. Hi dear. Everone has a secret dish that will remind them of their childhood. Quite cute this dish. Enjoy your hols to the max. Happy new year.

  7. It looks so yummy.. Need to try this.. :-D

  8. Hi Love.Terima kasih singgah & wish tuk anak k.atie ya.Happy holiday tuk Love sekluarga..nk g holiday ke mana tuh?

  9. O man you have me drooling.
    Enjoy your holidays.

  10. I love this cos' I would never get bored with bread and eggs. Am going to try this. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  11. this is yummy! my mom's roti goreng is almost the same like yours..but she adds some sambal belacan stir fry with onion b4 putting in the bread + eggs....sounds pelik but.....very delicious! i shuould try your roti goreng when i'm out of sambal belacan..thank you for sharing.

  12. What better way to use up stale bread than to turn it into a comforting food!!!!!!!!
    Have fun....

  13. Sis...I'm loving this dish a lot...nice way to finish left over breads...

  14. i am a die-hard fan of this recipe.. but i always add tomato to it.. yours looks great..

  15. Happy holiday.... see you soon! Jangan hilang lama-lama.. nanti banyak yang rindu he he hehh

  16. Wow this looks so delicious and colorful...

  17. Happy holiday love :))
    good idea to cook for my kids.... thanks love :))

  18. Quick, simple and yummy treat for children..anytime!

  19. simple yg sedap! love it soooo much! btw..have fun! =)

  20. oh, love bread and love eggs! this is a nice bread with egg breakfast! have a lovely time with your family!

  21. It is unusual but I know it is good to eat!

  22. How surprising... I love to eat my bread this way too... Adding some dried chillies can be tasty too.. Wakes up our taste bud early in the morning... Anyway I'm your frequent follower and decided to start a blog of my own.Thanks for being an inspiration :)


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