♥...Rishie & Ashika Back Again...♥

Hello Aunties and Uncles!!! All fine??? We are back again with a bang! Muahaha!!!

Been so long we didn't see U uh! Missed U all cho much!peluk peluk

Our last appearance on Amma's blog was HERE. What to do, we are so busy with life U know...sengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigi (actually it's Amma who is too busy, kih kih kih).

Anyways, Rishie is still in kindergarten now...going to Standard One next year. Ashika is 18 months+ already! Phew, time passes like rocket la!

As U all know, we have moved to our new home and we are enjoying every moment here, though we miss our Papa everyday! (hey, he's coming home soon...so don't U all look for Amma if she goes missing from next week, k)...kenyitkenyit

Aaah, nothing much to tell about Us now...we'll put our latest pictures, browse through if U want eh...hihihi! Take care Aunties and Uncles, see U all soon again...be good na! jelirjelir

Ready for the show??? Loads of them...especially Ashika's.

Errrr, don’t worry about Ashika’s hair..looks like she needs to visit the Hair Salon again…CHECK her last visit to the salon.





rishie2 ashika6





ashika7 ashika9

ashika ashika8



Show ends…Tata, Bye Bye, See U!!! babaibabai

p/s: We would like to convey our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to Aunty Ijan & Family (Finland) on the passing of her beloved Father. May His soul rest in peace. Have a safe journey back to Malaysia.


  1. hello guys..
    happy to see u guys how r u doing.here we r fine..Amma is so busy so took charge of the blogging for sometime thats good..Nice pictures.u guys are rocking..

  2. first of all...no aunties and uncles...boys/girl...we r still sweet 16..so so so adorable pics...same pinch..feels like giving a tight hug to arshia and pull her chubby cheeks....handsome prince and bful angel u hv got..lucky u...same ques..same pinch again..whts her DOB..hridays DOB is 4 nov 2008...love to see all the lovely snaps..god bless u and ur family...r u in india...song for u.hope u r aware...mere piya gaye brazil kiya hai waha se telephun tumhari yaad satati hai...the countdown ends...njoy

  3. Hi Rishie and Ashika nice to see you again.Love,They look very cute .My hugs to them.Thank you for sharing the awards ,will post them soon.

  4. Hi Rishie & Ashika... Nice to see you here.. You both are so cute..

  5. Hi Rishie n Ashika darling...u both luk so cute.....n rishie...handsome boy....ada gaya babe...tcare all of u...

  6. soooo cute.... F1 driver n supermodel in the making... Love, u r very lucky to have both of them in ur life n take care

  7. hi sis Love,
    tak payahla gi saloon, Ashika. sayang rambut tu,lebat. I want to see you with long hair...hihihi. Mesti comel ikat tocang...
    Ops.. amma mesti dah jengil2 mata tu. kahkah..
    Hai, Rishie... have girlfriend already? ;)

  8. How shud i praise u guys??
    U r sweet, cute, beautiful, adorable darlings.............gorgeous pics!!!God bless!

  9. Rishie and Ashika are too sweet and cute...LOVELY ^_^ Wonderful pictures dear, bye bye :X

  10. love seeing your kids pics...they are so so cute, very adorable...

  11. Rishie n Ashika looks soo cute. Ashika looks soo pretty Cute gal.

  12. Woww both looks sooooo cute..Rishi and Ashika hugs and kisses dearies..

  13. Cute kids....come uncle cubit-cubit the cheeks....LOL!

  14. sute kids i like them nice post

  15. Aunty mat kaho na dear :-0 I'm still young at heart. Rishi and Ashika both of you are so adorable .....Rishi at this age looks so handsome. And meri cutepie Ashika is so sweet and beautiful. Go for a nice haircut baby...Looks so cute when she smiles (with her four teeth).
    Hamaree Rasoi

  16. Hi Love. So good to see my prince & princess are back! How I wish Liana could have hair like Asyika...!

  17. Hey, lovely pictures for you son and daughter. They bring a big smile on my face.

  18. ur kids looks really very very cute, dear!!...i loved ashika's pose in tht 12th pic in black top..like a super model!!!. u ve 2 adorable kids!..say my "hi" to them!

  19. Adorable n charming kids enjoying their new home with mom at present .Will be enjoying with their dad too soon (glad news) Don't forget us n disappear (keep posting ur delicious dishes as always )

  20. tu as de magnifiques enfants, ils sont vraiment merveilleux et adorables longue vie à eux
    bonne soirée

  21. Your kids pics are so very cute and sweet.Both look adorable.

  22. WOW!!! they so cute.. :)

    p/s ashika ikut muka love and rishie muka hubby?

    p/s/s pic no 6 tu ashika berpeluh atau air liur meleleh? hiks..

    p/s/s/s rambut rishi kemas,ashika look sexy dengan rambut bell curl tu..

    faheem kena jumpa doc lagi hari ni,,since last nite dah start batuk pulak.. :(

  23. Pranis ~~> Hi aunty! :D We r good, thanks ya! ;)

    Sanyukta ~~> Hehe, 16 uh? Hey, Ashika's DOB is 14th Nov'08! That's so close ya!
    I'm a Malaysian dear. Thanks for the song! Waiting for my jaan now! ;)

    Kiran ~~> Thanks ya Kiran. ;)

    Nitha ~~> Thank U aunty! ;)

    Anits ~~> Hehe, tenkiu aunty! ;)

  24. Emilia ~~> Hehe, tks Emi! ;)

    Kak Rose ~~> Owh really, thanks ya kak! ;)

    Nur ~~> Love pun suka rambut curl dia Nur, cuma dia tak suka kena ikat or letak band. Susah sometimes. See how, sayang gak nak potong rambut dia ni! Tocang??? Love sendiri tak reti buat tocang! hikhik!
    Rishie still single...hehe :D

    Aruna ~~> Owh, that's so sweet of U! U too rocking! ;)

    Federica ~~> Thanks Fed! ;)

  25. Datin EL ~~> Thanks Datin~ ;)

    Sushma ~~> Thanks ya Sush! ;)

    Sathya ~~> Thanks ya Sathya! ;)

    Sri Devi ~~> Thanks Sri~ ;)

    Priya ~~> Hugs to U too :)

  26. Pete ~~> Haha, only uncle here, Mr Pete! No pinch2...pain!!! ;)

    knk ~~> Thanks ya and welcome to my space~ ;)

    Deepa ~~> Thanks for ur sweet comments dear! Hehe...;)

    Kak Roz ~~> I bet Liana will look gorgeous with curled hair too kak! :)

    CL ~~> Thanks dear, glad to hear this. ;)

  27. Priya ~~> Hehe, I liked that pic too alot ya! That was just a candid one. Sure dear! ;)

    San ~~> Yes dear. Oops, I can't promise on that ya. I'll be pretty busy with my Hubby when he's back. hehe! Will try my best to update. :)

    Fimere ~~> Thanks dear Fimere! ;)

    Simply Food ~~> Thanks dear! :)

    Kak Min ~~> Fuh, banyaknye p/s!!! Haha, okey answers for U...

    1. Yes, rishie like papa..ashika like me (but she's much sweeter) ;)
    2. Pic 2, she was after a drink. Tak kisah pun dia.
    3. For rishie, mmg sll buat box-cut kak. Ashika takyah ckp la..she dun like to tie or letak band pun.

    Aisey, how's bb Faheem now? Hope he's getting better ya!

  28. Love...
    i'm sure the boy get his handsome face from you and the princess get her beauty from your hubby...heee...sukasuki i aje teka-teki...nice children...next in line bollywood top actor...hahaha...

  29. Wooowww...Rishie n Ashika seemed so happy and having had a good time posing, hehee...I loved Ashika's curly hair la Love...Rishie acted like a hero in Hindi film...i just like it..hehe...Ashika too, you better send her wonderful picts to the Ads Agency la Love...so cute!! Who knows dia boleh acting dlm iklan..hehee

  30. Kak Leen ~~> Hehehe...Rishie actually looks like his Papa kak. Ashika like me, sikit sikit. :D
    Owh actor/actresses??? We shall see what's written for them in future...:)

    Kak Ummi ~~> Haha, many has told me to do so kak. Tapi Love yang tak hantar2 photo ke ad agencies lagi. Thanks ya kak for ur sweet comments! ;)


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