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Hello everyone!!! Back to work??? Back to school??? Wish all of U a great week ahead! menari

Okey, to start off this week's post...I'd like to share a recipe from my dear Hubby. He gave me this recipe last year! But I didn't had the chance to do it, coz always some fruit will be missing! Kept pending...

Now, I've got all the fruits as per the recipe...so what else...spin it!


FRUITY MILK SPIN by love2cook's Hubby love
  • 150ml low fat milk (chilled)
  • 100ml low fat yogurt (chilled)
  • 180ml fruit juice ( any fruit juice would do...like orange/ pineapple)
  • 1 banana (optional)
  • 6 strawberies
  • 150gm chopped mango
  • ice cubes

Spin all above in a FP/Juice maker/Blender for 20mins...Done!



  1. hai love dear ...

    wow memang hebat hubby love nieh .. samer naik ngan love .. very supportive .. u are very lucky ..

    kalau hubby akak .. dah masak nak cakap sedapp punn payah .. senyumm jerk :))

  2. Hy Dear,

    First time here...Amazed by your innovative blog and your fazcinating presentation. I wondr how I missed your blog this much time..You have a fab collection of healthy recipes here. Happy to follow u. Will be visiting here often. My Love to your cute kids. Do drop in at my blog sometime..

  3. morning love,

    everything is low fat.. i like :D

  4. hai love...bz duk mgemas rmah baru ke tu...kmaz dtg nk amik award ni ye..tqvq dear...bwt tu..nk slurppp air tu dlu ye..hausnyeee..hihi..

  5. A very healthy and refreshing drink to beat the summer heat. Congrats on all your awards and thanks a lot for sharing those with all of us.
    Keep rocking!!
    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Lovely milk shake to beat the heat...

  7. Hi Love,

    Wonderful drink..macam lama gitu tak tengok yr fantastic beverage & chicken dishes :)

    Love, gambo umah tak dak lagi ka?

  8. you can make drinks look tasty too. especially when i'm weak with strawberries...hehe...

  9. oh what a lovely name, & what a healthy drink too...looks delicious

  10. Fresh, healthy and greedy your drink. It's a fantastic idea for summer. Bye, have a nice day :X

  11. I love all ur spins and ur cute blog...thise hearts, the LOVE...those smilies .....so so cute, wish i could do these on my blog too:-))))

    U could win something for a Pal in the US u know:-)))

    Am also here to tell u something interesting!!!
    SUper giveaway at this link...psst psst, am sure u love LE CRUESET ,dont ya?
    Well its jus one of the goodies u can chose:-))))


  12. Refreshing and catchy fruity milk spin, awesome clicks!!

  13. Look very refreshing, best to have it in this kind of hot weather..

  14. aduh..segar je lalu kat tekak mcm nih..fuhh

  15. Wooow,,nice refreshing drink with mixed fruits dear n cute name,,

  16. REfreshing ,delicious and healthy smoothie.

  17. Ahhh, nice but I need high fat milk to put on weight leh. LOL!

  18. wow, that's a gorgeous fruity & creamy drink la !!!

    it's nice to see you back !!!!
    so pudhu veedu yellaam decorate panniyaachaa???

    have a nice time!!! let me see what other dishes you've made.. :)

  19. All low fat and sugarless, this is what I'm looking for, can I have a sip now?

  20. this spin with 3 fruits looks yummy..

  21. rasa masam2 ke fruity milk spin ni kak love?

  22. Looks so refreshing and inviting. Perfect drink for summer.

  23. Refreshing drink,and awesome clicks :-)Loved it dear

  24. 1st time here..Lovely collection of recipes..
    Sure i will be visiting you offen..:)

  25. That's a very delicious and healthy drink. I love it.

  26. quelle jolie verrine pleins de saveurs comme je les aime bravo

  27. Kak Ieda ~~> Hi Kak, hehe my Hubby always support me kak. He also critics my food honestly all the time. ;)

    Kiran ~~> Thanks ya Kiran ;)

    Jay ~~> Hi Jay, welcome to my space ya! Hehe, it's okey...U r here now! Glad to meet U...stay in touch.

    Fathima ~~> Yes dear...:)

    blu4sky ~~> Morning ya! Hehe, good for health! ;)

  28. Kak Maz ~~> Rumah baru dah bersih kak! hehe...nak air...ambik je kak! ;)

    CL ~~> Thanks ya! ;)

    Deepa ~~> Thanks ya Deepa...;)

    Nithu ~~> U r right Nithu! ;)

    Kak Yat ~~> Hehe, chicken pics otw kak! Love mmg suka buat beverages...sometimes malas nak snap pics plak! ;)
    House pics that's all dear!

    Cheryna ~~> Hehe, thanks for the sweet comments always dear! ;)

  29. Sushma ~~> Hehe, that name came spontaneously Sush! ;)

    Federica ~~> Hehe, tks ya Fed! ;)

    Aruna Manikandan ~~> Tks dear Aruna! ;)

    Sugar Plum Fairy ~~> Hi!!! Welcome to my cyberhome! Ooops I'm not residing in the US...:(

    Priya ~~> Thanks ya Priya! ;)

  30. Sonia ~~> It's truly refreshing Sonia...:)

    Izah ~~> Memang bes Izah...hehe! ;)

    Sathya ~~> Tks Sathya! ;)

    SimplyFood ~~> U r right dear! ;)

    Pete ~~> Haha, U okey la! Me need those low fats only! ;)

  31. Vinolia ~~> Tks dear! Owh, puthu veedu ellam deco panniyachu...;)

    Treat ~~> U r most welcomed dear! ;)

    Uma ~~> Tks ya Uma ;)

    Nadiah ~~> Tak masam sgt Nadiah...boleh letak gula klu nak..:)

    Shriya ~~> U r right Shriya! ;)

  32. Gulmohar ~~> Tks dear! ;)

    Panchpakwan ~~> Hi, welcome to my cyberhome!!! Thanks alot for commenting...will visit U soon! :)

    Mary Moh ~~> Tks ya! ;)

    Fimere ~~> Tks dear! ;)

  33. looks very refreshing! will try one day...

    ur FP model ape love...E-na dok intai2 juga ni but do not know which brand is better

  34. Wow such a refreshing drink Sri :-)

  35. wow what an wonderful combo... such a filling fruity milk n excellent clicks ka...


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