♥...RoseSoya with Grass Jelly drink...♥

Good morning friends! Happy Monday too...huhuhu! Back to work/school after long weekend? Let's warm up! hehehe...sengihnampakgigi

Well, things are good with me here as my Hubby has returned home as said last Saturday. We 4 went out the whole Sunday. Yuhuuuu...senyumkenyit

Okey, come treat urselves with RoseSoya with Grass Jelly drink now...(Ros Soya Cincau).kenyit
RoseSoyaGJ drink3
It's easy to prepare...try it!

What U have to do...

Take a glass, pour little Rose Syrup and add lots of ice cubes. Then, add unsweetened Soy Milk gently... top it up with some chopped grass jelly (cincau). Mix well before a sip...Done!

** If using ready made sweetened Soy Milk, make sure U reduce the quantity of Rose Syrup. Simple na! senyum


RoseSoyaGJ drink2
RoseSoyaGJ drink


  1. c'est frais et c'est délicieux j'aime beaucoup
    je note
    bonne soirée

  2. good morning love...! pagi2 singgah minum my most favourite drink..

  3. Ca semble très bon.
    Je n'ai cependant pas tous les ingrédients je pense.
    Bonne semaine et à bientôt.

  4. Hi Love, very early posting of the day...Of course rite, 'atthan' is around to be the driver for the next 1 mth. Btw, enjoy every moment of it.
    Last Sat, tried the Saj bread. Hehe silap masuk flour, i masuk rice flour (My maid just changed some containers and i got mixed up wt the cont.). Guess what, it became Saj Stone! Very hard le...but tasted good. Must try again.

    -Mommy Ash-Levin -

  5. Bonjour, kak Love...
    uwaaa...segarnya ice tu....
    aku suka sangat dg cincau & susu kedelai :)

  6. Morning LOVE....I am taking not just a sip...but drinking the whole glass...hehehe....TQ for the wish...I miss you too Dear!..Hope with Hubby still around...you are having great time together....Take care ya!!& TQ again!

  7. Dear can you just pass me the glass ;-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. Wah, new version of Michael Jackson drink! LOL!

  9. sedapnyer tgk air ni depan mate..batuk2 cmni pun rasa nk minum..hb balik ye..hve nice day love

  10. Looks terrific! I really love the grass jelly.

  11. ish!ish!ish!...love...kakleen haus nii....mintak satu jug!..hahahaha

  12. hello dear
    lama betul tak singgah kesini

    nampak sedap je air jelly sirap rose tu kan

    kak nur kalau pegi bangi kopitian kat shah alam mesti order air 'rose rose i luv u' seriously sedap giler... cuba tau

  13. Such a cute, tempting, refreshing and awesome drink..

  14. so simple but a very refreshing drink indeed. thanks for sharing dear.

  15. Enna aathukaarar vanthaachaa inimel enjoy thaan hmm,,, nice drink looks colourful dear.

  16. lovely blog..lovely pictures and nice recipies..following you..

  17. Such a cute, tempting, refreshing and awesome drink..

  18. Wow !!! Looks very lovely and amazing. I loved the picture and I wish I could have some :)

  19. Happy Monday to you too! What a cool and refreshing drink! Nice colors too.

  20. Very colorful and refreshing drink.

  21. Looks absolutely yummy and refreshing. Love the color.

  22. Dear ALL ~~> Thank U again for all ur wonderful comments! :)

    Ash-levin ~~> Aisey, so sorry ya! Hope U'll make it again. ;)

    Nur ~~> Hi Nur, there's a Bangi Kopitiam close to my home. But I really don't like their food/drinks. :(


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