♥...Young Coconut Jelly & More Mother's Day Cards...♥

Good Monday to ALL!!! How was Mother's Day celebration yesterday??? I'm sure U ladies had lots of fun with Ur beloved family na...senyumkenyit

Okey, let's start the Monday with a dessert from my kitchen...Young Coconut Jelly kenyit

A simple and quick dessert but definitely a refreshing one..believe me or not ??? sengihnampakgigi

Check out the recipe...

Ingredients :~
  • 1 litre water from 2 young coconuts ( keep the flesh aside, sliced)
  • 2 tsp agar-agar powder
  • 5 tbsp sugar (depending on sweetness of coconut water)
  • 1 screwpine/pandan leaf ~ knotted (optional)
Method :~
  1. In a medium flame, heat coconut water with sugar and screwpine leaf. Add agar-agar powder and stir until it dissolves. Add the sliced flesh.
    Turn off flame. Strain out the leaf.
  2. Pour into desired ramekins/cups/big bowl. Let it cool at room temperature before chilling in the fridge. Serve chilled!
Alright, moving on with more Mother's Day celebration cards from dear CyberMoms! tepuktangan

They are from...

Thank You so much ya! Happy Mother's Day again to U... ros


  1. wow...thats a suoerb coconut jelly...love it..wil try soon...thanks for sharing...enjoy ur day with ur sweet kids and family...

  2. I like the name you have given :-) Hope you had great time too with your family on Mother's Day.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. That's a very easy one. Nice clicks.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe dear.

  4. Hi Sis Love,
    Wow! ada jelly kelapa muda! I love it! kalu balik banting, suka beli jelly ni. kalu beli kat pasar malam lembik sangat. akhirnya, kena buat sendiri, baru puas makan,kan? hihihi.

  5. Wow would love to have this jelly, so yum and perfect one...

  6. hi love..
    jelly kelapa sedap..
    sejuk lagi sedapkan..

    slmt hari ibu buat love;)

  7. akak suka coconut jelly tu. selalu beli kat psr malam. kalau buat sendiri mesti lg sedap kan!!!

  8. HI LOVE!!!!!! MISSS YOUUUUU MUAAAAAHHHH!!!!Wah rindunya Akak pada LOVE.....nice home you have there....wah jelly kelapa tu.....terasa nyaman sekali kat tekak ni......For a Great Mom like you....Happy Mother's day!

  9. wow the jelly is so sweet........

  10. What a yummy jelly!! Thanks for dropping in my blog too..

    Rishie has given you a wonderful gift... Enjoy your cooking!!!

  11. I just love this.. I have done many times and enjoyed this at home :) Looks great dear.

  12. Dear,,Wooow Cute Rishi so nice cards..i like this coconut jelly i use to buy in chinese shop they preserve in bottle as cubes nice chewy sometimes crunchy pieces..i like this very much n ur's came out like the same..

  13. I do this coconut jelly at home, usually am the one who will finish the entire bowl, beautiful jelly to enjoy anytime na...cute cards again..

  14. I'm sure you had a wonderful Mother's day celebration. This jelly is so cool and refreshing. Ya, about sizzling Japanese tofu, I never cook this at home before, but I think it is not difficult to cook it at home, but I dont have a hot plate, can try now, let me get a hot plate first then I share with you the recipe ok.

  15. Cute cards and Jelly looks awesome dear...

  16. lovely-looking dish n hope you had a gr8 mothers day, my friend!

  17. This sounds and looks so unique! Perfect to welcome the summer.

  18. Banyaknye cards. Happy Mother's Day again dear! :)

    Coconut jelly tu best kan... teringin nak makan time sejuk2 sangat best :)

  19. Wow lovely jelly..cute cards too.

  20. Jelly looks great... and the cards are choo chweet....

  21. Coconut jelly sounds good. Haven't tried to make before...maybe buy one coconut this weekend to try! LOL!

  22. Une gelée superbe. Je n'en ai jamais fait avec de la coco.
    See soon.


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