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♥...Banana Spring Rolls...♥

No introduction needed for Banana Spring Rolls. It's world famous, I believe. It's pretty easy and definitely worth trying. senyum

banana springroll
  • Bananas
  • Spring Roll Sheets
  • Some flour paste (mix wheat flour with little water)
  • Cooking oil.
  1. Wrap bananas in spring roll sheets and glue the edges with flour paste.
  2. Deep-fry in oil, dish out on a paper towel.
  3. Can be served with ice creams, fresh creams, choc syrup etc...
* I used 5"x5" sheets, therefore I had to cut half the bananas b4 wrapping.
* May also add sugar, but the bananas I had were sweet enough.

banana springroll2This is how Rishie had his Banana Spring Roll…with lots of cream and choc syrup! ihikhik

banana springroll3


  1. These sure are new to me.Never had them before.My children would surely love them .The banana spring rolls look very delicous.

  2. Hello Love, simple and yummy dessert, especially with those topping....

  3. when my little proncess grows up to eat all these i will surely make then :)..loved it!!!

  4. These rolls are completely new for me, I didn't known this recipe. They look veru greedy ^_^ Bye bye

  5. Love

    Ni pun akak tak pernah try.. shd make it ya..looks delicious :)

  6. Very interesting and so easy as well...would love to try...

  7. hi love..
    ermm nampak sedaplah..dah ada dua resepi nampaknye..ada ambil kt uma k.ayu yg inti potato ..n then yg ni msti sukekan :)..bole try nnt..

  8. something new to me- very interesting! :)

  9. Simple..makan time hujan2 mcm ni..sodap..hee

  10. wow, the kids would definitely go bananas over this! Nice!

  11. Never thought banana rolls could be so so delicious and attractive

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. famous ke? knp nadiah tak pernah dengar? huhu. baru pagi ni nadiah buat popia goreng..inti biasa tu..bkn yg pisang ni. ni 1st time jumpa. sedap ye?

  13. Omg, crispy rolls looks irresistible and very tempting..

  14. Yah I know this is very tasty and some time I add chocolate chips to it... Yummy yummy picture makes me drool like anything..

  15. Ha ha, this is unique dessert! Love the idea!

  16. as u r a cooking expert ,theres a professional photographer hiding in u..awesome pics darling...make me droooool..envy rishies plate ahhh yellow bananas,brwon choco syrup and snowwhite whipped cream...who wont love it.....tempting and yum dalring

  17. this is new to me.. But looks delicious... of course anything with banana is always welcome :)

  18. lovely sweet spring rools for a change.

  19. j'en croquerai volontiers quelques uns car ils ont l'air divins et irrésistiblement délicieux
    bonne soirée

  20. Wow! Banana spring roll..yummy yummy..must give a try..thanks Dear for sharing..

    I've not changed my template..but have got similar comment from another blogger too..let me check with few others too...have posted the round-up of the event today and got few comments thought it was working alright..anyhow, lemme check Dear..thanks for letting me know..

  21. banana spring roll...sumthing new...good n creative...rishie...share la wit aunty.....

  22. DEAR ALL ~~> Thank U very much for all ur sweet comments! Much appreciated...try the Banana Spring Rolls, sure ur kiddos will love it! :D

    Sanyukta ~~> Owh, thanks alot ya...I'm blushing now! ;)

    Nadiah ~~> Haha, I've known this dish dari dulu thought it's pemes! :D

    Nithu Bala ~~> Hi Nithu, owh really. I'll check ur link again, see if it's working ok now. No mention ya! :D

  23. Hi, I guess I am first time here. The springrolls looks amazing.
    Do drop by sometime and check out my space.

  24. delicious spring rolls, would love to have it

  25. Pari ~~> Hi Pari, thanks for dropping by! Will visit U soon ;)

    Niloufer ~~> Thanks ya! :D


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