Simply Moist Banana Cake...

Recipe as promised before!

Bought some bananas just to make this cake...and no disappointments with the result. For someone like me, who don't really fancy banana cake, I just liked this one! Received good verdicts from my Hubby, Son and Daughter too ;)

I couldn't wait to slice the cake, thus we had the cake warm!

Do give it a try, and let me know if you did. You don't have to bring out your electric mixer. A hand mixer or a whisk is enough ;)

I used a handmixer, you can also use a whisk.

Ingredients :~

  • 113gm butter ~ melted
  • 185gm caster sugar (add or less depending on bananas sweetness)
  • 2 "A" sized eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1/2 cup ( 125ml ) buttermilk ( I used Paul's )
  • 4 riped bananas ( about 1+1/4 cups ) ~ finely mashed 
  • 185gm Self Raising Flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • icing sugar ( optional )

Method :~

  1. In a bowl, combine flour, baking soda and salt.
  2. In another bowl, beat/whisk eggs and sugar for few seconds.
  3. Beat/whisk in vanilla essence and buttermilk. Add melted butter, continue beat/whisk.
  4. Stir in mashed bananas. 
  5. Fold in the flour + baking soda + salt until well incorporated. 
  6. Pour batter into a lined and greased cake pan. 
  7. Bake at 170 C for 40-45 minutes, or until done. Insert a skewer to check.
  8. Allow the cake to rest on a wired rack until cool. 
  9. Dust some icing sugar over the cake before serving. Enjooooy!

Note :~

1. The batter will be runny, not to worry!
2. To prevent a dark top, cover the cake pan with aluminium foil after 20 minutes of bake.
3. The bananas I used were really sweet, thus 185gm sugar was sufficient.
4. Buttermilk works best for this recipe, but you can also use fresh milk.

Cool the cake completely if you have the patience ;)

Signing off,


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  1. The cake sure looks inviting Sri..:-)

  2. Hello... could I please ask where I can get BUTTERMILK in Malaysia? Could we find it in local stores? (I don't go to big shopping mall/TESCO/JUSCO very often).

    1. Hi Krisbe,

      I could only find Buttermilk in Tesco Klang. That too Paul's brand. I never saw them in other local stores. Sometimes I just make my own buttermilk. Add 1 tbsp lemon juice/vinegar in 1 cup of fresh milk. Allow to set for 10 minutes and ready to use. Thanks ;)

  3. Banana cake looks so soft and moist..

  4. Beautiful pictures..looks delicious...

  5. cake looks so moist and delicious...

  6. lovely clicks and yummy cake akka

  7. I love the banana breads. I absolutely have to try this cake, it looks moist and soft as I like :) Bye bye, have a great day

  8. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comJune 27, 2013 at 1:02 PM

    Hi Sri, I love banana cakes and this is amazing!

  9. ah beautiful cake sri... looks so crumbly... in fact, i love bananans in cakes, it just tastes so good, however bananas never tend to stay in our house to get ripe!!! hehe... hope to see u more in action soon... :)

    1. Thanks Rafeeda..same here. We love bananas...a must have at home! Hope the same regularly if time permits ;)

  10. Sri, I love banana cakes! As it so happens, I have a whole big comb of bananas to try your recipe.

    1. Hehe PH...let me know how it turned up if you did try :) :)

  11. Looks very yummy Sri.. Love the moist taste that banana imparts to cakes.. Just looks heavenly :) And awesome clicks too !!

  12. Obviously banana cake have their important place in my cake's collection..Looks simply awesome.

  13. Beautiful pictures..looks delicious...

  14. hi love
    look very2 delicious

  15. Hi,

    Tried the cake. I used a whisk to combine the ingredients. Made my own SRF and buttermilk and baked for an hour. It is simply marvelous. So moist and so delicious. Shared it with my colleagues and it disappeared within minutes :). Thank you for sharing the recipe.



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