Baked Oreo Chocolate Pancakes ~ My Guest #9...Priya Suresh

Hello again to one and all!

It's always nice to be back to Bloggywood after sometime. That's because of your comments and compliments I still receive during my absence.

Anyways, today I'm here to feature a long delayed guest post. First of all, I really have to apologize to some of my blogger friends who have already sent me their guest posts but got delayed from my end due to unexpected things happened.

I'm truly touched with their kind understanding and allowing me to take my time.

Okay, let's not wait any longer. Check out who is guest posting at my space today.

PRIYA SURESH, is a name that needs no introduction among food bloggers worldwide. This simple woman with extraordinary culinary skills is one of my earliest friends in Bloggywood! Her extremely droolworthy dishes and presentations kills me each time I visit her.  I had always wanted to be her neighbour. She knows that well too. Don't you Priya?

Priya's Versatile Recipes is where you can check out her almost daily updates on new recipes. My God, you don't get surprised with the numbers of recipes she has shared until now! She is an Universal Cook who has been blogging since 2008! I believe she just loves to explore new dishes everyday. Just browse through and you'll find varieties in her space.

What I like about Priya is her simplicity and sweet gesture in responding to others. I found her to be a super polite and kind-hearted person with no airs in our 4 years of friendship. Bloggers and readers who have known and met Priya will definitely agree with me.

Today, Priya is sharing her Baked Oreo Chocolate Pancake with us. Now, let's hear from Priya Suresh of Priya's Versatile Recipes.

"Sri, a wonderful blogger. I have been following her blog since long and everytime she comes with a mindblowing recipes and very catchy clicks. I bet here that none will resist to her fantabulous clicks. Am a great fan of her chicken dishes and I have bookmarked to try some recipes from her space.
We were mutually commenting and following our spaces but I felt like saying that she is one among the beautiful, down to earth and very honest blogger I have seen till now. Am very happy to do a guest post for a wonderful sister."

  • 1+1/2cups Flour
  • 2cups Milk
  • 1/2cup Sugar
  • 1/4cup Cocoa powder
  • 1tsp Baking powder
  • 3nos Eggs
  • 1/4cup Melted butter
  • 1 packet Oreo biscuits
  • 1/2tsp Salt

Preheat oven to 350F.

In a medium bowl stir together sugar, flour,baking powder and salt. 

Add eggs and milk. 

Beat with an electric mixer until blended. Batter will be very thin. 

Meanwhile break the oreo biscuits into small bites. Keep aside 5-6number of biscuits.

Add in the broken oreo biscuits and the melted butter into the batter.

Grease a round baking pan.

Pour batter into the baking pan and bake for 25-30 minutes. 

Cut as wedges and serve with ur favourite sauce.

You gotto try that pancake soon, friends!

Dearest Priya, 

Hearty thank you for a wonderful post dear sis! I'm honoured to have you as my Guest today. It's truly my privilege. You made my Guest Posting event merrier with this post. Thank you once again and may God bless you with good things always. Keep rocking. My best wishes to you forever! ;)

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  1. Glad to see u back with a bang Sis, omg seriously am so happy to see u back and honestly i feel soo blessed. Thanks again for ur kind words and giving me a chance to make this guest post for u..Happy u like it.

  2. I am literally drooling over here... just look at that pancake... wow!!! I wholeheartedly agree to you Sri, for the number of years of blogging that she has, she is really humble... and I take a lot of inspiration from her blog as to the daily new recipes that she posts and the way she keeps up with every challenge given to her!!! Thanks for the lovely post Sri... and ah... again the pancake... hehe...

  3. wow what an interesting recipe with oreo... Very happy to see both aks here... Kudos to Priya n Sri akkas... Drool worthy...

  4. Such a yummy looking pancake :) Sri you are so right she is one down to earth person who I had the opportunity of meeting... So happy to read a post by 2 lovely friends... cheers to you both...


  5. Yuuuhuuu... Sri, so good to see you back in action. Hi-5 to you and Priya.

    That's a very lovely guest post and the cake look awesome. Anything with oreos is finger licking good. 2 thumbs up to you, Priya. Lovely photos.

    Have a wonderful week to both of you. Regards.

  6. Welcome back dear and the pancake looks awesome

  7. Glad to see one of my favorite bloggers Priya over here.. Very interesting recipe.. I'm drooling here.. Thanks for sharing this lovely post Shri :-)

  8. priya sis, you are rocking :) beautiful presentation..

  9. Priya and Sri, you guys are rocking as always!! cant take out my eyes from the clicks!! amazing!!

  10. Amazing clicks and glad to hear from both of you wonderful bloggers ! Cheers!

  11. looks stunning n awesome cake...

  12. Hi Sri! Glad you are back. And Priya, my goodness, I love that pancake! It looks cute with the Oreos sticking on top and will be a major hit with the kids :)

  13. this is interesting...! thnx for the recipe! it looks yumm!!

  14. This looks decadent, and I love the addition of oreos! A must try!

  15. Emmmm...lama dah akak tak singgah sini...resepi menarik...berbeza dari yg lain...masuk list dulu lah..:)

  16. That's two lovely bloggers in praise of each other.. Love both ur blogs :) And that was an awesome guest post Priya :) Loved the look of the baked pancake :)

  17. Hello,can u suggest what type of bake pan that suitable for this pancake? This is my 1st time to do it. Hihi. And after preheat 350F just leave it and then bake 20 or 35mins is it? No need to turn the heat? I'm confuse. Please help me. I would to bake this for my sister birthday.

  18. Hi Fatheen, i used 8'inch round baking pan, thats suits prefect, in case if you dont have round pan, u can also use muffins pan for making mini pancakes. Preheating the oven will ensure the constant baking and u need to bake the cake for 20-35minutes at 350F. Hope i cleared ur doubt.

  19. Okay thank you so much! Will bake it on this Thursday. Wish me luck! Hehe.

    1. You're welcome Fatheen! Let us know the outcome ya. If possible, post a pic to my fb page. Thank of luck to you and Ramadan Mubarak! :)

  20. HI Sri, your idea on using Oreos biscuits on the pancake is brilliant!


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