♥...Simple Egg Benedict and my new Ramekins...♥

It was such a hectic time looking for ramekins in my area. Though Tesco, Giant and Jusco are so nearby, I simply don't find any ramekins there. sedih

Hmmmm...luckily Jiya@14Sept told me that she saw some ramekin promotion in Tesco leaflet. My Hubby infact, took me to Tesco Shah Alam n Extra for this. Hahaha...but came back empty handed. Since Tesco Klang did not have it too, I cancelled my plan to look for it. nangih

Finally, one fine day at Tesco Klang...whilst busy wandering around the bakery utensils section, I found this one n only set of ramekins! OMG, I was terribly happy and I immediately grabbed it. But before entering the trolley, I checked them thoroughly. Thank God, the set which consists of 4 ramekins were in good condition. I even asked a staff there if they have anymore stock left. He, with a smiling face answered that those ramekins finished in one day and that I'm lucky to have the last one atleast! Hehehe...sengihnampakgigi

I actually wanted to make puddings in those ramekins. But before that, I used them to make a simple Egg Benedict, recipe courtesy Zurin@Myresipi. I printed the recipe a year ago. Unfortunately I'm unable to enter the site now due to my slow connection.

So, let's check out the recipe. Kids will love this...my kids did!!! senyumkenyit

EGG BENEDICT by Zurin@Myresipi ( makes 2 )
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 breads ~ discard the sides
  • Freshly cracked blackpepper
  • Some margerine/butter
  • Salt
  1. Grease muffin moulds/ramekins with some margerine/butter.
  2. Apply some margerine/butter on a bread piece. Sprinkle some salt and blackpepper over.
  3. Break an egg on top of the bread. Sprinkle some salt and blackpepper again.
  4. Bake at 180 C for 15-20mins. Ready to serve.


  1. friend, actually I have been looking to get some ramekin too, I even thinking to get it back from Gold coast trip but my husband not allowed me to do so since it is easy to break. So Tesco Klang no more stock? Let me check in Tesco Setia Alam. How much for one?

  2. Beautiful ramekins,atlast you found it,..really nice and egg benedict looks so delicious and so easy too...

  3. Hello Dear,

    Looks easy and delicious, great for fulfilling breakfast..

  4. Sonia ~~> Hi Sonia, as far as I'm concerned, those ramekins are currently out of stock in Tesco Klang. I checked every visit. Yalor, it's so difficult to get one here na! Hmmm, I'm now looking for the heart-shaped ones. hehehe...
    Gosh, forgot the price...but it's somewhere rm30+ per set.

    Owh, Tesco Setia Alam, never been there. Lemme know if U found any. ;)

  5. Treat n Trick ~~> Hi Kak, yeah it is indeed a fulfilling breakfast ya...loved it. ;)

  6. Akhirnya..dapat juga ya..hehehehe..
    Sue ja yg belum ada remekin ni..Hari tu masa pg tesco kajang..tggl 1 set..tp tak berapa berkenan sbb dah tak berapa elok..hehhehe
    Tak pernah lg try buat egg benedict ni..simple ja..

  7. hi
    so easy to make and such a yummy i will make it

  8. It seems that I'm not the only one who is looking for the ramekins! Whenever out shopping, I would "eye" around for this! Even the local bakery supplies store don't sell this! And this is something so common in the bakery line! My sis got hers from S'pore, but she's back in Malaysia for good, so cannot tumpang! Thanks for the info, when I go to Tesco the next time, will try to inquire about this! BTW, your egg benedict looks yummy and glad to see that you are back posting!

  9. Hey, this looks so simple!! Maybe I should really get myself an oven...

  10. Cute ramekins..Egg benedict makes me hungry..

  11. I can imagine a big smile on ur face when you finally got those ramekins :-).
    Egg benedict looks delicious

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Hello Love,

    Di sini ada nampak ramekins, tapi tak berani nak beli sebab qualitynya macam tak boleh dipercayai. Takut retak seribu lak!

    Egg benedict tu nampak yummy!

  13. What a lovely and comforting dish....really good for breakfast on a cold morning!

  14. Hi Zurin,

    lovely recipe...great and cute kids....



  15. beautiful ramekins!! these would be perfect for my breakfast

  16. i love this..looks so perfect and yummy!!!

  17. Congrats on your new possessions :-)
    This looks so yummylicious

  18. Congrats ..look after them;)
    delicious and yummy!

  19. I just bought some new ramekins today...I use them so often that the six I had weren't sufficient.
    This is a really unique version of eggs benedict...here in the U.S. its usually a poached egg with Bearnaise sauce, Canadian bacon, and English muffin...since I dont eat bacon I'll have to try out your version.

  20. Dommage que tu habites aussi loin. Ici, les ramequins sont la chose qu'on le plus facilement et partout.
    J'aime beaucoup ta recette : simple et rapide à faire, elle doit être en plus très bonne.
    Bon weekend et à bientôt.

  21. Howdy,
    Didn't mean to gatecrash...but i love yr kelogg's magic cookies down there, have copied the recipe, will inform if i've done them. TQ (in advance :-)

  22. Am doing fine ms love, how are you and 2 little cute kids doing? i hope everything is going on fine at your end,will be waiting for your next post, miss you ...

  23. looks yum,delicious n droolworthy...wonderful pics...and great buy..lovley ramekins...wer doing fine dear...how is ashika,started talking??

  24. hai love..how are you today?

    akak gelak tgk girl tu main bedak...comel ajer muka dia..

    good idealah you buat popia inti pisang..macam sedap ajer..

  25. TO ALL ~~> Thank you very much for dropping by and leaving ur sweetest comments! We are doing very good here, hope the same with U alls! ;)

    Dr Sameena, Indie Tea & Makcik Kantin ~~> Thanks a ton for coming over! I'll surely visit U back. ;)

    Kak Ina ~~> Hehe...Ashika suka sgt main bedak kak! Yeah popiah pisang tuh something we enjoyed eating all the time. Sedap kak. Leh makan ngan aiskrim...lagi sedap! :D

  26. An awesome comfort food...so easy to make and delicious delicious delicious

    Pushpa @ simplehomefood.com

  27. Hi dear,

    Well, lucky you... they saved the best for last. hehehe :D

    Lepas ni boleh baking2 dalam remekin tu lak kan :)

  28. Pushpa ~~> Yeah, it is a simple yet delicious breakfast ya...;)

    Ijan ~~> Hehehe, it should be they saved the last for the best! hahaha...tul tak??? Yeah, right now they r sleeping in my cabinet...:D

  29. that is a lovely egg benedict...very tempting.....and easy to prepare...

  30. Hi
    It really looks yummy. I can't wait to try it. Can you tell me what is your ramekin size (diameter and height)?


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