♥...Prawn & Quail Egg Sambal and Nasi Lemak...♥

Son requested Nasi Lemak for lunch...guess he's aware that Mummy never made it quite some time. Used to have Nasi Lemak atleast twice a month with anchovies sambal / chicken sambal / prawn sambal at home.
Today, it's prawn & quail egg sambal. Here's the recipe...kenyit


Ingredients :~
  • 1 kg large prawns ~ clean and shelled
  • 15 pcs quail eggs ~ boiled and shelled
  • 3 shallots **
  • 4 cloves garlic **
  • 1 medium sized onion **
  • 2 inches ginger **
  • 2 stalks lemongrass **
  • 1 cm shrimp paste (belacan) **
  • 2 tbsp cleaned anchovies ~ soaked in water for 5 minutes **
  • 10 - 15 pcs dried chilli ~ soaked in hot boiling water for 5 minutes **
  • 5 pcs bird's eye chilli (optional) **
  • salt
  • 1/2 tsp tamarind paste
  • water ~ about 1 cup
  • cooking oil
Method :~
  1. Blend all ingredients marked ** until it forms a paste. Add little water if needed.
  2. Add 1 tsp salt to prawn, mix and keep aside for 10 minutes. Fry prawns in oil until half cooked and drain on paper towel.
  3. Stir fry blended paste until fragrant and oil parts. Stir gradually.
  4. Add water and allow the gravy to boil. Add tamarind paste and salt. Boil again.
  5. Mix in the fried prawns and quail eggs. Mix together and let simmer for 5 minutes.
  6. Check for seasoning. Dish out and serve.

Our Nasi Lemak set...Coconut Rice, Prawn & Quail Egg Sambal, Cucumbers and Fried Anchovies...:)

Shots taken in real hurry coz The Cook's tummy started making noises...hahahaha! As usual only the gravy for me. Would like to join us?

Thank you for being here and have a great weekend!


  1. perhh.....mengancam betoi...
    terliur mas tengok tau......

  2. hi love...
    waaah!!!! terliur tgk tau love... gambar pun cun habis tu...

  3. Hi Love! nasi lemak yang mengancam jiwa..ishh terus rasa lapar la..hehe

  4. Loveee!! nasi lemak,akak suka sekali...sedap...1 big plate for me boleh tak??

  5. WOW!!! This looks so yummy.. The colour of gravy is too good.

  6. I couldn't take eyes of the pic gravy looks v rich will try this with regular hen eggs:)

  7. O gosh..You made me cry sis...I'm drooling here.Those ikan bilis looks so beautiful and the color of the sambal are super.Please pass me some...

  8. bagi telur lebih yer..udang takmo..hehe

  9. So so Tempting,delicious combo and the gravy looks so inviting.

  10. owh nyummmm!!!!!!!! LOVESSSS quail eggs.. your sambal always looks soo good.

  11. WOW!!! This looks so yummy.. The color of gravy is too good.

  12. Mouthwatering here, curry looks super irresistible and stunning..

  13. hi love..ape kabar..lama x datang sini..wah enaknya hidangan nasi lemak..laporlah bila tengok

  14. Love, seram la I tgk sambal tu.. Seram sebab takut kalau dapat tak nak berhenti makan heheheee... So menggiurkan..meleleh dah air liur I ni..

  15. That's an interesting combo. Looks so good.

  16. bw pagi hari. salam. i think everybody loves nasi lemak.

  17. combined in one...that good idea,
    Love...Ok2 i setuju tukar dgn you...this sambal i like it!!

  18. hi sis..lama sue tak dtg..very interesting combo for nasi lemak..hehe..i like..

  19. Wow! Looks delicious! Only gravy for you? I don't mind helping you finish all the rest! :)

  20. Hi love,i"m here..Eh datang lewat ni nasi lemak da lagi tak..Sedaplah nampak nasi lemak love tu..ANAK LOVE MMG MAKAN PEDAS YER..

  21. hi Love..dah lama k.atie xbuat nasi lemak..biasa beli jer sbb makan berdua ngan HB..
    Terima kasih yer,maybe rezeki k.atie bulan nih!hihi

  22. hai love..ishhh lawanya gambar kat blog kamu ..bilalah nak tertunai hasrat di hati nak beli kamera mahal..

    terliur tenguk udang mayonise tu..nanti nak buatlah..

    terima kasih sudi bagi komen pasal blog akak.

  23. Ummm....loves so delectable!!! Superb dish dear!!

  24. yummy dish..lovely combo of prawns n eggs..just love it!!

  25. yummy ,health.....my laptop is sinking in water...

  26. Yummy and delicious looking curry... Would love to devour in...

  27. Hi sis love!!!! waaaahhhhhh terang sikit mata kita :D bwkkan roti canai ;-) nasi lemak dah habis ni kan kan kan, kalau dah habis tak pe orderkan kat kedai jerrr nak yg bungkus daun pisang :D hihihi

  28. Hi love, this is my favourite tau..udang, telur burung & sambal semuanya akak suka..kecurnya akak tengok...makan dengan roti fuh love lalu belakang confirm akak tak nampak..hahahha

  29. Can I have a plate right now, not yet makan lunch, look at your photo, i feel so hungry lar, hehehe! Just got to know you also got invited by Jade, you should come lar, so i can see you in person..Anyway, i am sure they will have another class soon..

  30. Bookmarked !! Sambal is perfect with some hot rice..


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