♥...HappY Father's DaY from Rishie & Ashika...♥


Hello uncles, aunties and friends... near and far ones!!!  How are you??? Been sometime since we last met! Hope all of you are doing good with beloved family.

Many has asked Amma about us through comments and emails. That's so sweet of you alls. Thus, we decided to make a comeback with our latest shots. Not many actually...but enough to show you how we look like now. Errr...hoping you are interested! hik hik hik...

And before that, it's Father's Day worldwide...

"So here wishing our dearest Papa a wonderful Father's Day!!! 
We are missing you so much Papa...wish you could be here now! 
Return soon from Canada...we celebrate, k!"

Our wishes goes to all Fathers out there too. Enjoy the day with your lovely family...

Ok, you may start checking out our pics now...hihi :)

 Ok, gotto go!!! Take care & till we meet again, kisses to all of you!
Adioz from Rishie and Ashika ♥♥...

p/s: Shots are mostly from Amma's handphone :)


  1. wahhh rindu sama rishi dan ashika tau.. lama tak nampak dan makin besar! rishi makin hensem la... asyika spt biasa makin cute! :)

  2. omy goodness...soooooooo cute lil ones...love all d clicks n their cute speech..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  3. lovely- they look soooo adorable ; my wishes n love to them-

  4. Oh my, your children are so sweet and cute... look at your beautiful smiles.....

  5. Hi sis,
    your sambal comes at right moment when i need it. hehe.. terpesona dgn your boiled egg sambal pics.

    wah.. amma and the kids rindu-rinduan kat papa. Hope, it will be a great moment for you. ;) Happy fathers day to your husband.

    Kiss and hug for rishie and ashika.

  6. Hi Love... really miss this two lovely kids... handsome Rishi n cute n pretty Ashika...wish someday that there will be a chance to meet them in person....

  7. hi love...
    alolololoooo... Comelnya Rishie n Ashika..Geram tgk...Jalan berpegangan tangan gitu mmg comel.. suka pic tu... Muahsss n hugs...

  8. chweet babies...happy fathers day to ur hubby..he heh e

  9. Hello Rishie, Hello Ashika...

    Auntie miss you both so much!! Where have you been? Did your mum hide you somewhere in Canada too? Hehee...How auntie wish to meet all of you one fine day...hehee. Love, here wishing all of you Happy Father's Day. Surely, can't wait till their Papa come back from Canada soon and celebrate this wonderful day, right? Sabar2 eh...May you all be blessed always!

  10. cute pies together..May God bless them many more loveable moments together..

  11. Rishie and Ashika are both so cute and adorable!
    Have a great week to you and your lovely kids!

  12. aww...what a lovely post and your kids are so cute and adorable..God bless them..and superb pics dear!!

  13. How adorable ~ the sweetest post ever! God bless!
    US Masala

  14. lookg beautiful and all the clicks are super

  15. They are so adorable :-) you must be a proud proud mamma !

  16. Adorable kiddoos... Cute looking pics...

  17. That is such a wonderful n simple dessert..looks yumm

  18. Hi Love.... mss you, Rishie & Ashika. They have grown taller obviously. Liana is here too to play with them... let's go shopping together....hehe

  19. Ashika!!There she is..look gorgeous like her mummy of coz..so cute little indian girl..should be a model someday..same goes to rishie..u should send their pic to kids modelling agency..hihihi..

    great pics of ur kids,Love..!macam tau2 jer kite lama tak tengok..btw,boleh bagi rambut ashika sikit kat Yana?hehe..

  20. Hi Dear...
    Good to see their lovely pictures here.. Rishie is such a great big brother. I love those pics where he was holding Ashika's hand. :)

  21. lovely cute children ...
    specially your daughter omgd she is an angel...

  22. what sweet children you have :) And what a special day for dad!! Thanks for sharing these precious pics :))

  23. Your children are adorable! I have a 22 month old and a second boy due any day now!

  24. she was in carito..hahaha..lol..mine boys also sits same like dat.n she is so cute.I miss a girl in my home;-(

    1. Hi Maha...hehe looks like you're going thru some good old pics of Ashika :)


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