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I know I've been missing from blog quite awhile. Most of you are aware that I'll be like a chipsmore when Hubby is in town...hehe!

First and foremost, let me wish my dear Muslim friends and readers a blessed Eid Mubarak. Happy Fasting :)

No food post for today...but on Chelsea FC vs Malaysia! I know it's kinda late update, seriously I had no time to spare but still wanna record the special day in my blog...hehe!

Glad to share some pics shot by my Hubby during Chelsea FC's recent Asia Tour to Malaysia. (He bought a new lens just for the show!!!) Chelsea FC faced Malaysian team on 21st July 2011 at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Hubby, being a hardcore fan of Chelsea FC bought the grandstand front row ticket soon after ticket sales announced, that was 2 months before the game. I know he was truly happy to see his most favourite stars live in action! He always amazed by saying every player's names. Not only Chelsea players but other clubs too...haha :)

He too never miss the opportunity to witness his stars live training on 19th July. Our son, Rishie, a Chelsea fan in the making went along to the training session.

Here are few photos from hundreds of pics taken on both the training and match day...hehe!
Won't be able to post all here...:)

Rishie :)

Stamford Lion Mascot ...

Drogba...Hubby's Top Fav!



Terry, Kalou and Drogba...


Torres in action....

The crowd...

Super Franky Lampard!!! :)

Again...Drogba :)

Gotcha!!! Someone's Arsenal Jersey being stripped off!

Well done Chelsea FC and Malaysian Team!

Okey, now moving on to the Bees!!!! Happened last Sunday...once we returned home from a vacation.

A huge colony of bees were making our shoe cabinet their new home. Rishie opened the cabinet and ran inside the house saying he got bitten by an insect and there were lots of them near the cabinet. I immediately shut the main door, looked outside the house and saw bees!!!

In just a blink of the eye, they started flying throughout our porch, gazebo and side walkway. We were so shocked to see hundreds of them! Nothing but bees roaming outside the house! Such a nightmare...

They flew back to the shoe cabinet after 10 minutes of roaming.

Thank God, Rishie was alright as no stinger left. Just the sting mark and little swelling, that too disappeared the next day.

Hubby quickly called Bomba (Fire Brigade) for help as other pest control companies were closed on Sunday. They informed us not to go out from the house and that they could only come over in the night. This is because the bees will be inactive in the dark. We also kept enough bottles of aerosols for them.

We stayed inside until the Bomba team from Sri Andalas, Klang arrived in their brigade vehicle around 9:45pm. There were about 5-6 of them. The bees, not at all aware of the surroundings, end up killed in the mission. Pity, but nothing else could be done for ours and neighbourhood safety.

Once the fire brigade left, we cleaned up the entire cabinet just to ensure no more bees. Hubby worked the most as I was feeling little uncomfortable after seeing the bees. Just felt like something bugging me all the time....lol!

Anyways, we'd like to thank Pasukan Bomba dan Penyelamat Sri Andalas, Klang for their time and quick action in getting rid the bees colony. TERIMA KASIH!!!

Unfortunately, we couldn't snap any pics during the mission as we had to stay inside the house with all doors and windows closed. This only picture was taken from quite a distance by Hubby in the evening.

Gosh!!!! How dare you all came to our shoe cabinet!!! Hehehehe :)

Thank God nothing happened to our boy.
Can't imagine how it would have been if he got stung by more bees.
Luckily he was fast enough to run inside the house.

Thanks for being here, have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Love,patut la senyap jer rupanya g bercuti!..wah1trujanya HB Love snap gambar pemain pujaannya yer.
    Ada Bees kat umah Love?bahaya klu trkena sengatannya...Ada madu tak kat sarang bees tuh?hihi

  2. Ishhh..geli plak I tengok..teringat masa kecik2 dulu tengok cerita the swamps...hehehe..anyway, thank god all your family members are safe...take care! :-)

  3. Kak Atie ~> Hihi memang happy sgt Hubby kak. Love pun tumpang happy :)
    No honey dear...just the bees and a small hive. They travelled from somewhere arrived at our shoe cabinet when we're not around. Hehehe...

  4. MyLady ~> I still have little phobia going near the cabinet now..hehe! Yes, we really thanked God for saving us and especially Rishie on that day. Thanks :)

  5. nice clicks in blue rishi is looking so cute

  6. love,

    cook something! i really miss drooling over ur photos :)

    Rishi looks so handsome.:)

  7. Santosh ~> Thanks ya :)

    Sizuka ~> Hihi, soon soon! Thanks ya :)

  8. wahh...cantikknya gambar2 tu love....

  9. Hi there LOVE....wow....thank GOD for Rishie is OK...& everyone as well...looking at the bee hives...it could have endangered a lot of people...
    Wow you Hubby surely have cherish the moments as Chelsea Fan...and Little Rishie surely will never forget the GREAT moments spent with DADDY!And I am sure you had your special moments too when he is around....hehehe!

  10. Thank god that u guys are safe. Take care dear. Nice collection of pics

  11. erkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! meremang bulu roma ku!! tak boleh boleh tahan la love tengok bees banyak gitu.. seriau! hhee

    psst!! miss u :)

  12. Hi Love,
    Oh dear, that's really lots of bees.... thank god nothing happened to Rishie. ohoho... i hope 'they' will never come back.
    You must be having a great time when ur hubby's around. Seems like you remember each and every of the football player already :)

  13. Mas ~> Thanks Mas! :D

    Kak Watie ~> Hi Kak, owh it's such a good feeling to see you again after a long time!!! Yes kak, had to destroy the bees to ensure neighbourhood safety. Thank God everyone is okey...and yeah I'm having my great time with hubby and the kids too :)

  14. Vimitha ~> Thanks ya :)

    Kak Nor ~> Love masih phobia ni kak! hehe..takut nak gi dekat shoe cabinet. Missed you and the dishes too kak :)

    Ijan ~> Hi Ijan, hru, hubby and Mikael??? Owh yes, such a nightmare on that day...Rishie was lucky!
    Owh I remember a few only but Hubby remembers each players names. Remembers other club players names too...haha! :)

  15. Salam kenal

    H, here returning the favour.Thank you for visiting me.

    Alhamdulillah your son was safe. Bee's sting could be fatal.

    I am not a football fan only a so so. :)

    Great recipes here.Love em. Selamat berpuasa and thank you for the visit to my blog.Appreciate that very much

  16. Glad to see the Rishie is OK! The bees really are creepy when they are in their nest! Urgh....! My niece got stung by one last year and had to go for a jab, the bees made a nest in a coconut tree nearby her house. Bees can be deadly for sure! Check for signs outside the house too. I saw a beehive last week around a cable wire! ???

  17. Happy that your son is Ok .
    Nice pictures!

  18. nice pictures...and those bees..omgd they are creepy!

  19. Glad to know ur son is ok and hey have happy times now that ur hubby is around ! I loved the sicilian orange cake too much !

  20. Passing thru..no shout box here so have to say hi here :)
    Have a great Sunday


  21. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee....owh I missed u! Hope u enjoy ur time with hubby n kids....lama tol x tgok ur boy...glad he is ok from bee sting! Nanti bila u free blog lagi ya...

  22. Umihoney ~> Thank you very much for returning the favour :) So glad you came by again today ;) That's really sweet of you. Wish you a great evening, I'm still craving for your masak lemak ^___^

  23. Kitchen Flavours ~> Hi Joy, yeah thank God Rishie is alright. Seriously I'm now always looking out for beehives! Errr :)

    Padhu ~> Thanks ya :)

    Harman ~> Yes they are creepy...:)

    Priya ~> Hi Priya, thanks ya! Owh you shld try the cake, really good :)

    Ayu ~> Hi my friend, how you been! Thanks for remembering me and Rishie! :D Yes sure, will be back soon, kena ambik Vit R :)

  24. Glad your son is ok.Football games are so much fun to watch with family.

  25. Aiya, bees also wanted to watch the football match lah....

    Woo, luckilly managed to get rid of all the bees!

  26. Thanks for sharing the pics :) Your kid's smile is too cute! Smart boy!

  27. WOW.. Thats super crazy.. glad ur son is ok..

  28. Thank God your so is well.Enjoy yourself now we are always around.

  29. nice clicks in blue rishi is looking so cute


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