Yuhuuu! Hubby On the Way Back Home!....

Yuhuuu! My Hubby is coming backkkkk!!! Phew... time really flies huh! Thought he just left the other day but he's coming back already now! We really missed him alot!!! :(

He's off from his ship at Namibia port, to Walvis Bay Airport > Johannesburg > Dubai (gotto attend a meeting with his company staffs 1st), then from Dubai Airport > KLIA! \:D/

Wow such a long flight! ;))

Will reach home tomorrow night only...so we'll be up for him! Since he's coming back quite late, he just asked me to cook some Maggi Goreng for him...his favourite, especially if his Wife cooks it! ;;) Muahaha!

So, I'll start doing his Maggi Goreng once he leaves from KLIA...hehe ;)

Come to Us Papa!!! We r waiting for U! :)) Got lotsa things to do this break! \:D/

First of all, must go to Bazaar Ramadhan, coz Love didn't had the chance to go alone this time...We have only Friday and Saturday left to explore the Bazaar! :))

Second, must go to D'Taj Nasi Kandar Restaurant for Berbuka Puasa...the owners are more like friends to us...! So, have to go there as well...we were invited! kekeke...

Luckily Hubby is coming back just b4 the Fasting month ends..! Yesss!

I'm sure Rishie has his own agenda for his Papa...he's been telling everyone that his Papa is coming back! Sweet son...

As for Ashika,...Papa is like a chipsmore! =))

Anyways, just wish My Hubby a safe journey back home! ;) Take care dear!

UPDATE! :- My Hubby reached home at 11pm last nite...his favourite Maggi Goreng was ready too... ;)

Thanks alot to all frens who wished for his safe comeback ya! ;) Really appreciate it!

This morning we went out for breakfast...might not be cooking today coz we planned to explore the Bazaar Ramadhan this evening..kekeke!


  1. safely home to love's hubby ya...enjoy!

  2. Wah wah wah... the way u wrote tells so much how happy u r waiting for him to come home :) seronok ye semua orang tunggu papa balik... yang mama lagi seronok la tue..hehe... wish him a safe journey back home... sabar ye Love menunggu si dia :)

  3. amboiiii....luv pulak yg over xcited niii!!!! anything special besides ur mee goreng..??? hehe

    anyway wish him a safe journey back home!!!

  4. hi love...enjoy with ur hubby n kids yah?! selamat hari raya to u dear

  5. CikMin --> Tenkiu so much for ya wishes KakMin! ;)

    Ijan --> Hehe, tenkiu2 so much fren! yeah, still waiting for him...will reach home tonite only..now already in Dubai. ;)

    K.Ain --> buat Maggi goreng je kak...coz Hubby sampai quite late also..so dia nak makan simple jer ;) Esok spesel! ;)

    Anits --> Hehe tenkiu fren! Lolz..I celebrate Deepavali but tumpang beraya with all my frens here too! ;)

  6. how sweet,sis Love!!! mst happy kan hubby dh balik.. =)

    sis love,my bf indian tau.. sbb tu i suka buka blog u,i belajar indian food.. hahaha.. try to impress him..

    im ur silent fan... hahahaha

  7. Anonymous --> Wow that's cool! Silent fan huh? hehe! Thanks alot! Stay tuned! ;)

  8. Hi Love, good to hear that ur hubby is back. Have a jolly good time ya...I'm quite busy lately in office as well as home. Going outstation for 10 days, so most likely you wouldn't see any updates in ash-levin....hihi:)
    Update ur blog with ur latest recipes ...jgn leka wt hubby ok...hehe:P

  9. Ash-Levin --> Tenkiu2..keke! OIC, okey take care while outstation ya!
    Lolz..I'll try to update as much as I can. But mostly wld be a repeat-show la! For now, I'll be doing mostly the recipes I've tried during his absence. Cheers! ;)

  10. hi love, i simple lurrveee... ur posts and ur blogs..


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