Fried Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce...

Here's the recipe for Fried Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce... Another simple yet delicious dish! ;)

Ingredients :-

5 pcs Chicken wings
1/2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp full cornflour

5 cloves garlic - blend
1 inch ginger - blend
10 corriander seeds
1 stalk curry leaves
1/2 tbsp curry powder

2-3 tbsp Barbeque Sauce
1 tbsp Plum Sauce (sos pelam)
4 tbsp water

Cooking oil

Cooking Method :-
  1. Mix together Ingredient (A) and deep fry the in hot oil till golden brown. Keep aside.
  2. Heat 3 tbsp of oil in wok and stir-fry Ingredient (B) till fragrant.
  3. Now, add Ingredients (C) and stir. Add-in fried chicken wings n stir fry till even. Turn off flame.
  4. Serve Hot! ;) Simple isn't it?... :))
Close-up pic with flash... ;)

Pic without flash... ;;)


  1. hi love u really rajin to cook la...ok i wil get d receipe frm my mum k?!

  2. K.Ain --> Hehe, tenkiu2...confirm sedap :)

    Anits --> Tks 4 ya compliments, love to cook for my family! Okey sure, lemme know once u got the recipe. ;) Deal!

  3. waaahhhh.. sedapnyer akak.... pose2 ni wat terliur jer...

  4. Cinta Lea Ixora --> Hehe, dah terliur ker...kena tahan hingga berbuka kan...;)

    MummySeri --> Hehe, semua tgk dah terliur nih...tenkiu2 ;)


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