2 simple dishes for today...

Haaa, today Love cooked Rishie's favourite Squid curry again! Sorry la...repeated shows only for now.. ;)

Had BeansCarrot mixvege as side dish... :) New dish for ur view atleast... :))

Yesterday Love made Udang Masak Merah for Hubby!...He just loved it...he said it tastes so good! Can be done again! muahaha! haaapppyy! But sorry la, no pic coz Love had no enough time for a single pose! ;)

Wokey! That's all for now! ;;)

BeansCarrot Mix


  1. Kari sotong tue... suke la Love!!! lepas pantang la nampaknye baru boleh merasa sotong balik.heheh. Rishie pon suke sotong ek.. buleh geng nie. :)

  2. Ijan, yeah Rishie mmg peminat sotong. Especially kalau buat kari. Bertambah2 dia makan..;) Nanti Ijan leh try gak!

  3. Your dishes is all amazing love :)


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