Vanilla Flan Pudding - Premier Show

Just wanted to try out the Vanilla Flavoured Flan Mix I bought few weeks ago... ;;)

This pudding is so simple to make...coz it's a pre-mixture...U just have to boil some fresh milk, add the Vanilla Flan mixture and stir. That's it!

U can also do like Puding Gula Hangus...but Love didn't do the sugar part...coz the pudding itself is sweet enough...

So, here's the Vanilla Flan Pudding...( I've added some colourings to give it a better look!) ;)

Ingredients :-
  • 500ml fresh milk ( Love used full cream milk)
  • 70gm Vanilla flan
  • some colourings (optional)

Method :-
  1. Bring milk to boil.
  2. Slowly dissolve the Vanilla Flan Mix in the milk while stirring continuously. Turn off heat.
  3. Add some colourings.
  4. Pour into moulds and allow to cool in the refrigerator.

This pudding is abit better use a spoon to scoop it! :))


  1. hi love...
    dulu mizan suke mkn puding la ni dah naik muak lah love,,buat pun tuk family dan tempahan aje!..

  2. aduh sedappnya nampak lak puding tgh2 hari buta,petang nanti suapkan yer..hikhik..

  3. sedapnyaa...akak nak cari gak!!!

  4. Very nice color!!! sesuai di buat time raya nanti nie.hehe.. kite dah tak demam dah Love... mikael pulak ok je.. cuma ade ruam cikit2 kat muka dia skrg. hopefully will get better soon :)

  5. KakMizan --> Love nih giler puding...mcm mana pun Love akan ngapnyer...hihi..;)

    Hasue --> Hehe, sorry ye Sue...Rishie dah habiskan semalam lepas balik dari tadika!kikiki ;)

    K.Ain --> Cari kak...mmg mudah nak buatnya...boleh tahan rasanya! ;)

    Ijan --> Hihi, just used whatever colors I have in stock...
    Yeah, take care of urself! Hugs to BB Mikael! ;)


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