Prawn Rendang ~repeat...

Hi everyone!!! How U all doing out there? ;)

Wokey, main dish for today Love buat Prawn Rendang again! :))

Actually like Love dah inform hari tuh...Love tried lotsa new recipes when Hubby kat offshore. Karang while he's on holidays here, Love will be doing again all those new recipes for him pulak! ;;)

Hubby said this Prawn Rendang tastes so good! So can be done again! kekekeke! ;)

As U all know resipi Prawn Rendang nih adalah courtesy by Kak Fida@MyR! ;))

For those yang belum try! Make sure U try it out! :))

Check out the recipe here -->


  1. hai's life?? great I guess. sedapnya rendang udang tuu!!! jd lapar pulak!

  2. Udang again.. huh! so long this berpantang period rasanya.. ada lagik 16 hari.huhuhu... tak sabar nk makan seafood again :)

  3. K.Ain --> Hehe, Life goin on very gud kak! Huhu dah lapar ke tuh? ;)

  4. Ijan --> Hehe, yeah udang lagik! kat umah Love, Ayam, udang n sotong paling faveret!
    Hehe, kena tunggu pantang habis fast time flying! ;)


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