*...Raya Greetings to All My Muslim Frens...*

(*) Love would like to take this opportunity to wish all my
Muslim cyber frens,

A very Happy Raya 2009! \:D/

Herewith, I've attached a simple card for all of U! Pls take this message as a personal invitation from Love n kindly accept the card, okey!... ;)

This card goes to all frens in my *Great Followers, * Delicious Blogroll, *Happening Blogroll and to all who signed my *Guestbook! :)

Everyone is invited, new-comers...existing members, anyone! hehehehe! Dun be shy ar!

Wish U all a splendid Raya this year! ;;) Thank you for accepting the card! And don't forget to post me those cookies tooooo! ;))



  1. dear love...thank you for the lovely card ya...kakmin amik ni...cantikkkk...

  2. Love, saya amik e-card raya ni. Thanks ya

  3. Thank you for the very lovely card dear fren :)

  4. Ijan --> Tenkiu sudi dtg jugak ke umah Love time pantang2 nih...kekeke! Ambik tau kad tuh! ;)

  5. Love, thanks for the card. I'm your new follower .... :)

    Display it at my personal blog ya



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