Mackerel in Thick Curry - * Repeat

Gosh, I just have no mood to cook today! Coz I'm terribly excited! Know why??? :-?

But, Rishie already asked me to cook some I just cooked the Mackerel...hehe... ;))

As for the side dish, I fried some long beans together with pic...sorry! ;)

I've posted the recipe for my Mackerel in Thick Curry, whoever interested can have a look here-->

While I was busy cooking just now, Ijan came to my thoughts! Coz she liked this curry alot...and she even ate Cekodok Pisang dipped in the curry! :)) Something different!


  1. i ni tak tau masak tapi wen i luk at ur food....its yummy...i shud learn la...

  2. Hehe, I'm still in the learning category...
    Come'on let's cook! hehehe ;)


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